Top 10 Best Harem Anime With OP MC In 2022

In this article we will be going to cover Top 10 Best Harem Anime With OP MC that you must watch in 2022, there are some popular anime and some which you never heard of.


So let me know which one is our favorite out of these top 10, without wasting anymore time lets get started.

Harem Anime With OP MC 2022
Harem Anime With OP MC 2022

1. Absolute Duo

This anime name tells you exactly what it’s all about. There are these things called places that get manifested through the fabric of one’s soul. But not everyone can do this and those who can are students at a certain academy.


Now here’s where the plot kicks in the students have to pair up and form a bond that is strong enough to attain the power called absolute doer.


The main character named Tohru is one such guy who’s had a rough past.

He lost his sister as well as his friends. He’s a student at that very academy and he’s a bit different from the others.

How exactly well that’s something you have to find out yourself . Anyways this anime is quite Lee Shay so consider that before watching it otherwise you might get disappointed.

Harem Anime With OP MC 2022
Harem Anime With OP MC 2022

2. Val X love

Oh this anime been classified into a lot of genres but there is still one tag that seems to be missing and that’s hentai .

You see this anime is one of those that take a chi scenes to the next level.

So in a way you can call it a soft core hand side plus there are a lot of cute girls in it so probably worth watching.

The main character named ikutsu Takuma is one of those lonely high school boys that don’t like to interact with other people or rather they just don’t get an opportunity to do so.

But then an unprecedented request comes and he suddenly tasked with saving the world alongside 9 other beautiful girls and just like that his normal life is over and his days as a horan lead begin.

Harem Anime With OP MC 2022

3. Dai-Shougun: Great Revolution

So compared to the last two, this anime is a little difference.

In the sense that the horror element isn’t that strong so. If you’re looking for this harem edgy stuff that somehow still classifies as an anime this might not be the one for you although this is still a good anime.

WeatherWatch there’s a crisis faced by Japan because there’s some black ships. A giant ancient robot helps Japan in this crisis situation.

Now here’s where it gets interesting even though the outfits of the characters are all traditional and the story takes place in the late Ito period.

For those of you who don’t know what the Edo period is it’s kind of like an error that started in the early 17th century and ended in the 19th century.

Story takes place in the late Ito period yet there are still these robot like things that need a pilot to operate and the pilot has to be a virgin .

Yeah so you can probably guess what the enemies would try to do in order to stop the main character from ever riding that robot again.

Harem Anime With OP MC 2022
Harem Anime With OP MC 2022

4. Triage X (Best Harem Anime With OP MC )

Let’s try to explain this anime in one sentence guys. I’d probably say ten episodes of constant or PI and a few explosions or some set up pretty well.

But now the main character Arashi is a guy who lost all the things he held dear Mouse. He lost his family and even its best friend .

It all happened because of a terrorist attack but after meaning someone who understands what it’s like to lose everything.

He joins an organization whose goal it is to exterminate all these phenomenal terrorists.

But not just terrorists either this organization wants to annihilate all evil being a gangster on a legal weapon dealer Raven a politician if they’re evil they must die. The name of the organization is black a label.

They go around labeling people bad and then killing them.

As a Russia is part of this organization he works together with a few cute ladies and whenever they arrive on a mission oppai are almost certain to pop up.

Harem Anime With OP MC 2022

5. Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara (Best Harem Anime With OP MC)

Finally an anime that doesn’t use action to justify the popping up of oppai. Well it isn’t an edgy anime neither so you probably won’t find all that much of Pi here.

In this anime there are flags like if you somehow end up with a death flag you’ll die or if it’s a romance flag you’ll love in a way this is fate or luck.

If you could say that the main character SOTA hatate is someone who can see these flags above people’s head and if you can see them he also has the freedom to stop whatever they will do.

But he thinks that only bad things happen to people who choose to be around him so that’s why he likes to keep his distance from other people.

However he transfers to a new school and even saves someone who was about to die on his very first day.

A classmate notice in doing this and just like that Soto’s life as a horror protagonist begins. If you choose to watch it it’s a great anime.

The main characters overpowered in the sense that he has an uncanny ability. Also the comedy factor isn’t bad neither.

There are a lot of hilarious characters that make up for the absence of too much oppai .

