Top 32 Anime With Op Mc From The Start 2022

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In this article, I will show you some anime that are overpowered from the beginning of the anime, and trust me, you don’t want to miss out.


After reading this article, you will have some suitable amines on your watch list.


My name is Vishal. I have been watching anime for the last couple of years. I know that you want more after watching all those big and exciting anime. Finding perfect and entertaining anime can be a stressful job to do.


I have watched around 50 anime with op mc from the start, but for this list, I have only included only 32 of them.

This article is based on my personal opinions, and trust me, and these anime are excellent.

Anime With Op Mc From The Start 2022

32. Qualidea Code

Anime with op mc from the start magic

You have no idea how unexpectedly one can become the almighty in an anime if you haven’t seen this title before.

Try sleeping in the freezer for a couple of days and seeing whether this is an op way to become a god in a world of mere mortals.

Though it sounds fun, seriously, don’t try it. The unknown and the world have chemistry that brings the show’s best.

Seeing these kids rename and reshape the meanings of a friend and a foe would have you question the title itself.

The anime’s got the perfect action sequences to add life to the plot that it tries its hardest to kill repeatedly.

But as we learn more and more about this world and the many characters, the show brings to the table.

The quality of code becomes an experience we want to have more than once, for the show deserves a lot more praise than it’s gotten over the years.

31. A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives

After having multiple dreams about a weird-looking girl, Taito, an ordinary high school student, or so he thought, gets obliterated by accident with a semi-truck.

No, this isn’t the Ilikai express, in case you’re wondering. At the same time, he thinks that he has died.

His decapitated body somehow magically heals, and all the fractures are gone. As if they never existed, he grabs his severed head and runs for it, and that’s when it all happens.

He regains all his last memories of his childhood and his power over the seven lives.

His power grants him seven lives every 15 minutes. Just imagine having to kill him seven times, and the cooldown is reset when you kill him on the last time.

You have to start all over again. as an RPG player, I’ve seen a lot of ridiculous conditions in fights, but this one takes the cake for me.

It’s practically impossible to kill him, and I don’t think there’s anyone fast enough to kill him seven times in the time limit.

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30. Rewrite

Imagine being able to rewrite any body part and change it completely.

This character can do that; however, the catch to this power is that it is reversible. Second, it costs him part of his lifespan, so when using it, it must be out of necessity and need.

29. Toilet-bound Hanako-kun

Or as they call them, Hanako Kun is an urban legend said to have haunted the girl’s toilet for years.

One of those urban legends included that if someone could summon her, they would receive a wish from her.

one of those students was foolish and headstrong enough to try and attempt summoning Hanako-san.

Only to discover that Hanako isn’t a girl, but a ghost boy said to govern the balance between mortals and apparitions.

The animation style might seem weird, but it’s good weird, and the series is fun to watch and check out, so dig in by all means.

28. Charlotte

I don’t think you can get more vital than you, Osaka. An average student at first discovers he has the skill to snatch and steal other users’ abilities and take them for his use.

An ability like this is nothing less than utterly unfair. Imagine going into a boss fight all geared up and completing items only to discover that the boss will take all that and use it against you.

If this doesn’t spell unfair, I don’t know what does. You go around the world taking all the abilities of other users for your own, becoming the only power user in the world.

The anime was so much more fun than I could give it credit. I binged it in one sitting.

My enjoyment was limitless, whether it was the animation or the story.

I was entranced with the series and couldn’t stop watching it until the last scene.

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27. Darwins Game

In a game of life and death, the only thought that ever comes to your mind is survival. Finding a love interest can prove quite tricky and perilous as well.

Since you don’t even know who wants to kill you and who doesn’t, this game might be on mobile, but it’s far from being just a user-friendly mobile game to pass some time and have fun with friends.

This game is the real deal. You are putting your life at risk and living in constant danger, trying to survive in whatever ways you deem necessary.

This game is unforgiving, to say the least, and has no qualms in taking your life quickly like it’s worth nothing.

Will the mc survive this brutal game, or will it claim his life like all those before him?

26. New World Online

After a while of bugging her friend, Kaiden honu hesitantly agrees to try a new world online. An extremely popular VR MMO played by hundreds of thousands of people across japan.

She names her in-game character maple and sets out on her journey.

She’s a proper noob to this genre, and she allocates all of her stat points to vitality to not lose any help.

With zero stat points in any of the other categories, maple has exceptionally high defense. However, she can’t hit hard or move very fast.

Lucky for her, though, due to her high defense, maple acquires many overpowered skills.

