List Of Every Upcoming Isekai Anime In 2022

Isekai Anime, Isekai Anime In 2022, Best Isekai Anime , Best Isekai Anime In 2022. In this article i will be going to cover every iskeai anime that i going to fet released in 2022.


here’s every upcoming isekai anime you got like  a hundred in 2022, so go ahead in the Isekai   smash that thumbs up the non Isekai article next  time but don’t worry you have some juicy anime   sequels this time.


So without wasting anymore time lets get going.

List Of Every Upcoming Isekai Anime In 2022
Best Isekai Anime In 2022

Overlord Season 4 (one of the best Isekai anime in 2022)

Overlord season 4 how appropriate overlord season 4 news just dropped. the great bone daddy returns  hopefully this time it won’t be this big as cg fest.


some of you know i’m a fan of overlord the  light novel that is because honestly i did enjoy the first season of overlord but then the second  and third season just does not do the series 

which is actually why i’ve more been enjoying the overlord cast over in isekai quartet , i think at this point i’m just subtly for watching  some of my favorite scenes hopefully making it  into the anime can overlord season 4 do more than  that.

so let me know are you hyped for overlord  especially if you have read the light novels maybe   i’ll do a article on this when it comes out.

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List Of Every Upcoming Isekai Anime In 2022

Slime Tensei Tensura Movie

the slimy side guy aka the movie you definitely know  how much i just freaking loved the slimy Isekai series just like you heard me predict recently  a lot of anime are going to the big leagues and getting their own movie release.

so i’m hoping this  is going to get better animation i do feel that’s really one of the only things Tensura is lacking  just to give it that extra push.

for me it is really no surprise Tensura is massive in japan  and especially popular among females my butt is 
going to be in theaters on day one let me know  if you’re hyped too.

Shield Hero Season 2 ( Best Isekai Anime In 2022 )

the shield heroes season 2 originally i was beyond shocked shield hero even  got a sequel announcement, since season 1 kinda had this anime original ending not to mention  shield hero is not at all popular here in japan. 

thankfully thanks to crunchyroll and perhaps even  thanks to that freaking bs controversy shield hero exploded in popularity, i don’t know about  you but i just want to see more Raphtalia.

season 1 cut out so much of best girl or gave her scenes  to someone else at the very least shield hero has earned a seat in Isekai Quartet in the meantime.  

so definitely let me know are you hyped or do you just not care what do you think.

List Of Every Upcoming Isekai Anime In 2022

Goblin Slayer Season 2

the goblin slayer season two okay not an aside guy  but a fantasy anime it’s a really controversy the  anime you might recall my video on this series i  wasn’t too bombastic about it but at the same time   i didn’t think this needed to be cancelled.

which  is why i was later surprised to even got that   theater special which didn’t at all tease a sequel  if i recall.

I’m not really hyped for this but i  will be watching this are you hungry for more  goblin slayer i do recall my favorite character   from this easily being that elf girl. please more  of her i mean the figure they made for her was  really kick ass.

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List Of Every Upcoming Isekai Anime In 2022
Best Isekai Anime In 2022

Bookworm Isekai Season 3

the Bookworm isekai season three  so mine enter craving for books returned. feels  like this is guy isn’t talked about too much but  it is extremely popular for the hardcore fanbase .

not to mention this is another light novel with  Isekai series that’s actually getting a third  season in such a short time period that itself  is an accomplishment mine truly got a blessing  but for the season 2 oh hell yes.

List Of Every Upcoming Isekai Anime In 2022
Best Isekai Anime In 2022

Bofuri Season 2

overpowered maple returns you might have recalled me freaking loving  the first season and it really only helped it was coming from Silver Link studio with  some unexpectedly great animation pieces.

i don’t know about you but i’m ready for round two i’m  only a little sad to hear that the app game for this actually recently closed even the op maple  couldn’t stop that.

List Of Every Upcoming Isekai Anime In 2022
Best Isekai Anime In 2022

Princess Connect Season 2

talking about games princess connects season 2.

this was actually directed  by the same guy that made konosuba i would bet you like 100 rice balls they told the director  do that over here and can you blame them it worked extremely well.

the only huge negative for me was  that potato of a main character please season 2 put him in the backside or get rid of him.

I’m  really just watching for all the cute girls i mean they’re so enjoyable i’ve been so close to pulling  the trigger and getting one of their figures, i’m looking at the cat girl i don’t know about you .

List Of Every Upcoming Isekai Anime In 2022
Best Isekai Anime In 2022

Mushoku Tensei Eris

Mushoku Tensei unfortunately not season 2 yet so i’m kind of cheating a little bit unfortunately  the anime has skipped over eris’s own goblin slayer adventure.

in fact the anime sliced out  huge chunks for Eris and her character being fleshed out along with the world building that  came with it.

hopefully this brings some of that back for anime only people i’m also hoping that  Mushoku Tensei season 2 gets announced in a few days from now, if it does go ahead and sound  down below.

Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2

the devil is a part-timer season 2. this along with bleach really does prove the anime  miracles can’t happen original fans will notice a character design change and a change in animation  but really i don’t mind.

if you haven’t seen this a reverse Isekai yet definitely check it out you  got the demon lord coming over to our world and working at mcdonald’s i’m really just extremely  curious to find out whether they’re going to be adapting more of it.

let’s just say light normal  readers are super salty over future events and after being spoiled i can’t say i don’t understandyou might even get this quintessential quintuplet vibe.

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Made In Abyss Season 2

made in a best season too not an Isekai but a  fantasy anime of course not too long ago you did get the made in abyss movie which felt more like  a rest stop than actually diving further into this mystery.

yet again this is another anime  series that i’m surprised as getting a season 2 not because it’s not good not because it’s  not popular but since i am a manga reader.

in case you didn’t know the manga gets a new chapter like  at a snail space like the one piece manga might end before this reaches its end and do you want  to feel old did someone say avengers. Made in abyss season 1 was in 2012 it’s gonna be a decade.

Misfit of Demon Academy Season 2

the misfit of the demon king academy season 2. so yes the one punch man of fantasy anime returned.  

technically not isekai but something like a time leap once again you’re gonna hear me being  surprised that this is getting a season two. 

two juicy cores since you may recall that the  anime was rushing to conclude the story in the second half of the first season i’m really just  wondering how much more of the story is there to tell.

i will just point out that the main character  voice actor did get changed since that dude got outed for cheating on his wife lisa so hug him  unfortunately as a massive lisa fan this has sadly tainted season one for me by the way. let’s see if  season two can deliver.

Saga of Tanya the Evil season 2

tanya the terrible season two i’m sorry tanya but your series is definitely  at the bottom for the Isekai quartet cast.

up until now she’s been in that anime and the movie but no  season 2 announcement until recently i don’t know about you but i’ve been really curious to just  jump into the light novel.

since the anime doesn’t really show you how the cuckoo and demented tanya  truly is while doing research for this i also just found out that tanya does have her own’s still running by the way.

Danmachi Season 4

Danmachi season 4 another Isekai but fantasy anime i’m really  curious to see how you’ve been enjoying the anime because for me so far there’s been ups and downs.

some arcs are better than others but i do feel the anime is cutting out so much of the world and lore.  I’m not a light novel reader so i’m really just curious to see where the story goes .

List Of Every Upcoming Isekai Anime In 2022
Best Isekai Anime In 2022

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear season 2

Kuma kuma kuma bear season 2.

i think a lot of you missed this to Isekai anime especially the  season 2 announcement for me going in i had no expectations but i really ended up loving season  i really had this buffet vibe and it actually even got me reading the japanese light novel.

As  long as you get more of what you got in season 1 i’m gonna be pretty happy.

List Of Every Upcoming Isekai Anime In 2022
Best Isekai Anime In 2022

By the Grace of Gods Season 2

by the grace of the god  season 2.

i wonder how many of you even saw this one you got this character they got a sec guy that  actually gets control of some slimes and starts his own washing company.

not gonna lie i almost  fell asleep watching this is anyone hyped for this i’m extremely curious.

Spirit Chronicles Season 2

spirit chronicles season  two this is a sec anime from this year that felt super generic you even have this kirito look alike  season 1 almost ended with this middle finger to the audience that they were clearly setting up  stuff for season 2 but it just ended.

for whatever reason there was a delay between the end of season  1 and the sequel announcement on the positive note it actually did leave me with some hope by the end  of the story.

so i actually am curious to see where they take the story.

Tsukimichi Season 2

tsukimichi season 2 whether  fairly or unfairly the start of this felt like a budget Slime Isekai.

it clearly didn’t help that  you were getting so much slime then said this year something i did love about this was despite there  being this obvious harem you do have the two main girls actually having something going for them  besides gushing over the main character.

i wasn’t expecting a season 2 i’m not terribly hyped for it  but i will check it out how about you.

List Of Every Upcoming Isekai Anime In 2022
Best Isekai Anime In 2022

Isekai Quartet Movie

the Isekai quartet movie you’re just printing cash with this  if anything the only thing i’m shocked about is that it didn’t get released this year come on  what’s keeping this.

it’s not like you have some super high quality gauntlet animation for it  for something fun how about placing some bands which new second anime do you want joining the  cast maybe someone from tensura, Rudy maple you know that at the very least someone is going to  be making a cameo.

the villainous Isekai movie so yet another isekai anime or anime in general  getting that level up on the big screen which really just means no one is safe from Katarina how  huge can her heroine expand into the cherry on top is silverlink returning.

