Top 10 Best Anime Betrayals 2022

Anime Betrayals: In a medium that’s been around for so long and that’s given us so many different tales.It’s a given that anime will be chock full of betrayals some of the most well-known characters of thatas a claim to fame.


In fact it’s always a major turning point when that seemingly harmless guy turns out to be a super badass on the villain side. But the question is which of the betrayals are the best.


Honestly that’s a question that’s impossible to answer. Given how different people’s tastes are and how different the shows they’ve watched are.


However what i’ll be going over today are the 10 betrayals that really stayed with me throughout the years. For me these are some of the most memorable ones from the shows that i’ve watched and i hope that you’ll enjoy reading about them naturally though spoilers are bound.


Top 10 Best Anime Betrayals 2022

Top 10 Anime Betrayals 2022
Top 10 Anime Betrayals 2022

10. Black Knights

Start off with the Black Knight. Betraying lelouch moving towards the grand climax.

We have one major wrench thrown in the way of our protagonist. In the midst of a high tension episode the stakes get pushed even higher when the black knights out of all people decide that betraying lelouch is to the best of everyone’s interests.

In the episode aptly titled betrayal we see this scene unfold in a heart-wrenching manner especially given the context.

Kogiyas is a series filled with mind games and people making sacrifices for a greater goal. A series filled with gambits of all sorts and we see the intricacies of such dynamics at play in this episode.

The whole sequence of events even cost us rolo’s life and we now remember how much of a gut punch that death felt like.

The amazing thing about code geass is that impactful moments like this are a dime a dozen this is barely the strongest moment in the show in my opinion.

It’s a highlight for sure but in probably a surprisingtake for many. I think that this is a moment that gets overshadowed by other revelations not because of itself but because there are so many more amazing scenes and twists in the roller coaster of the series.

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Top 10 Anime Betrayals 2022
Top 10 Anime Betrayals 2022

9. Kyubey Madoka Magick

Let’s move from a critically acclaimed hit to another from code geass. We move forward to madoka magicka.

Who else would the betrayer be than cubey itself. You know the mommy death of episode three caught me off guard. but it wasn’t in a whoa.

This is one violent series way. It didn’t quite blow my mind despite a lot of people citing it at the moment that quickly changed the whole game.

It’s still a big moment regardless but i found more emotional stakes when kyubey revealed its plan all along.

I’m sure some of you had an inkling that this cute alien thing is a villain but leading them straight to their doom in a cruel cycle designed with maximum efficiency in mind that certainly got me and to add to that cubase successfully defends its logic the whole time with a set of reasons that in a certain lens can actually be justified amazing.

To be fair I think that homura’s scene at the end of rebellion was just as big of a betrayal but I felt that it was more of a betrayal in a meta sense.

Hey if not for the sudden sequel announcement a few months back we’ll be staring at a cliffhanger movie that doesn’t have continuation in sight for half a decade and counting.

Top 10 Anime Betrayals 2022
Top 10 Anime Betrayals 2022

7. Moeka Steins, Gate

We proceed with another blockbuster with time travel shenanigans remember moeka’s reveal .

Yeah who could have thought that moeka was with sen all along.

Not me and certainly not the characters when she gave her big reveal in a moment that will continue to hornstein’s gay fans but in horror and all at how well the scene was executed in anime form.

Seeing the whole thing unfold was an experience by itself and i think this moment is one of the peak highlights that the series has to offer and malwareka is not as helpless as her initial outlook or aura might suggest.

This is one battle-hardened woman and she wastes no time showing off her chops.

What i like about this patrol is that moeka has quite a lot of sympathizers. That’s what’s so great about steins gate as an anime.

It’s really all a matter of perspective and there’s really no complete good or bad guy in the series.

Despite all the despicable actions if you look at stein’s gate in its writing you can see that the whole world is greater than you would have first thought.

Top 10 Anime Betrayals 2022
Top 10 Anime Betrayals 2022

6. Walter Hellsing Ultimate

Helsing finds its way to the list with walter’s betrayal. Talk about a slow burn leading to a big reveal.

we can’t tell when walter’s defection to millennium really started but we all know that it’s in there. Simmering getting ready until it finally leads to the big moment.

Anyone expected walter to be the guy who allowed the valentine brothers to infiltrate helsing hq. I didn’t i certainly didn’t expect him to be alukhan’s final enemy in the ova but the foreshadowing is there.

It’s been there all along ultimately his fear of becoming old and useless takes precedence and pushes walter to do what he does.

Apparently the only way to overcome thatwould be to defeat alucard something that didn’t end up too well for him. there’s light at the end of the tunnel though they say that redemption equals death and we can see that with the finale of walter’s journey.

As he meets his end we once again see the nice guy underneath.

Top 10 Anime Betrayals 2022
Top 10 Anime Betrayals 2022

5. CP9 Reveal One Piece

Seriously if you ask most of the One Piece fans what the biggest betrayal the series has to offer.they’d likely go for the cp9 reveal.

