Top 25 Characters With Green Hair 2022

Characters With Green Hair 2022: The wildly vibrant hair hues of anime characters can be one of their finest features. Blonde, brown, and black are clearly inadequate, therefore designers seek for more striking hues.


Some of the most well-known characters have hair that is various shades of green, blue, orange, and even red.


In fact, shonen programmes are notorious for having protagonists with unusual haircuts in addition to eye-catching hair colours.


While there are many well-known blue-haired anime characters, this article will solely concentrate on those that were formerly well-known but have since mostly fallen out of favour.


Top 25 Characters With Green Hair 2022

23. Sailor Pluto

Characters With Green Hair 2022
Characters With Green Hair 2022

Sailor Pluto has always served as the keeper of the time gate, which leads to the many ages.

It is also in charge of defending the solar system from outside threats.

His talisman, the Garnet Rod, a garnet-colored orb, sits atop his key-shaped sceptre. His home is the floating Charon Castle, which orbits Pluto, his planet of origin.

Only Queen Serenity and the other Sailor fighters of the outer solar system, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, are aware of her existence in the days of the Silver Millennium.

It is true that Sailor Pluto must murder anybody attempting to access the Time Gate since time travel is forbidden.

Queen Beryl and Metallia attacked the Silver Millennium, and Sailor Pluto, like other soldiers in

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22. Lubbock

Characters With Green Hair 2022

One of the most sophisticated anime characters we can discover online is Lubbock. With such incredible personality features also comes a lot of admiration.

In addition, I believe he deserves this praise very much. He participated in the Night Raid team as an assassin.

We can’t really be upset about it because it made him much more well-known. His characteristics wouldn’t match any other character nearly as well as they do for Lubbock.

And I believe this is why those who observe him must adore him. Don’t you think his green hair truly gives him more personality?

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21. Kaede Kayano

Characters With Green Hair 2022

She is one of Nagisa’s first friends once he joined the E class. She is very warm and sympathetic towards others but she dislikes women with big breasts and has a fixation with her own.

Throughout the course of the narrative, Kaede will display impressive skills, including remarkable tenacity in regards to the murder of the professor to whom she gave the moniker “Koro-sensei.”

She has a dark family secret that is only partially disclosed in the third quarter of the story: Aguri Yukimura, the woman Koro fell in love with while the latter was imprisoned in the lab, is her little sister.

20. Envy

Characters With Green Hair 2022

This character’s hair may not be completely green; rather, it is likely closer to black, but let’s call it dark-dark green for now. Envy is the physical manifestation of Father’s envy.

He can shape-shift into actual or made-up personalities and recuperate from potentially fatal injuries.

Envy rebuilt his entire body after being half-devoured by Gluttony in one such example.

Envy has a stronger hatred for mankind than the rest of his species, yet he is extremely sensitive, since the slightest offence might destroy his immense ego.

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19. Froppy

Characters With Green Hair 2022

This lovely young lady is come to display her hero spirit. We all know and adore her, I believe.

One of the main characters in My Hero Academia is Froppy, aka Tsuyu Asui. And I think we all have a great deal of love and respect for her.

She is one of the most gifted students in her class, and her charisma is very endearing.

simple, stoic, and modest You can be sure that Froopy is a fantastic character because of this.

Furthermore, I can’t help but notice her frog peculiarity because it complements her green hair so nicely.

Therefore, Froppy should be on your list if you’re looking for some great anime characters who have green as their primary hue.

18. Izuku Midoriya

Characters With Green Hair 2022

Izuku, sometimes known as Deku, is the protagonist of the anime My Hero Academia. Despite being born Quirkless, he don’t ever gave up being a hero and spent years researching heroes.

Izuku attracted the attention of the great hero All Might, who passed on his transferrable Quirk to Izuku, becoming becoming the ninth host of the strong One For All Quirk.

Izuku is an Overpowered MC who conceals his abilities; he spent his previous 14 years of terrible criticism and harsh negative views from others since all he desired to do was be a decent hero like All Might.

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17. Shion Sonozaki

Characters With Green Hair 2022

Twin sister of Mion. Lives in the neighboring village of Okinomiya. She was banished by her grandmother who is also the oldest of the founding clan of Hinamizawa.

Much more feminine than Mion, and despite her apparent gentleness, she knows how to demonstrate great determination, and even extreme cruelty.

She does not hesitate to spill blood and go on a murderous madness to satisfy her own interests.

16. Beelzebub IV

Characters With Green Hair 2022

The future Lord of Demons is Baby Beel (Beelzebub), true name Kaiser from Emperana Beelzebub IV.

