10 Best Anime Hand-To-Hand Combat Fighters In Anime In 2022

In this article we will be going to cover top 10 Best Anime Hand-To-Hand Combat Fighters In Anime that you must watch in 2022.


I think that for a lot of watchers of action anime there’s one thing that they look forward to fights. we’re talking battles high octane action and flashy cuts that showcase the animators at their best.


the good news is that there’s no shortage of those in anime anime is really one of the best places to go if You like battles whether they be the fantastic ones with magic or testosterone-filled slugfests.


So for this article we’ll be going through 10 more of the best hand-to-hand fights from anime in this article in particular I’ve also gone through the effort of adding some fights from some of the less popular anime out there.


I hope that by the end of this article I would have introduced you to one or two titles that you may not have heard of before so without further ado let’s get started.

Top 10 Best Anime Hand-To-Hand Combat Fighters In Anime In 2022

  1.  Souta vs Iron Schwartz
  2.  Kamui vs Hosen
  3. Birdy vs Nataru
  4. Mashiba vs Kimura
  5. Ohma vs Raian
  6.  Spec vs Hanayama
  7.  Eren vs Reiner
  8. Saitama vs Boros
  9. Naruto & Sasuke vs Momoshiki
  10.  Ouya’s One Man Army Fight

10 Best Anime Hand-To-Hand Combat Fighters In Anime

10 Best Anime Hand-To-Hand Combat Fighters In Anime In 2022

Souta vs Iron Schwartz

Before most of the shows that put them on the map came into existence production ig had a hand in producing one of the sci-fi shows that fell under the radar in the late 2000s.

I’m talking about real drive.

As early as its fifth episode real drive already treated its audience with a pretty good fight with some great hand-to-hand action, in this episode we have sort of taking on the fearsome iron schwartz.

To put it bluntly sorta at this point has been a flunk we see glimpses of his defeat at the hands of holland haunting him and thinking about that isn’t exactly a winning recipe for any fighter.

Nonetheless assorted gets to show off some moves here and there and with some intervention manages to win the battle against iron.

Overall i think that real drive is a nice show with some cool fights and visuals i probably wouldn’t call it too underrated but i think it’s a decent series that could use some more popularity.

Then again with so many good anime coming out this past decade i wouldn’t be surprised if people don’t even remember real drive. One of the Best Anime Hand-To-Hand Combat Fighters In Anime in 2022.

Kamui vs Hosen

Gintama 141st episode gave us this one highlight of a fight featuring kagura’s elder brother.

Finding himself in battle against the humongous hosen he gives us a great showcase of his close quarter combat ability.

The action is fast and furious with the two going at it in a battle that pits strength against speed, the action itself was quite tough given how fast everything moves and the hotly contested battle between two strong fighters ended in a draw.

I don’t know about you but to me it seemed that hosum was a lot stronger than his opponent in this fight this fight still starts discussions every now and then when it comes to gintama fanbase.

I mean realistically kamui could have been screwing around given his personality that is a possibility.

I wonder what could have happened if both people went all out in a fight to the death.

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Birdy vs Nataru

I think that birdie the mighty as a series is quite underrated.

It’s fun it has a lot of great action scenes and while the art might seem dated by modern standards.

It doesn’t distract from the awesomeness of scenes such as this fight in particular now this fight stood out for me for some reason such as the high octane action and just how dynamic it looks.

You have two combatants engaging in hand-to-hand combat that spills all over the place with the ruined city backdrop adding a nice touch.

Now that i think about it doesn’t it remind you of a superhero fight somewhere, the whole sequence wouldn’t look out of place in one of them i wouldn’t blame you if that’s what you think.

Actually this is the fight that inspired the last fight in man of steel if i’m not mistaken.

I’d say that snyder picked one amazing fight for his inspiration this show deserves to be far more popular if you ask me.

Mashiba vs Kimura

Now i’m positive that a lot of hajime no hippo fans would agree with me when i say that kimura had one of the great character arcs and everything culminated in his championship fight in the ova.

I feel like this is one of the more underrated fights in the series and kimura’s determination and drive earned him more than a fair share of fans.

It’s a given that hajime no ipo has a lot of great hand-to-hand fights but this takes the cake for featuring one character that still needs some love.

Kimura’s fight against mashiba is bar none the highlight of the execution arc and it showcases the best techniques that the two combatants use to fight each other.

The tense fight includes a final exchange where both fighters hit each other and mashiba wins just by the skin of his teeth, even if he didn’t win the match kimura got himself a lot more fans for his excellent showing that can be seen in hajime no ippo’s ova.

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Ohma vs Raian (Best Anime Hand-To-Hand Combat Fighters In Anime

Coming in the sixth spot we have a fight from the newest rising star in the world of martial arts series kengan ashura.

I think that those who’ve watched ken gunn ashura would have at least one fight to remember over the course of the series, for me it’s the one that pit omar and ryan against each other.