Harem Anime With OP MC 2022

6. Kenzen Robo Daimidale

So this anime is about finding a penguin robot.

That’s not all there are also some more pie filled magazines. A mysterious species suddenly pops out on earth for unknown reasons they’re called the penguin Empire.

On the other hand there’s the anti penguin organization called beauty salon Prince.

I know the names of these organizations sounds ridiculous and the plot isn’t much of a stretch neither but hey the true strength of this anime is the main character.

Koishi man and boshy is an energetic high school student oh do anything for a pie or should I say he wants to live and breathe or buy inhale and exhale.

Wait wait that’s sounded weird I’ll stop sorry but remember one thing if you like a pie – then this anime is absolutely something that you can’t miss out on.

I mean why would anyone want to miss out on a pie it doesn’t make any sense maybe if you already got some but hey the more the merrier .

Harem Anime With OP MC 2022

7. Ulysses: Jehanne Darc

Eunice’s Jana D Ark this anime takes place in the 15th century.

There’s been a war going on between England and France for many years. The goal of the war is to decide who will be the next to take the French throne.

In the middle of all this there is a son of a noble who attends a prestigious school in order to study magic in alchemy suddenly.

The war takes a turn for the worst the main character loses everything and is now a wanted man.

He has a fair amount of knowledge about alchemy but as he’s on the run from his pursuers. He ends up in a village where he meets a girl and both of them get acquainted.

Anyways this anime is an epic mashup of all sorts of different animals so don’t watch it with the eyes of a critic you’ll end up finding everything that’s wrong with it and if you do that enjoying it would become a mirage.

It’s a good anime but not everyone will love it just because it’s a bit cliche but apart from that it’s worth a watch.

Harem Anime With OP MC 2022

8.Girly Air Force

A guy and a girl who are both childhood friends escaped from a Chinese terrorist organization.

The place they try to escape to is Japan and somehow they become successful in their escape. An aircraft helped them escape in one way or another.

The one who was piloting that aircraft like thing is a girl named Griffin .now let’s get back to the two friends who escaped one of them is Kay and the other one is Ming hua.

Kay develops a fascination for these aircrafts and he somehow gets recruited by the Japanese self-defense force to help Griffin in driving one. a couple of girls also join them later on and there you have it folks a light harem.

I think this anime is for those folks who are into military related stuffs baased games or just terrorism in general.

Wait that son anyways the animation is stunning and it really just makes everything come together and makes the entire series and anime look beautiful and flashy.

Harem Anime With OP MC 2022

9. Dragon Crisis

And being cut off by first place but still landing on second we got dragon crisis right so there’s this doll looking high school boy named Kizzy Rakhi Ruchi.

He’s living an average peaceful life but then one day his cousin returns who also happens to be a beauty by the way and everything changes. He and his cousin seized a relic box from someone.

It opens up and there’s a little dragon girl inside her name is rose.

Now that Ruchi and his cousin know that these guys would return to get the girl back. He tries whatever he can to save the little dragon girl .he also realized that he is saying level 10 breaker.

I know you wouldn’t understand what a level tone breaker means if you haven’t watched this anime yet .

Yeah just know that it means he’s pretty goddamn strong the real question is whether or not this anime is worth watching and I’d say it definitely is.

Not only is there a dragon lolly it’s also rare to see a highschool anime where the cousin of the main character returns from another country and immediately ends up in a messy situation.

we can think of it as a legal and harder if you catch my drift.

Harem Anime With OP MC 2022

10. Conception

Finally we got conception, this anime starts is quite interesting is the high school graduation ceremony which means that the students have just graduated from high school .

The main character Itsuki gets a sub wad subtle news . His cousin ma Haru tells him that she’s pregnant. I won’t tell you who’s the dad you’ll have to find out about that yourself.

However the moment she shares this news with her cousin a strange shining gate pops up and the two of them are transported into a different world.

This new world is called gran Vani and the impurities there have been causing chaos and disorder.

Now let’s get back to the main character who’s now in this new world.

He meets with the star maidens and his job is to produce star children and also fight the impurities. Yhat’s the only way he and his cousin can return home. He has no choice but to do the job he’s given.

However even though the anime is about a guy who has to sleep with a bunch of girls . The fanservice might not be what you’re expecting it is rated PG after all there.

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