Its goal is to exterminate humanity, but in order to carry out its objective, it requires a ruthless and powerful host a human vessel known as a contracting to whom it can transfer its power.

He is known as Baby Beel and is very easily impressed, especially by strong people, despite the fact that he is still weak and frequently loses to cats, other infants, and even occasionally insects (we later learn that while in reality he has a very high combat potential and is capable of defeating Oga, his cowardice and lack of confidence prevent him from doing so).

He enjoys things like violence, loud music, and scary toys that may terrify “normal” newborns.

When Beel is distressed, he cries, and others nearby are electrocuted as a result.

According to Hilda, if Oga and Beel are more than 15 metres apart, Beel’s wailing would instantly kill her adoptive father.

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15. Gon Freecss

Characters With Green Hair 2022

I will Leorio punch you through the screen if you even hint that Gon doesn’t count since only his tips are green. To Gon now.

Gon is a cute little fool who is willing to trust his pals with his life and who appears to have no prejudice or hostility against others.

With the exception of the cat woman, he could have become a little irate.

This is advantageous. Gon is not a one-note character, despite how it may have initially appeared.

Even his closest friends can suffer at his hands. He has the ability to effectively hate the world. He’s still a decent kid, though, at the end of the day.

14. Maki

Characters With Green Hair 2022

The other sister in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe is Maki. She is the one who is successful, as you could expect.

Her finest quality is that she is powerful, and she is also one of the main characters in the programme.

as in extremely powerful. Her strength is incredible, but her control over curses is minimal.

She is adored by so many people because of this. Her hardworking disposition is greatly enhanced by the dark green colour of her hair.

Additionally, she makes sure to give it her best in fight, which is another reason why so many people respect her outlook on life.

13. Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

Characters With Green Hair 2022

Nelliel and her crew are definitely out of the ordinary when it comes to Hollows.

Despite the fact that most Hollows must kill people in order to exist, Nelliel appears to be averse to the concept.

She even fears the Shinigami, believing they are the bad guys in the scenario.

Except for Ichigo, she adores Ichigo.

We primarily see her in her kid form, when she lisps, speaks improper language for a youngster, and basically exudes sweetness. However, when her adult body arrives, the narrative thickens and the action begins.

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12. Ibara Shiozaki

Characters With Green Hair 2022

Ibata Shiozaki, one of My Hero Academia’s most powerful characters, emerges from the show’s depths.

Ibara is a beast in places like woodlands because she has the strength to control vines and because of her quirk.

Her personality is described as being that of a saint, which makes her stand out.

She also has poetically placed green hair that makes her look like the queen of the jungle.

I believe it’s a really subtle addition that gives her much more vibrancy and distinction.

She stands out even more due to the aesthetics of her design. Overall, Ibara is a fantastic character that proudly sports his green hair.

11. Sailor Neptune

Characters With Green Hair 2022

Sailor Neptune is the charming beautiful girl of the Solar System’s Sailor Senshi who safeguard Earth from those who endanger peace.

She seems to have a civilian identity, like do all other Senshi. Michiru Kaiou is her other identity. One of the four Outer Senshi is Sailor Neptune .

She does, however, have the strength to defeat the Inner Senshi. Don’t let her serene and graceful demeanour deceive you; Sailor Neptune can sometimes be furious and even cruel!

Michiru has moderately cyan-green hair that is tied in a pony tail at the middle of her head in her civilian form.

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10. Roronoa Zoro

Characters With Green Hair 2022

It’s a known truth that you instantly become ten times cooler if you can fight with a sword in your mouth. The peer-reviewed studies have been shown to me.

While Zabuza is a close second, Zoro is the clear winner here!

The Straw Hats’ vice-captain, Zoro, is just ideal.

He has displayed several times how eager he is to suffer for his team, which is admirable to say the least.

He supports Luffy by being able to slap him and the rest of the crew in the face when they need it.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, as Zoro is aware. And because of his practical outlook, he excels as a leader and counsellor.

9. Eto Yoshimura 

Characters With Green Hair 2022

Eto is one of the Tokyo Ghoul universe’s supporting cast members. And that is already dangerous.

Eto is the one who remains in a certain tree, which I won’t mention to avoid giving away any surprises.

But inside that, we will witness some of the best anime character portrayals ever.

Her hair perfectly complements her threatening appearance. Additionally, there are occasions when they resemble leaf green.

She is quite alluring because of this. This personality works so well for us since she maintains her menacing appearance in her ghoul form.

Eto is fantastic. There’s no denying that. I do, however, hope you find her noteworthy.

8. Monet 

Characters With Green Hair 2022

Well, I imagine that many of you know this woman right here.

She comes from One Piece, one of the most popular anime media properties ever.

