Top 21 Most Evil Anime Characters Of All Time

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In this article, I will cover the Top 21 Evil Anime Characters Of All Time.


After reading this article, you found some nasty and evil anime characters. And trust me, they are very ruthless.


This is me, Vishal, over here. I have experience watching anime for like 4-5 years. And I will help out o find out want you want.


So, after watching anime for 4-5 years, these are my top pics for this list.

This article is based on what I think are the evilest anime characters, and it may be different for you.

So who is the evilest, cruel, and most terrifying characters to grace us with their evil presence in the anime world?

Evil Anime Characters

21. Excel (Excel Saga)

Top 21 Most Evil Anime Characters Of All Time

She is probably enthusiastic and willing to do whatever it takes to please her commanding officer, even if it means causing no end of death and destruction.

Yes, excel is primarily a comedic figure, but even as she’s parodying all manner of genres.

Her antics always end up with someone in the immediate vicinity mating a sticky end.

It doesn’t stop us from loving or any less even when she does make frequent assassination attempts or whatever else it darling kill Palazzo demands of a.

20. Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)

Evil Anime Characters

She’s the face of the entire franchise, packing and slashing away through anybody who gets in the way of her happiness.
At the same time, we will never know why she would be so obsessed with someone as beta as Yuki.

This pink head-killing machine is willing to do whatever it takes to guarantee their loved.

This includes slaughtering her way through the survival game and decapitating anyone who makes bedroom eyes.

I don’t want to be hubby. Not even Yuki is safe from her rage, though – oh, credits, he does kind of ask for it.

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19. Geist (M.D Geist )

Evil Anime Characters

They don’t kill this guy, the most dangerous soldier, for nothing.
As an experimental warrior kept suspended goes berserk.

Geist finds himself enrolled in a new conflict when he crashes on Jarrah, immediately having to bail his way up the food chain.

Now, this might paint him as a grizzled loan hero, but he loses that title by the end When he unleashes an army of machines dead set on consuming all life on the planet.

18. Makoto itou (School Days)

Evil Anime Characters

Well, he might look like your run-of-the-mill blunders-bred rom-com lead.

Man Kato is an evil unto himself how so well, unlike all those other characters that suddenly find themselves at the center of a high school romance.

This callous and uncaring douche decides that just one girl isn’t enough. They were cheating up one after the next.

Mercato’s despicable attitude toward women mentally breaks his first girlfriend and leads to his best friend stabbing him to death in revenge for how he cheated on her.

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17. Alucard (Helsing Ultimate)

Evil Anime Characters

While this vampire gets some serious brownie points for gunning down Nazis, he’s still quite a monster in service of the Hellsing organization.

The former count loves nothing more than being let loose and tearing apart whatever enemy he gets his hands on.

As long as he gets the go-ahead from sir Integra, there’s nobody he wouldn’t reduce a bloody chunk, even average humans unless you’re an ally or enemy that has earned his respect and spared blood.

16. Umuru (Himouto Umaru-Chan)

Evil Anime Characters

They are acting like the perfect bloody student only to turn into a demon in an orange hoodie when no one is around.

Her obsession with junk food and video games is only matched by the ferocity of her tantrums when she doesn’t get away.

She takes so many boxes for your classic anime villain that it’s almost scary while you’re bound to tear out your hair after the umpteenth outburst.

She’ll still win you back with her innocent force add a second later.

15. Kiritsugu Emiya (Fate/Zero)

Evil Anime Characters

If you want something as grotesque as the fourth Holy Grail war to go your way, you’ll have to play D.

Well, we can certainly understand the motivations behind Weicker. It’s a well played game the way did.

It’s easy to see why saber was so pissed at him for how he did so.

He was setting his wife as bait, trying to cheat their rules, assassinating the other masters and servants with underhanded means.

This so-called champion of Justice cut way too many corners while trying to save the world.

Shame that the price turned out to be a tad too high in the end.