It doesn’t have as much strength now with the power of hindsight but boy was it big back then. People now still remember how they thought gaku would be joining the squad oh how wrong they were.

CP9 really bided their time they waited and they waited and once the opportunity presented itself they struck and no one especially iceberg saw it coming .

Imagine your closest circle all the way to one of your closes assistants being a spy all along. It was a conspiracy for the ages and it rocked the entire one-piece community.

Will it continue to hold its spot as the biggest one-piece betrayal all the way to the future who knows? I know there are already some contenders but the CP9 reveal will always be memorable to me.

Top 10 Anime Betrayals 2022
Top 10 Anime Betrayals 2022

5. Rachel Tower Of God

About a more recent contender now rachel’s betrayal comes to mine.

Imagine you’re a guy who really sims so hard for this girl to reunite with this friend of your. You take the unimaginable first step and scale a tower of terrors.

A tower full of dangers and tests and you could find yourself succumbing to the horrors within every passing moment that’s how bomb felt and that’s how the story of tower of god kicks off.

Now unreciprocated feelings hurt right when bomb finally reunites with rachel inside the tower and after all that he did for her in their brief time together she drops the shocking revelation you have to die here.

Heartbreaking words to hear when you get pushed to your death and that’s right after barely surviving a fight to the death.

It must hurt on the bright side in situations like this that awaken the strongest character developments and changes in world view.

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Top 10 Anime Betrayals 2022
Top 10 Anime Betrayals 2022

4. Itachi Uchiha

Trying to kill a person who loved you is bad enough how about an entire clan paging itachi uchiha.

At this point it’s already a given that most people who are fans of naruto already know of the uchiha massacre .It’s one of the hallmark moments of the series that serve as sasuke’s main motivation in defeating his brother.

What kick-started sasuke’s road for absolute power was his brother’s betrayal and subsequent massacre of their clan.

It’s an even more amazing moment to see play out in anime form with toby by his side itachi began the killings and he left no one alive no one except his brother who’s not even spared from the torches of the tsukuyomi .

What i liked about this betrayer however is the eventual revelation that it’s not as bad of a betrayal as it was initially portrayed.

Part of me still finds it hard to justify what hitachi did but rest assured he’s not a completely evil guy for doing it.

Top 10 Anime Betrayals 2022
Top 10 Anime Betrayals 2022

3. Aizen

What a curveball this was. I still remember clearly watching Aizen unfold and at that time i felt that it was genius. Even now the moment still holds up and the way the soul society arc ended with this betrayal just feels so right.

So perfect even in the whole arc we’reled to believe that gin was the villain captain in seoul society.

Having gone his way to kill aizen and nearly do so with other shinigami officers all eyes are on this sly snake and he completely looks the part too.

But turns out the mastermind all along was the soft-spoken and intelligent captain who acted like a father to his men.

Aizen then proceeds to own everyone before finally escaping giving us this iconic shot that’s defined much of bleach during its early years.

Overall it’s a moment that bleach fans still gush about to this day and for good reason too. The setup’s great the execution’s great and the swerve was handled well enough.

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Top 10 Anime Betrayals 2022
Top 10 Anime Betrayals 2022

2. Reiner and Bertholdt

Those big burly titans that are so iconic due to the role they played at the start of the story.

What if i told you they’re actually some of the best mentors and brother figures aaron could have within the ranks.

Annie was but a preview the reveal of rainer and bertolt being some of the most important titans narratively speaking was something that completely turned the characters world upside down.

What made this moment shine for me was just how well it was executed in anime form. You can feel the tension building up as the two were on the roof with aaron and they start to talk.

You know there’s something big is about to happen and you don’t want to accept it but they just keep going on. Then the music hits a crescendo and even though you want to deny it the inevitable happens and all hell breaks loose.

This is truly a moment that showcases the excellencethat is the attack on titan anime.

It blew my mind in manga form but the anime just took the moment up an entire notch and gave me an xperience that i will never forget.

Top 10 Anime Betrayals 2022
Top 10 Anime Betrayals 2022


It started as a tough call between second and first but I’m firmly with griffith’s betrayal for number one.

If you thought eisen and the rhino bertral reveal were game changers wait till you see what berserk has to offer. How could any berserk fan forget this moment.

Good betrayals have to be game changers that turn the whole perspective of a show upside down. The strongest portrayals come from our protagonist dearest allies and for guts i could only imagine how it felt to be betrayed by the leader of the band of falcon himself.

The most iconic moment in the eclipse comes when griffith finally succumbs to his emotions and gives rise to the lord of darkness.

Femto’s descent is met with rightful fright from both the characters in the audience the whole sequence is the stuff of nightmares and we all know how screwed guts and casket would have been had it not been for skull knight’s timely arrival.

Even though most berserk adaptations were pretty underwhelming i feel the movie adapted the eclipse really well.

The 2016 series was a disgrace in terms of animation but this one even with all the cgi i thought was done pretty well.

So which betrayal impacted you the most comment below and let me know if you enjoyed reading the article.

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