The two come face to face in the second round of the kangaroo annihilation tournament the battle between the two turned out somewhat like you’d expect.

Early on ryan finds himself on the ropes pressured by the flurry of attacks by the upstart omar.

However it doesn’t take long before the one called the devil turns the tables delivering one hell of a beatdown in return.

A back and forth exchange with the combatants releasing power after power ends with omar clutching a victory with his nico style.

This is just one of those back and forth fights that make martial arts anime so fun to watch.

If i was recommending a fight to someone in order to get them to watch kangan ashura this one would be one of the top contenders, seriously if you haven’t watched this series and are craving for some manly fighting anime then this is a good choice to consider.

it’s either this or the very next series up on the list.

Spec vs Hanayama (Best Anime Hand-To-Hand Combat Fighters In Anime)

Bucky 2018 prides itself on some of the most outrageous fight sequences and this fight is a showcase of what the series brings to the table.

It’s simply insane, just take a look at it.

I don’t know how else to describe this fight between speck and hanayama the two trade blows but it really felt more like a clash between two giants two indomitable titans the two chunks of muscle take each other to the limit showing off some techniques that are just as absurd as they are good.

This goes on for quite a while before hanayama finishes the fight by simply brutalizing spec to the point of surrender.

The cool thing with barky though is despite the spectacle you see in fights like this there are still some real techniques being shown.

Baki 2018 might be edging towards jojo territory in its fights and character designs but at its core it’s still a good old martial arts series.

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Eren vs Reiner

A key episode in season two of attack on titan is the one where aaron and reina duke it out in their titan forms. emotions are already running high thanks to the revelation of the identities of the colossal and armored titans.

This battle pushed those emotions over the edge as the titans clash in the highlight of this episode.

We’re used to seeing aaron bludgeoning his opponents as a titan but such a tactic might not stick with reiner this time around.

They don’t call him the armored titan for nothing you know and in a direct confrontation aaron has all the disadvantage in the world except he doesn’t thanks his experiences as a human.

Ultimately it’s the training with annie from way back that allowed aaron to get the advantage and come out on top in this battle.

Fighting smart for once eren shows tremendous signs of growth, however victory is short-lived as the colossal titan or what remains of it crashes the party and joins the battle.

Saitama vs Boros

Capping off an excellent first season of one punch man is this fight between saitama and boros.

The leader of the invasion forces no slouch being responsible for the destruction of a city through the dark matter thieves.

Boros has even grown tired of competition having grown so strong the enemies already bore him.

Reminds you of someone among the good guys does that hey having saitama and boros face off in the climax of one punch man’s first season seems to be a match made in heaven.

In terms of the actual fight i think that it delivered giving us some of the most amazing scenes and sequences in modern anime history.

You can really feel the destructive power of the attacks and how hard each attack hits through the effects.

I put this fight as third on the list because despite the raw hype generated from the fight itself and the way the whole thing is presented it’s not exactly a fight.

come on it’s saitama and we all know saitama battles can’t really be called fights can they especially given his moniker. One of the Best Anime Hand-To-Hand Combat Fighters In Anime In 2022.

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Naruto & Sasuke vs Momoshiki

It’s been a long time coming but we finally see naruto and sasuke in action again in boruto.

This time instead of them fighting each other like we’ve become accustomed to it’s surely a breath of fresh air to see them work together in order to take down a new threat.

Nostalgia goggles aside i really think that this is one of the better fights in the series.

Watching this battle you can’t help but feel the intensity of it all.

The soundtrack certainly helps matters and you can see the teamwork and chemistry that the duo always had in action.

The animation for this fight is simply amazing and that’s something that few can replicate in my opinion.

This is easily one of the most ambitious projects in terms of animation and kudos to the team for living up to the hype.

I know how people feel about boruto as a sequel but i really think it has some really well animated fights and this fight featuring the old characters showing that they still have it is just one of the many great action sequences and emotional fights that boruto has to offer.

Best Anime Hand-To-Hand Combat Fighters In Anime In 2022.

Ouya’s One Man Army Fight

when it comes to fights we’ve gotten so used to seeing made-up techniques or otherwise mundane attacks being given the upgrade and becoming grand spectacles but not here.

In this fight from hitori noshita we see some of the smoothest fighting animation from anime that have come out in recent years.

Rarely do we see something like tai chi being represented in anime combat but the team did an epic job in showcasing how cool the martial art is or while making it look slick and awesome as hell.

Kudos to the team for featuring one of the less popular and more graceful fighting stars in the world are making it accurate and at the same time very cool.

It’s also the return of boruto’s episode 65 team and we all know how great that momoshiki fight was, real martial arts enthusiasts would surely appreciate how this episode delivered in accuracy and choreography.

Also one of the Best Anime Hand-To-Hand Combat Fighters In Anime 2022.

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If you think we forget to mention any of the Best Anime Hand-To-Hand Combat Fighters In Anime, then make sure to comment down below.

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