Let’s check out what she has to say. She is very amazing since she was one of the spies from Doflamingo’s end.

Monet altered the path of the section she was a part of, hence I believe she is also a memory entity.

She is on our list for this reason.

Caesar Clown and his associates used Monet as a scout and aide at the Punk Hazard research centre.

She was given avian limbs in place of her human arms and legs, giving her a harpy-like look.

She was really dispatched by Doflamingo as an undercover operative, and she was a member and officer of the Donquixote Pirates.

She may be regarded as the secondary enemy of the Punk Hazard Arc as a result of her objective and deeds. She was Sugar’s older sister as well.

7. Tatsumaki

Characters With Green Hair 2022

Tatsumaki is a powerhouse.
She commanded an asteroid to strike a dinosaur monster and destroy it! She probably only has to sneeze to cause a shinra tensei level catastrophe.

Imagine having tremendous power in addition to a massive ego, immense pride, and a physique that isn’t equally as massive. I’m suggesting that she’s really little.

And Saitama keeps calling her a kid while jabbing her about it.

To spite Saitama, she once consumed a large amount of alcohol before using a sword to stab Zombiman while maniacally laughing.

She is a huge hassle. But I adore her in every light.

6. Bisca Connell

Characters With Green Hair 2022

Bisca Connell is a Western immigrant who gained money by committing crimes using her gun-slinging talents and wizardry.

She pretended to be a member of Fairy Tail (the most powerful guild in the Kingdom of Fiore) in order to benefit from the guild’s terrifying reputation.

She was shortly approached by Erza Scarlet, an S-Class Fairy Tail Mage, who accused her of disgracing the guild’s name.

He vanquished Bisca and encouraged her to join Fairy Tail after she apologised.

Bisca became a member of Fairy Tail, where she met her future husband, Alzack, and formed a team with him.

Bisca is a hot beautiful anime lady with long, straight green hair that stretches all the way down to her lower back and long bangs framing her face.

5. Uzu Sanageyama

Characters With Green Hair 2022

Nobody can feel secure while a person as dangerous as Uzu Sanageyama is under our care.

This dude here is a monster. He wears the 3-star Ultima costume, but more significantly, he possesses Heaven’s Eye abilities.

You might be wondering what “Heaven’s Eye” is. Uzu is able to foresee his opponent’s next move by only observing his body language, hence that is his special skill.

You know, he could practically murder you then and then if he observed your breathing pattern and your muscle movement?

No? That’s terribly awful. Don’t antagonise him.

4. C.C

Characters With Green Hair 2022

C.C. is most likely the first female anime character with green hair that springs to mind.

C.C. holds an intriguing position in the Code Geass cast while being immortal and dying for some pizza at the same time.

She seldom expresses her emotions to Lelouch and is often distant.

Can you blame her, though? If you had experienced what she has, you probably wouldn’t care about many other things either. Nevertheless, not pizza.

She does deliver when it matters and has demonstrated complete selflessness in subsequent episodes.

C.C. is a formidable foe in the waifu wars, despite the fact that I am on team Kallen!

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3. Broly

Characters With Green Hair 2022

Broly is a demonic Saiyan warrior that arises every thousand years and is the primary antagonist of Dragon Ball Super: Broly .

He was abandoned on the planet Vampa by King Vegeta because to his exceptionally strong combat power, where he was reared by his father until rescued years later by the Frieza Force.

Broly is a quiet individual with few social skills or etiquette due to his upbringing on an inhospitable secluded planet where he lived exclusively with his father and no other sentient being.

Despite the fact that his father was cruel and primarily regarded Broly as a tool of retribution against King Vegeta, Broly cared profoundly for him and refused to speak badly of him.

2. Freed Justine

Characters With Green Hair 2022

One of the most crucial principles a Fairy Tail guild member must preserve is honour.

Freed may not have had a lot of screen time on the programme, but he made sure to convey to viewers how significant upholding his principles was to him.

No matter what was requested of him, Freed preferred to always pay back his obligations.

Fried quickly rose to the position as one of the cast’s coolest members because to his powerful ocular abilities.

One of the most recognisable characteristics of this magical anime character is his long, fashionable green hair. Another is his potent magic that uses the eyes.

1. Mashiro Kuna

Characters With Green Hair 2022

Ladies and gentlemen, another member of the Bleach universe is present.

However, this is hardly shocking given that Bleach has some of the most fearsome characters in the history of anime.

However, let’s focus on Mashiro especially. She was a minor character on the programme and the former 9th Division lieutenant.

And Kensei was in charge of this Division. She tantrums often and has a charming attitude.

But in the big picture, she is a fantastic character who improved the play for us.

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