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14. Tanya (Saga Of Tanya Evil)

Evil Anime Characters

The title is a bit of a giveaway after finding himself being sent to a parallel world in the body of a young girl.

Tania is given a new lease on life that involves killing many enemy soldiers with magic and the terrifying murder phase you will have ever seen.

She’s not happy about her reincarnation.

Despite how much he enjoys the killing, he said his sights on taking out the one person who put her in this position, to begin with, God.

13. Ainz Ooal Gown(Overlord)

Evil Anime Characters

Sorry to all of you who thought that deep down bone daddy was still traversing the anti-hero routes.

However, if his most recent antics are anything to go by, there’s no doubt he’s truly embraced his role as that villain.

To bring the great tomb of Nazareth to glory, inés has committed unspeakable atrocities and great deceptions over those who would view him as a selfless ally.

They were killing 70,000 soldiers leading a group of adventurers to their doom, and tricking an entire kingdom’s populace into submission.

The sorcerer-king has got it made remarkably.

12. Light Yagami (Death Note)

Anime characters who are pure evil

We won’t deny watching these genius students think his way out of impossible situations was what made the anime such a gem.

But let’s be honest, tear light is a villain through and through using the Death Note to become the god of the new world.

The man known as Kira dropped countless bodies in the name of his crusade, including plenty of innocence.

She was consumed by hubris and pride of divine proportions light talks a big game about justice but his desires and that of a bright lad whose Messiah Complex got way out of control.

11. Vicious (Cowboy Bepop)

Most evil characters in anime

Vicious from Cowboy Bebop is known as a man with an icy cold heart colder than a snake’s eye.

Vicious is a criminal mastermind who knows what he wants and how to get it.

He’s bloodthirsty, power-hungry, and an ambitious man who will kill just about anybody who gets in the way of his desires.

We wanted to take over the red dragon crime syndicate. He felt he could confide in his loving girlfriend Julia and his best friend spike.

Only to find out that the two of them have been seeing each other behind his back. Now vicious has a goal to not only obtain full power of the crime syndicate but also to hunt down Spike and kill him.

He doesn’t just send out cronies to do the job through no; no vicious knows how to lure out Spike by targeting those he cares for the most and even blackmails Julia to try and kill Spike herself.

Through his wit, he quickly takes over the crime syndicate, and by hunting down more of Spike’s loved ones, he sits upon his throne and waits for Spike to come to him. He’s cold, intelligent, and cruel.

No matter his loyalties or past relationships, he’ll cut you down if you anger him or get in the way of his goals. Overall this venomous snake is downright evil.

10. Tsunenaga Tamaki Deadman Wonderland

Do not be fooled by the idiotic smiling manner. Tamaki is one twisted, sadistic spawn. I mean sadistic, as in he is a pure sadist.

As the chief warden of dem in Wunderland he doesn’t even care that under his supervision dozens of prisoners are being butchered every single day for the the sole purpose of gathering money.

He’ll even have the prisoners experimented on simply and mainly for his own entertainment.

The one unsettling thing about him is his manner. How he could just keep a calm demeanor no matter what he does to people, and he doesn’t even get angry when things don’t go his way.

It makes you wonder how he treats his own parents.

Oh, wait, what’s that?

He’s waiting for his father to die so, he can have complete control over them in Wonderland, and did he sit there playing video games while his poor mother slowly died during the earthquake disaster.

yes yes, he did what an [ __ ] am and rivet on sadistic pleasure and power soon innaka Tamaki is one evil
evil sadist.

9. Yuki Terumi/Hazama Blazblue

A true menace, cruel, sadistic, and insane beyond any measurable means.

Tarrou me talk pleasure in being a giant troll to anyone with a living pulse.

Whether for personal gain for his plan or amusement, there was no shortage of taunting or provoking.

He is quick to kill, or he’ll use anyone he sees fit. His solid background and schedules are crazy, though his physical body and spirit have been defeated several times.

And he’s backstabbed the hell out of everyone to come back to life and get his way.

