Top 20 Best Harem Anime Dubbed Must Watch In 2022

In this article will be going to cover Top 20 Best Harem Anime Dubbed Must Watch In 2022. I have included some of the anime that you never heard before and are quite interesting.


Whenever you see the harem action tag in an anime you know it’s all about the main character picking girls while being overpowered, but the number of anime belonging to this genre can be limited and you will soon find your watch list empty.


If that’s the case then do not fret because today we’re bringing you 10 harem anime with an overpowered main character you’ve never heard of before.


Ready let’s get started.

Best Harem Anime Dubbed 2022
Best Harem Anime Dubbed 2022

Val X Love

when you combine norse mythology to an action anime you get some cool action sequences, but when you combine them to a harem anime you add all those brave valkyrie girls to your harem yes you guessed right.

this is another anime where the legendary female warriors fall down from the sky onto the main character’s lap and he gets to add them to his hair and faster than plucking apples from a tree.

but valex love doesn’t throw us an overpowered protagonist from the start of the show itself, but instead it shows how the main character gradually learns about his power while learning to control the girls around him.

oh and did i mention they live in the same house yeah so expect those good old unlocked doors and slaps in the face.

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Best Harem Anime Dubbed 2022

The Qwaser of Stigmata

the quasar of stigmata, anime always tries to be unique when it comes to the etching department, so this time they decide to make the power system of the anime more unique by making sure the main character gains his power by drinking breast milk.

and no he’s not an infant the premise may sound like a perfect sharper edgy harem show but quasar stigmata doesn’t always use its edgy and hair and choke to push the plot forward.

it has some great action plus the nice mystery behind its rather weird power system.

it’s not the type of anime you can watch with your family but if you’re looking for an action hair and you can watch while you’re alone, then this is the perfect show for you.

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Best Harem Anime Dubbed 2022

Yao jing zhong zhi shou ce

yao jing zhong zi xiao xi.

this time we’ve got fairies but don’t expect this to be a show for nursery kids china has proven that it can produce great action anime with titles like fog halo 5 elements.

but can the chinese writers create a great harem show, turns out the chinese writers are the same as japanese writers because yao jing zhong zi xiao xi takes you on a hair ride with both an overpowered protagonist and a group of fairies.

there are times when it feels like the anime is skipping a lot of details but if you survive that and move forward you’ll be greeted by a chinese fairy harem that you’ll dream about in your sleep.

Best Harem Anime Dubbed 2022

Majikoi – Oh! Samurai Girls

who needs girls samurai anime when you’ve got harem samurai anime instead of killing each other with swords let’s make sure that every girl who owns a sword falls in love with their main character.

the anime starts off with three boys and three girls but when two new girls join the show things start to get way more complicated.

compared to other samurai anime this show doesn’t have much sword fights but there’s no need to worry because you can see how all the girls fight to get the attention of our main character.

the anime also dives deep into each girl’s feeling so no character in the hair and turns out to be a side character and this anime is based on a visual novel, which means all the characters get their own story arcs.

Best Harem Anime Dubbed 2022
Best Harem Anime Dubbed 2022

Full Dive (One Of The Best Harem Anime Dubbed)

full dive the ultimate next-gen full dive rpg is even shittier than real life.

i know you guessed it when you heard the title but let me remind you that this is an anime based on a light novel.

this means there’s going to be a little less action and more character drama or that’s what you’ll think right, but don’t forget that this is an rpg e-sky we’re speaking of.

so that means you get a power system a main character who’s overpowered plus some interesting enemies and yeah you get the heron too.

if the title didn’t convince you this anime is all about the misfortunes of our main character. he first believes he’s in paradise and only then realizes he has landed in the worst rpg of all time.

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Best Harem Anime Dubbed 2022

Myriad Colors Phantom World

myriad colors phantom world.

what if you suddenly wake up one day and realize there are supernatural entities wandering around you not the best morning i know, but perhaps if you go on an adventure to find more about these supernatural beings there will be several girls who will fall in love with you.

haruhiko ichijo and maiko kami are two students who learn at the jose academy about how to deal with spirits, together along with the friendly phantom ruru they go on various adventures to fight off these evil spirits and help humanity.

even though this may have a normal premise the show manages to blend in the supernatural themes well with its fantasy and magic themes and you’ll soon be hooked with these duo’s adventures.

Best Harem Anime Dubbed 2022

Invaders of the Rokujouma!?

you’re poor you buy the cheapest apartment in japan you expect everyone to ignore you well that’s what will happen in real life, but in anime when you’re too poor you have the potential to attract a harem of girls.

not just a normal harem but one ghost one alien one magical girl and one human.

this is what happens to kotaro satomi who goes into an apartment known as the corona house, don’t worry this anime was made way back in 2014 so the inhabitants here don’t have the pandemic.

but this mysterious apartment seems to have something hidden inside it because all sorts of ghosts and supernatural entities arrive to fight for satomi’s room.

watch the anime find out how one poor boy tries to protect his only apartment room from ghosts and aliens.

Best Harem Anime Dubbed 2022

When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

when supernatural battles became commonplace.

everyone likes it when they get supernatural powers after they walk into the club room but jirai ando is depressed about how he has one of the worst abilities of all time.

to make things worse all of his turns have got way more cooler powers like time travel and element manipulation, as you expect our main character isn’t overpowered from the start but instead he gradually learns about his power as we move forward with the narrative.

and since this is a harem with great power comes a great number of girls so you can see how juraid goes from a weak single boy to a strong boy with a harem.