Such as total defense, poison immunity, and devour.

These skills come hand in hand, along with a bunch of the new items she acquires in the game, which allow her to destroy enemies in a single hit.

After only a few day’s worths of playtime, she gains the reputation as a player that is both unkillable and overly powerful.

25. Inu × Boku SS

They might seem ordinary at first glance, but trust me, they’re nothing even close to normal. All the residents of said hotel are half the elk.

I have humans born with powers they don’t understand and can’t control said powers.

But they’re still godlike powers; this show isn’t about fights and battles.

It’s more about self-understanding and learning how to cope with everyone’s weaknesses.

It’s an excellent show to watch and have fun with, but this isn’t your cup of tea if you’re looking for battles and amazing animations.

24. So, I Can’t Play H?

It’s a 2012 anime that revolves around the comedy, edgy supernatural, and romance genres.

His classmates have blocklisted Yosuke Kaga due to his perverted ways.

The teenager spends his day ogling women and engaging in various erotic activities. The young man’s reality is about to change when he encounters the soul reaper. Lisa rested.

She was searching for a magically potent person known as the one tying rusoke into a contract. She uses his sexual desires as an energy source. And together, they begin this intriguing adventure.

23. Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni

Anime With Op Mc From The Start 2022

Ishikawa’s smartphone to Tomo ni Toyo is accidentally struck by lightning and is killed by a god.

He’s later reincarnated into a different world with favor from the divine power of his smartphone.

Sometime later, it’s revealed that tui’s body was created with the divine realm’s material, providing an increased physical and magical ability.

He also has a higher chance of casting all magic and can even cast null magic.

So being as overpowered as he is, he becomes even more overpowered as a series goes on. He becomes the sole king of Brune hill dukedom right as he achieves sovereignty over land and between the kingdom of Belfast and the regulus empire.

He also becomes engaged to every one of the kingdom’s princesses and marries all nine of his finances.

It doesn’t end here; he then becomes the master of the Babylon sisters, all of their Babylonian structures, and even their creator, Regina Babylon. Afterwards, he becomes the king of spirits.

You think this was it, but he awakens his god power, becomes an adopted grandchild of the world god, and becomes a low-ranking god himself.

22. Assassin’s Pride

Anime With Op Mc From The Start 2022

In a world where humanity is pushed to extinction, the loofa vampire is the main protagonist in assassin’s pride.

The half human and half vampire hybrid are the strongest of the lincoln throat class.

And he belongs to the guild known as jack raven. Not only is Kufa a master of hand-to-hand combat, but he also has an ability called mind’s eye.

Which increases his sense tenfold; he uses a katana as his primary weapon of choice, wielding it like a master sword.

Doing impressive feats with his sword mastery, he’s a vampire, so he has regenerative powers such as limb regeneration and superhuman healing.

He can also seal and steal memories, along with the ability to manipulate ice.

21. Plunderer

Anime With Op Mc From The Start 2022

Plunderer althea is a world where counts determine each person’s value and power.

These numbers are engraved in a person’s body, representing their overall standing. The leaked buck is a mysterious masked man who’s an overly negative overall count.

When he sees the female lead hina in trouble with a military soldier, leaked steps in and showcases his true prowess.

There we find out that despite his negative count, he has another count with a white star known as the legendary ace.

We realize that his negative count stands for how many girls he’s turned down, which increases when Hina tells him that she hates him.

Leaked is so overpowered though he has superhuman strength and a 300 000 overall count at the start, which is higher than anyone in plunderer.

He’s so strong from the get-go that he takes down entire armies and his kill count goes from 5700 to 57 000.

He has superhuman speed, strength, and agility in his red baron form; he can manipulate shock waves and blasts and can fly.

20. Black Cat

Anime With Op Mc From The Start 2022

The black cat is a ruthless assassin with no regard for human life or even moral decency.

He completes every single assignment with pinpoint accuracy and garners the moniker of black cat in this underground world tale.

He works for the elite organization known as Kronos, and they don’t let just anyone in.

Trane has those classic overpowered skills such as super-speed strength, reflexes, and agility.

However, he has a couple of other tricks up his sleeve. He’s a master marksman. He makes every single bullet in his revolver hades count.

His slash attacks with his guns are incredibly broken.

He even has an attack where he slashes twice.

His body became manipulated with nanomachine, but now he’s mastered the manipulation of these objects and can create objects such as a railgun, or even a more substantial burst railgun train is overly strong.

And the other characters in his world stand no chance against him.

19. Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai

Anime With Op Mc From The Start 2022
Anime With Op Mc From The Start 2022

Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai, the main character, is on a quest to avenge his family and kill the person who murdered his entire clan.

We join him and his automaton Yaya as they battle to reach the top and figure out how to find the criminal they’ve been chasing. Being a master puppeteer from the get-go has a ton of mana at his disposal.

It’s safe to say he doesn’t run out as efficiently as most others.

His observation skills, such as the ability to pinpoint enemy automaton’s weaknesses and his durability in battle, are commendable.

As well as, his combat ability is pretty decent.

He controls his automaton Yaya with extreme caution and skill, making her an extremely powerful automaton.

With some of the most well-designed hand-to-hand combat skills, he quickly climbed up the rankings to reach the wise men’s status in the series.

18. Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu

Anime With Op Mc From The Start 2022
Anime With Op Mc From The Start 2022

Takuma Sakamoto is a locked-in video game addict who plays the massively multiplayer online role-playing game cross-reverie religiously.

He has an unmatched power level and possesses the game’s rarest artifacts and items.

One day he’s transported into the game’s world in the form of his character diablo, having a level of 150 as a sorcerer.

Diablo mastered all forms of elemental magic and can combine them through the combiner subclass. His stat distribution and skill sets gave him the title of the sorcerer of annihilation.

He masters these abilities and gains the upper hand over his enemies by being overpowered.

He’s also a chef, by the way, if I didn’t say that earlier.

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17. Dororo

Anime With Op Mc From The Start 2022
Anime With Op Mc From The Start 2022

Dororo, before I get into it, this is one of the best anime I’ve seen in recent memory.

Dororo follows Yakima and doors on their journey as a ronin and his apprentice. shakimaru searches for limbs and body parts of his that were stolen by demons

Most of his body is prosthetics, so he doesn’t feel pain in most of it.

He also has enhanced physical capabilities, but they’re hindered at times due to his prosthetics. However, his demonic strength and enchanted senses make up for it.

Being born blind, he has the power of soul sight, which helps him see the color of other souls, both human and demon.

He couldn’t speak, so he used telepathy to communicate with donors. He’s a master swordsman who can cut down anyone and anything in his path.

Shikamaru is truly a protagonist for the ages, especially when he’s in complete form.

16. Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san

Yoragiso yunasan was once a hot springs inn, but now it’s a boarding school inhabited by a few peculiar residents.

It turns out it’s haunted by a beautiful silver-haired ghost known as Yuna, who is harmless and adorable.
Kogorashi fuyuzora, the main protagonist in this series, has the disposition to attract ghosts.

Ever since he was a young boy, he has had spiritual power. He is a spiritual medium, meaning he can both see and talk to ghosts around him and learn skills from spirits who possessed him previously.

Because of this, he learns countless different abilities such as martial arts, wrestling, rock climbing, parkour, figure skating, table tennis bakin,g grilling, drumming, art such as manga self-portraits, painting, sculpting, and the list goes on and on

When possessed by Yuna, he dons the spirit armor, which increases his data hagane skills.

Which provides him with superhuman strength, agility, and combat skills. Yep, togarashi is overly overpowered.

15. Togainu no Chi

The third world war occurs, and things are no longer the same.

A group called video captures Tokyo and renames it Aoshima. A new kind of battle game starts in the back alleys.
It’s called igura.

It’s like a street brawl, but the intensity is several folds higher.

Blood is as natural as sweat and isn’t just agora, either. There’s another sport named blaster, which is even more intense as this game allows the use of weapons and gives you the green light to kill.

There’s a young man named Akira. He’s all alone, and he’s also undefeated at blaster.

However, he gets accused of murder suddenly, and things start going south for him. However, a young woman approaches him and even promises him another shot at freedom.

All he has to do is to defeat the king of igura but can he?

14. Akashic records

The world works in mysterious and wondrous ways in the Balzano imperial magical academy. An academy made for prestigious students to learn magic skills.

Sistine is your generic energetic, always excited kind of girl. However, her excitement is cut short as she discovers that her favorite teacher was replaced with a lazy, laid-back teacher.

He doesn’t respect the magical book he must use to teach his students and throws it away like garbage.

She challenges him and calls him a useless teacher, only to be surprised by his revolutionary understanding of magic by displaying it to the class.

A simple spell-like fireball can have many variations depending on how the incantation is spelled and how the syllables are divided.

13. C3

C cube is a story in a world where supernatural curses aren’t an anomaly.