As Hazama, he pretends to be harmless to have his comrades not notice his true intentions. But the guy has revealed that he comes off as selfish and manipulative.

He was destroying other people’s lies and twisting beliefs for his game. As terra means he’s cruel and detached from remorse and compassion.

Together both entities work as one with almost no problems and take just as much pleasure from the sufferings of others as he once did.

A two-faced manipulator who is a natural troll Ozma with you ki Tarah me are two bad apples for the price of one.

8. Medusa Gorgon (Soul Ether)

Medusa is an evil snake witch who sees the world as a place of stasis where nothing evolves or changes; hence, she feels compelled to unleash a dark key known as Asura.

They were imported to make the world mold back into motion—black professor Stein.

She experiments on anything, but in her case, it feeds her obsession with darkness.

Her only attraction to professor Stein is the madness of the sleep inside him. Something she wants to use for her games and self-satisfaction.

When you think she can show some love and compassion towards her child, it is revealed that her muzzling affections only come when Crona becomes the fearsome killer but do so want her child to be.

To become this killing machine cooked up by mama, Crona underwent countless experiments both physically and mentally torturous.
Medusa is a sick and twisted mother who bathes in darkness for pleasure.

7. Raggio Kitty Ewings (Kill La Kill)

Evil anime characters female

As Ewings, we have a glorified madam who indulges in the finest luxuries.

She is obsessed with power and conformity, only favoring those who are loyal to her and torturing those who oppose her.

She desires complete world domination and gives her human soul up to the life fibers.

This act alone gives her no regard for human life, not even her children, whom she countlessly experimented on, and demonstrates her obsession with domination by molesting her daughters.

Wow, we have some messed-up mommas here.

Their motives may be different, but their tactics are the same as Medusa and Raji Oh, too obsessed mothers who will torture anyone for their own gain, especially their children.

6. Donquixote Daflamingo (One Piece)

Donquixote Daflamingo from one piece nicknamed the heavenly Yaksha. Doxa manga was the captain of the Don Quixote pirates.

The most influential underworld broker operated under the alias Joker is a former world noble of the Don Quixote family descent and a Chichibu Kai with a frozen bounty of 340 million berries.

He has a higher bonus than Caesar’s clown, which means he’s worse than Caesar’s clown.

He fears few people as he openly taunts Fleet Admiral San Goku sits at the table during the Chichibu Chi meetings, and shows only lively interest in the thought of warring with the white beard.

With his lack of fear and doubt, he has the balls to March up to the world. Nobles rob them of the tributes and blackmail the government.

He has never been seen looking with any feeling other than amusement by any turn of events, regardless of whom they affect.

Da Flamingo loves to toy around with his opponents and victims in a sadistic and cruel way.

They were seeing when he khalifa Lefors to Marines to kill each other and forcing Bellamy and psyches to fight each other and suffer injuries before dealing the final blow, all the while laughing at their pain.

During the Battle of Maron, all of doing flamingo’s confrontations have been for personal amusement as he statistically watches his victims suffer in sheer agony.
Da flamingos also possess a highly bloodthirsty mentality as he brutally punishes the gladiator for not shedding any blood for the spectators of his Coliseum fights and casually licks the blood from his gladiator victim off of his face.

He also believes in inherent cruelty in all human beings regardless of a
personality brought by the excitement of seeing blood and death.

So we have a maniacal criminal who will use any tactic to get what he wants and indulge himself in the blood and pain of his victims.

5. Sosuke Aizen(Bleach)

The former captain of the fifth division in hotel 13 himself. Aizen initially appeared to be a very kind, well-respected captain and was looked up to by many, especially his lieutenant mama Hina.

However, this was a mask to disguise his manipulative and dangerous nature.

Sure’s be told he cares very little for his underlings and is willing to use almost everyone around him as pawns to achieve his goals.

He is ready to stop at nothing to further his selfish ambitions, including manipulating or killing anyone if he deems necessary.

For amusement, he frequently toys with his underlings and controls his minions through quiet respect or fear. His true objective is to overthrow the king of soul society.