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Best Harem Anime Dubbed 2022

Dai-Shogun – Great Revolution

die shogun great revolution.

if your teacher asks you to learn japanese history then you could always take the easy way out by watching dai shogun, what’s not there to like about a show like this.

you’ve got ancient japanese warriors some cool fighting sequences a bunch of girls and an interesting main character.

why did i call him interesting well he believes the source of his strength is his virginity.

if you’re perplexed about what i just said then why not take a look at the first episode.

soon you’ll be learning about japanese history while realizing the easiest way to date ancient japanese girls is to kill a few enemies while looking cool in front of them.

Best Harem Anime 2022
Best Harem Anime Dubbed 2022

Tsugumomo (One Of The Best Harem Anime Dubbed)

anime always knows how to push the bounds of unrealism and this time the medium perfectly portrays that by turning a regular object into a cute anime girl let me back up and explain things a little bit.

tsukumomo are objects that can gain a soul and become alive and self-aware our main character kazuya kagami has a tsukumogami but he hasn’t used it ever since his mother’s death.

but when an evil spirit attacks him mitsuku mogami transforms into an anime girl and protects him as long,

as you don’t expect the object in your house to turn into anime girls this will be a harem wild ride you’ll definitely enjoy.

the anime adds new girls in each arc and gives them more than enough screen time to fall in love with their main character, what more could a harem fan ask for.

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Best Harem Anime 2022
Best Harem Anime 2022

Walkure Romanze

walkure romanze, the story takes place in a school where students learn to become knights and hone their jousting skills.

our protagonist has to quit night program due to his injury,

so he joins assistant program instead. due to his experience as night and animal handling skills many girls from the school want him as their personal assistant, but he always refuses their offer.

one day due to some incident with his friend mio he agrees to become her temporary assistant and take part in annual tournament.

although show not being great in many departments it does good job in animation and also providing some good actual moments.

Best Harem Anime 2022
Best Harem Anime 2022


coming up next we have chaos head throughout the city murders are becoming the hot topic for the residents of the area.

but our protagonist showing no interest spends most of his time playing online games and watching anime, his ordinary life soon ends when he receives a horrifying image of man’s stake to a wall from a user named shogun.

adding more to the twist he sees exact same scene happening right before him and a girl covered in blood calling his name, despite all the faults main character and decent storyline makes it into an enjoyable show.

Best Harem Anime 2022
Best Harem Anime 2022

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter

Moving on with the list we have a hidden dungeon only i can enter our protagonist is a son of noble and he possesses a rare trait with this magical ability he is able to consult great sage which leaves him with severe headache.

unsure of what his future holds he is directed towards the hidden dungeon with rare and magical items.

now he has to train and make himself powerful enough to change his fate.

although it’s too early but after few episodes i can say it’s just an average harem and actually show with an added touch of comedy.

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Best Harem Anime 2022
Best Harem Anime 2022

We Without Wings

next we have we without wings under the innocent sky this show follows the life of three characters haneda cheetah say and narita haneda is living his dull school life with his sister and his negligent girlfriend.

cheetahsey is working at various part-time jobs where a disastrous encounter changes his life.

narita sees himself as a hard-boiled person but one such night he meets a cheerful girl a tory, don’t judge the show by its few episodes as you dive deeper it blooms into an amazing story.

Best Harem Anime 2022
Best Harem Anime 2022

A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd

moving on we have a good librarian like a good shepherd.

shepherd is an urban legend that grants wishes of the hard-working students our protagonist is a second year high school student.

one day he gets an email from a shepherd foretelling the accident which is going to happen, he runs towards the nearby station and saves a fellow student tsugumi from getting hit by the train.

thanking him she joins the library club and they try to uncover the identity of this mysterious shepherd.

except for some cheap moments show really performs well in harem and comedy department.

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Best Harem Anime 2022
Best Harem Anime 2022


next we have mm our protagonist is a high school student and he’s hiding a big secret of being a masochist.

he asks help from the voluntary club with his problem but soon he finds out all the members of the club have some serious issues.

together with all the troubled members they try to learn the importance of acceptance and kindness.

overall i feel it’s a very enjoyable show story is refreshing humor is great, if you’re looking for something funny and not too serious then it’s a perfect pick for you.

Best Harem Anime 2022
Best Harem Anime 2022

Student Council’s Discretion

next we have student council discretion.

our protagonist is an average high school student who’s determined to join the student council as for him things does not go as planned.

ladies of the student council prefer to concentrate on more important and boring things like organizing school events and managing clubs, but these few hurdles won’t stop our protagonist from achieving his dream of surrounding himself with girls.

for some viewers jokes can be amiss as it takes reference from many other shows overall i feel it’s a good comedy slice of life show.

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Best Harem Anime 2022
Best Harem Anime 2022

Outbreak Company

moving on we have outbreak company our protagonist is an otaku with a vast knowledge of anime manga and video games.

one day after applying for a job he gets kidnapped and transported to a world filled with elves trapped into the fantasy world he’s given a task by japanese government to spread the otaku culture with the help of government and also the princess of the land.

he’ll overcome all the hurdles and spread the culture of otaku in this holy land.

outbreak company is a show which has many flaws but still it’s very good because of the characters and fan service traps.

Best Harem Anime 2022
Best Harem Anime 2022

Hayate the Combat Butler

coming at the first place we have heyte the combat butler our protagonist gets sold to yakuza to pay his family debt.

one fateful night he runs into a girl nagi whom he decides to kidnap and pay his family debt but due to his kind hearted nature and one misunderstanding he ends up saving her from the real kidnappers.

he gets accepted as nagi’s personal butler and soon he finds out that she belongs to the one of the wealthiest families of japan.

i feel this show is really underrated and needs some more love it is one of the great romance comedy shows sprinkled with good amount of harem

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