The main character is a boy named minase Hazuki. He’s a high school student, and for some reason, he happens to be inherently resistant to curses.

But his life takes an unexpected turn when his father sends him a peculiar black cube.

It happens when he wakes up one day. He finds a girl named fear standing in his kitchen, and of course, she isn’t wearing any clothes.

It turns out that she’s the human form of that cube. Now that she’s in Hazuki’s possession, it’s his responsibility to care for her and fight alongside her to defeat cursed instruments and their owners.

12. Muhyo & Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation

Muyo and Moji’s bureau of supernatural investigation.

This is one of those anime that hardly anyone ever talks about.

The story isn’t revolutionary, and the same goes for all its other components; however, even though it is good at best, this anime can be an unexpectedly pleasant watch.

The story centers around the idea of spirit possession.

There’s a duo comprised of two youngins named Muyo and raoji,

They’re experts in magic law, and if there’s one thing they do better than others, it’s taking care of evil spirits.

However, there are terrifying drawbacks that come with this responsibility.

Will muyo and raoji be able to keep doing their jobs without any pitfalls? If you’re on the lookout for a less-known anime, this might be it.

11. This Ugly yet Beautiful World

We talk about a sad story. Takeru must make it on our list.

Just when he was a child, his father died and left his mother; later on, his mother left his kid.

Runs in the family; hence dakira wasted his young age being the laziest and most unmotivated individual in his area.

He doesn’t like anyone, not even any girl except Hikari.

However, talking about his powers, he can transform into a different being, enhancing his true capabilities to superhuman strength.

His monstrous strength has been shown many times in the enemy, and we also got to see some extreme action.

10. Hinamatsuri

This is a fun and wholesome anime you can watch in your downtime.

The main character Hina is a lazy ass middle school girl who has the power to destroy whatever she wants.

One day she suddenly pops up naked in the apartment of a yakuza.

No, no need to call the FBI. This yakuza seriously has no interest in underage girls. Instead, Hina bosses him around by threatening to break all his vases and hurt them.

He takes her in and tells her never to let anyone know about her psychic powers.

You would love this anime. I recommend reading the manga as the story gets much deeper from where the anime ends.

9. Nanbaka

Ever wonder what friendship in prison feels like nanbaka explores that.

The four cellmates are prison experts who break young criminals with a knack for regaining their freedom illegally from their confinements.

So they’re transferred to the world’s most secure facility.

This action and comedy anime focus is Jugo, Uno, Nico, and rock.

There’s much fantastic drama in their daily lives and interactions within the walls of Namba. The guards and the prison supervisor are not also left out in this jolly ride of fun and prison excitement.

Even as their freedom is taken away, these four are as accessible as ever, and prison turns into a wild festival.


One cave project gives some angsty teams with lots of anger management issues abilities that can allow them to destroy the world.

Because why the not right this is precisely what k project is all about.

And they are kings, and each king has his own set of power skills and an entourage that can share a part of his powers.

However, this time the conflict isn’t between the red and blue king anymore.

This time the colorless or silver king joins the freight and the battles ahead with the threat of the fire king’s explosive power to rampage at any given moment and level the city.

The kings must work on their differences and find a solution to the matter.

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7. Hinomaru Sumo

Hinomaru sumo is an enjoyable sports anime that deep dives into the rich cultural world of sumo wrestling.

Following Hinomaru in his first of high school as he joins the sumo club and aims to become the best in his school and perhaps one day the best in the country.

We jump straight into the action with Hinomaru sumo as we learn that some rowdy school delinquents have taken over the high school sumo dojo.

Hinomaru doesn’t back off and challenges the gang leader to take back the dojo.

Downing him with one hit, everyone realizes how powerful our mc is.

Although he starts insanely powerful and shocking the other members, the world of sumo wrestling is vast and littered with many powerful opponents.

6. Tokanyo nochime

You know you’ve struck gold when you start as a video game but spawned into a manga, a novel, and a brilliant anime series.

Said in a ravaged world after the gruesome third world war, japan was divided into east and west.

Many years pass, and a vicious crime organization has taken hold of the former Tokyo and wreaked havoc on its residents.

The battle game known as guru is a significant form of income from the crime empire. In which players need to kill and take the tags of their enemies.

Our hero Akira has been falsely accused of murder and spent some time in prison, meeting beautiful and mysterious women that offer him his freedom if he joins the deadly game of igura and wins.

The relaxed and silent type will learn more about the orphan Akira and his history as the undefeated street champion until getting locked up in prison.