He once told a thirteen-division captain that no one has stood on the top of the world, not even the gods.

But he aspires to stand on the heavens and end the unbearable vacancy on the world’s throne.

Because of his superior attitude and high intelligence lesson, he is easily enraged when he faces something or someone he does not understand.

When witnessing Ichigo Kurosaki using Segundo getsuga tensho, Aizen becomes furious because he cannot comprehend how human has surpassed his power.

You can even say he has an arrogant and overconfident attitude while having a superiority complex believing that he is now above Shinigami x’s and hollows.

He is a corrupted soul, for he feels that no matter the circumstances or reason, he is fully convinced that he is better than anyone else.

4. Griffith/ Femto (Berserk)

The once aspiring leader wanted to be king. A buzzer tells the tragic tale of Griffiths’s transformation from glory into madness.

At the very beginning, Griffith aspires to own his Kingdom one day. Griffith eventually formed his own army from one trial to another and gained recognition from the highest authorities.

When his dear friend cuts leave him, Griffith breaks down into a depression leading to his downward spiral. He was behaving irrationally and even slept with a princess before wedlock, leading to his imprisonment and torture.

He had everything only to lose it all through his irresponsible behavior change. A shell of a man who wants to end his suffering Griffith turns to the ballot and summons God’s hand.

The four members offer Griffith everything he’s ever dreamed of power, loyalty, and a kingdom to call his own. All it would cost him to have his dream come true is just one thing the blood of his army.

An army he not only built himself but considered his family. He dared to sacrifice his men to obtain his personal goal. Oh, you bet he would like, one by one, his army to be slaughtered, diced, and eaten alive to complete his transformation as the fifth member of God’s hand Femto.

The only two survivors were his closest friends, guts and Casca, whom he had brutally raped out of spite.

Oh, you heard me right. He looked his best friend in the eye as he raped the one he loved. Out of spite, that is just way too cruel.

Now Griffith rules a land of demonic help full of demons and bloodshed, all because he just wanted to be keen.

3. Johann Leibert (Monster)

Do you want to know how evil he is? The title of the show monster refers to him.

On the surface, Johan is a well-mannered charismatic, and compassionate young man. It possesses many favorable traits and can easily overwhelm individuals with its seemingly flawless nature.

This makes it easy for him to make new allies and manipulate them into doing various deeds for him.

Calling him just a murderer would be a massive understatement with such skills in creating this facade of perfection and pureness.

Johan can hide his true motives with ease.

However, within this contrived exterior, Johan inhumanly delivers destruction and suffering to those who fall prey to his schemes.

Even before his tenure in Kenan High 511, Johan still exhibits psychopathic tendencies, as most of his murders in childhood and adulthood have been deliberate and calculated.

Johan tends to make his victims experience the worst possible loss and suffering rather than kill them himself. His victims would often kill themselves due to his torturous methods.

The man is cunning, ruthless, and remorseless.

Not even caring for what his actions bring to his victims, he claims that most of the universe is dead anyways and that to the universe, most lives are just a speck in the corner of the earth gone in a flash.

No one truly knows how he became this way.

There’s no doubt that Johann Liebert is genuinely an evil monster.

2. Frieza (Dragon Ball Z)

One of the most iconic villains in anime history. Frieza is just flat-out evil born into privilege and naturally talented with power.

Frieza is a terrifying force to reckon with without trying or lifting a finger.

Frieza can take complete control over any planet he sees and either enslave the residents or destroy their world. It’s not that hard for him.

I mean, see how he relishes the effortless destruction of planet Vegeta.

If his subjects are loyal to him, he’ll use them in whatever way he sees fitting, but if anyone crosses him even in the slightest.

He’ll not only take it out on their home planet, but we’ll make sure they suffer immensely before they die. On Namek, his only intention was to gather the Dragon Balls and wish for immortality.

But he made sure to treat the ramekins like they were his toys. So much suffering was done to these people that Lord Guru died of a broken heart.