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Arifureta Season 2

Arifureta season two so  season one for this was a big oof it got delayed and then when an ultimately came out season one  was horribly abridged and they just butchered the hell out of the source material.

so will season two  be any better i don’t think they could do worse i’m not shocked about this getting a sequel but  i am shocked about the horrible adaptation given that the light novel is pretty popular in japan.  

just notice there is a slight change in the studio and change in director too so i think that’s a  good sign again you can’t do worse than before can you.

Best Isekai Anime In 2022

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kingdom season 2

how a realist rebuilt an asian season  so go ahead and be brutally honest about this because i will season one so far has been terribly  dull.

i think for me it peaked on that food episode from light number source reader buddies i have  heard that the anime horribly rushed season so hopefully season 2 slows down a bit.  

Genuis Prince’s Guide

the genius princess guide to raising a nation out of debt wait didn’t i just talk about this already  it feels like almost the identical concept one of them being a sad guy this one being a fantasy in  the same anime season too.

so here’s placing money that one of these is going to be overshadowed  maybe even both of them will.

Best Isekai Anime In 2022

Strongest Sage Isekai

the strongest sage of disqualified crest so you got the main character  being reborn as the son of this duke family the guy who ultimately wants to restore magic  and swordsmanship to this fantasy area.

the main character himself is ranked at the bottom  but may secretly be overpowered let me just clarify this is technically not a sad guy but  the guy being reborn into the feature same world.

honestly the trailer screams generic is that guy  and jc staff isn’t doing it any favors.

Best Isekai Anime In 2022

World of leadale

world of lido so get this you have this main character  that’s been on life support and her only freedom has actually been diving into this mmorpg world  eventually she perishes due to her illness but thankfully she wakes up is that guy 200 years  into the future in that game world.

so overlord anyone although for me i got this immediate sao  vibe for poor Yuuki i don’t know if you’re into these type of stories but i am bring it on.

Best Isekai Anime In 2022

Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to

fantasy be shojo you got two characters summoned into this other world the twist here is that one of the  characters is now turned into this beautiful girl. 

did someone say tanya so now the guy actually has  to go with the best friend and defeat the demon king to get his original body back i don’t know  dude at this point just give up and accept that you’re this kawaii girl.

this is a comedy and just  by the premise i’m already looking forward to it.

Best Isekai Anime In 2022

Reborn as Sword Isekai

the sword Isekai oh you want to be a psychiatrist  and be overpowered fine but you get to be a torah. 

so right off the bat you have the slave cat girl a  lonely plus a sword oh yes sign me right up all i need right now is a french anime where is that.

Isekai Harem

the  isekai harem for a quick explanation just imagine he showed hiro but instead the main character  bangs all of his female party members and the light novel isn’t even apologetic about it.

 in fact the first female party member the doggy girl actually gives you this anime Raphtalia vibe  did someone say controversy again i just guarantee you guys will be enjoying their solo time watching  this anime with one hand.

Best Isekai Anime In 2022

Skeleton Knight in Another World

the skeleton knight in another world hey Ainz is that you did you get  lost so the twist on this Isekai adventure is what you’re already thinking this guy is reborn as his  skeleton knight.

he’s got powerful weapons powerful armors skills i mean this guy even finds himself  in a game world really the only notable thing i can mention about this is that the anime may  potentially be extremely bloody.

Best Isekai Anime In 2022

Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life

tensor kenja not Isekai alive you got this main character working  for a black company that summoned over. right away he becomes his monster tamer masters magic  becomes a sage and really gets overpowered. 

another isekaopower fantasy check.

Best Isekai Anime In 2022

Uncle from Another World

the  uncle isekai so get this you have this old dude that actually got a sad guy while being in a coma  only to actually go back to his original world 17 years later.

the extra flavor on this reverse  Isekai is that he actually kept all the powers he gained on the other side.

so now you have  this powerful dude that also has to adapt to new things like smartphones internet and those things  combine all these elements with it being a comedy i’m looking forward to this.

SAO Progressive Movie 2

the sao progressive  movie the second one you know i’m a hardcore sao fan and i freaking loved this year’s first movie.  

i’m really only getting scared that they’re already jumping to the fifth floor next year i  was looking forward to yearly sao floor by floor.

I mean just look at the box office this has already  made several times what the last movie did it’s not like there’s a ton of SAO content out there  from the source material but we’ll see how this turns out i’ll be there on day one on weekend one  multiple times.

hopefully i can watch this a month and a half early again so go ahead and comment  below which anime has you hyped represent

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