With nothing but his knife at his side toganyu, nochi gets very heavy, very fast, extraordinarily stylish, and slick with little time for serious drama or emotions.

This is one series that’ll have you glued to your screen and screaming out for the knife-wielding Akira to come out on top.

5. Mashuko Tensei

Following an absolute deadbeat, a 34-year-old Japanese needs no job, hope, or anything.

He was forced to move out of his parent’s home after their death to try and make something of his life.

Managing to save a random teenager but dying in the process, we find our hero waking up as a baby in a magical world of sword and sorcery.

With the new name of radius grey rat, our hero aims to use his new life to the fullest.

With early training, it turns out that radius is a highly skilled and mighty magician, finally feeling comfortable and happy with his life.

This new world gets plunged into danger. A major magical disaster strikes and destroys most of this new realm.

Murder war monster attacks radius is forced to go on a journey to overcome insurmountable loads to save his new home.

4. Kyokusuri

An exciting blend of mystery against a supernatural bank drop hyokosuri or inspector as we know, it is a jaw-dropping and clenching watch.

Not afraid to go to some very heavy places, you’ll be hooked by the thrilling main story arc and itching to know what happens next.

Following kuru after his recent breakup, we learn of Kotoko, another girl that has been in love with her mc since meeting him around two years ago.

We then learned that she is a goddess of wisdom and a connection between the natural world and the supernatural.

Kuru doesn’t believe her at all, but we soon learn that they’ve both been keeping secrets from one another.

Kuru isn’t just your average university student; he is a monster that’s consumed the flesh of a demon at a young age.

Giving himself insane powers, it goes without saying that everyone is seriously surprised.

His radical healing makes mc practically immortal.

The two bring interesting chemistry as we follow kuru and Kotoko on various adventures as he assists her with her duties as the peacekeeping goddess of wisdom.

3. To Be Heroine

All right, this is a little bit confusing to be a hero in season one of this highly successful and brilliant show.

To be a heroine is season two, both incredibly unique and different from one another. Season two takes the series to new heights.

We learn of the immense social pressure on Futaba as all her friends and loved ones expect her to grow up and act like an adult.

Her mind starts to freeze, and she can’t keep herself mentally balanced. Deep within, she will always remain childish.

The story starts as Futaba wanders into another dimension, a world of darkness and light with people that exist as babies wearing nothing but underpants.

Summoning clothes as powerful fighters in this crazy world and a strange sense of humor is something that drew us in and kept us there.

2. Seeking No Blacksmith

A grand story that takes the viewer on an epic journey from the first episode seeking no blacksmith is one of the greats.

Forty years have passed since a great war ravaged the land. The demon contract was a powerful weapon that was deemed the deciding factor in the battle.

Humans would sacrifice their bodies to become powerful demons causing insane damage.

The surviving nations agreed to ban the use of these dangerous weapons.

We follow Cecil Campbell, a young knight. He faces an embarrassing defeat and is saved by a mysterious blacksmith, luke Ainsworth.

Luke wields a powerful katana, to the surprise of many, an extremely talented swordsman; luke’s actual ability lies in his blacksmithing abilities.

Arrogant and private luke has a soft spot for Cecil, although he does enjoy making fun of her.

Combining the powerful magic abilities of Cecil and the insanely long-forgotten swordplay of luke, sinking no blacksmith brings an impressive and powerful jewel with engaging and exciting chemistry.

1. Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World

A beautiful fantasy romance with some light traces of science fiction, the last crusade is portrayed with a rich backdrop of an endless war between a technologically advanced empire and a nation of compelling, magical users.

Following a decisive duel, both sides of this epic war are determined to kill each other, but deep inside, both wish for the end of this war.

Slowly drawn together, an impressive romance and relationship start to blossom, engaging and entrancing.

Comparing the story of Romeo and Juliet but with more impressive fight scenes.

Although mighty warriors, our heroes, the insanely Opie Eska and the unbelievably beautiful Alice, have such sympathy and tenderness for both the war and each other.

Their faith and belief in humanity across the grim setting of this vicious war are refreshing. They have delivered some of the most engaging characters in an anime.

Final Words

That said, we have come to the end of our best Anime With Overpowered Mc From The Start.

I believe this article helps you find exciting anime where anime is overpowered from the start.

If that is the case, I would love to hear about your choice. Feel free to comment below with your preferred anime and reason for choosing it.

It may help other users who are still confused to find a good one.

And if you think I missed out on some of the excellent anime for this list, then make sure to comment your thought below.

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