He died from all his children suffering under the cruel hands of Frieza.

He’s overconfident when he fights, thinking no one is stronger than him. When he faces a strong opponent like Goku Frieza, he is quick to scream, whine and cheat to get his way.

Remember how Goku became Super Saiyan for the first time?

That only happened when Frieza killed Crillon right in front of his eyes. But Goku wanted to spare his life and leave him to think of his actions.

Frieza gets even more upset and dares to oppose Goku’s skis for troops.

Frieza is selfish, cruel, and ruthless. He’ll find a way to win even if he has to cheat or defy death.

Shortly after his defeat on Namek, his father and followers gathered the pieces of his body and saved him from death.

Naturally, what’s the one thing he wants to do with his new body attack earth before Goku gets there?

That’s how evil he is. Instead of waiting for a fair fight, he’s downright dirty enough to destroy Earth to get back at Goku.

He doesn’t play fair or bite any honor.

All he wants to see is how he can win and what he has to do to win while making numerous people suffer simultaneously.

Whether he uses his ability or cheats to win, Frieza is a self-entitled selfish remorseless

1. Tenzen Yakushiji Basilik

Anime is out of all the villains I’ve seen in anime, and this one is just amazingly evil.

You can’t believe what he does, .how he does it and how he behaves while doing his evil deeds.

Although Frieza and Johann have done horrific things in their shows, we believe this guy is undoubtedly the evilest villain in anime.

The major from healthy ultimate.

A former first lieutenant of the SS, the major was chosen by Adolf Hitler himself to execute a top-secret project under special order six-six-six.

Can we be eviler here?

This project was to perfect an artificial vampire ization process and create an unstoppable force of vampiric soldiers.

Does he control a ruthless army of nazi vampires?

Nazi vampires, yes, yes, he freaks in and dies.

The War ended before the fruits of his labours could be reaped. The major and his allies managed to escape Germany and keep their operations secret.

Fifty years later, the major intends to resurface and drive the entire world into War for the lace battalion at his command.

Between his absolute disregard for life, including his morbid love for warfare and extreme rhetoric, the major is one of the most ruthless villains in Helsing and an anime.

Is the funny trade in the series a complete obsession with War?

In his admission, he loves War in all aspects, even when he’s on the losing side or having his own life at risk, which provokes nothing but glee and excitement. Look at that arrogant smile. He is never without that smug grin.

Seriously he never found on the show look.

Seeing his people slaughter to death, he’s happy watching cities burn to the ground while millions of lies die at his bloody hands.

He’s happy.

What more do I need to say about this disturbingly malevolent being?

The major freely admits his evil while mocking the righteousness of his enemies.

Even when he interrupts the Queen’s meeting in volume 4, he openly mocks Integra and Maxwell’s beliefs while claiming that the millennium has no goals beyond wanton destruction and slaughter.

He’s moral insane and remorseless. While other villains have a goal in mind and want to prove something or do evil for self-indulgence, the major has no goal, nothing to prove, and it’s just flat-out hungry for War.

For no cause or reason, with nothing to gain and nothing to lose, the major will wage War just to hear the blood-curdling screams of his victims and even his allies.

A psychotic warmonger who wants to watch the world burn the major is undoubtedly the evilest villain in all anime.

My words cannot fully grasp how evil the major truly is.

I’ve only skinned the tip of the iceberg. I dare not spoil any more information – do you all remember last year’s top 10 list top 10 anime to watch on Halloween our number one choice was Helsing and Helsing ultimate for good reasons.

Celebrate Halloween with the epic man in red and the evilest character you will ever see in an anime. That wasn’t I going to compare the two shows and see which one is truly better.

Last Words

So these were the top Top 21 Evil Anime Characters Of All Time.

If you are thinking who is the most evil anime character thenTanzen Yakushiji Basilisk is the evilest anime character. If you haven’t watched Hellsing ultimate, then check that out.

And if you think I forgot any evil anime characters, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Make sure to tell us which anime character you find the evilest and tell us your reason for choosing it.

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