(Latest) 50 Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022

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In this article we will be going to cover 10 Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc that you must watch in 2022.


Due to the massive popularity that isekai has gained over the recent years, there has been a boom in amazing shows. that although they use the same concepts still manage to feel unique and fresh in some sense.


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In this list I have provided the latest season of some popular isakai anime.

Today we will be listing out the 50 amazing isakai animes both new and old.

Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022

46. The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat

Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022

The world’s finest assassin gets reincarnated in another world as an aristocrat.

During his time on earth he was regarded as the best assassin and completed anything assigned to him perfectly. although in his line of work people switched sides fast and he experienced that firsthand.

After he died the goddess brought him back for only one goal, to kill the hero who will eventually be the reason the world is destroyed. with his otherworldly knowledge he assembles everything he needs and sets out to accomplish the goal given to him.

This anime is fairly new at the time of uploading this and is still currently airing, so if you want a new anime to keep up with then this is one you should check out.

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45. Meikyuu Black Company

Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022

Kinji like his name suggests is a person with so much money yet never worked a day in his life.

That is until he enters a portal transporting him into another world.

He expects to be given broken abilities and the ability to conquer the world but when he gets there it is his worst nightmare.

Working he gets put into a black company and for those who don’t know what this is in essence it’s an exploitive sweatshop type employment system and it’s a huge problem in japan.

Kinji has to either climb out of the hell that is the black company or essentially die.

This anime is a great combination of isakai comedy and cute waifus, if you want a funny izakaya anime like kono suba then give this one a watch.

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44. Cautious Hero

Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022

The cautious hero after being summoned into another world by the goddess, seiya is given the power needed to save the world from destruction.

Unlike other people who would be drunk on his newfound power sea does the exact opposite. he takes every situation and every encounter with the upmost caution even if he can literally blast everything to dust.

And although silly it is it may be the exact trait needed to save the world from its destined end.

This anime seems like a comedy similar to konosuba and the aforementioned black company and while that is true the tone of the whole show shifts from a light-hearted comedy to a very serious and dark tone.

And it makes the show much more enjoyable to watch because there are more plot twists and turns that you may not expect if you haven’t seen it then you should check it out.

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43. Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?

Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022

In a world where the battle between hero and demon lord repeated itself time and time again an enormous space-time spell misfired and hit a certain japanese high school class on earth.

Killing every person in its wake guided what seems to be a miracle a handful of students are fortunate enough to be reincarnated into another world as nobles princes and other kind of people with prestigious backgrounds.

However some are not so lucky as one girl is reborn as a spider of the weakest kind. right after her rebirth she experienced the hardships of her dire situation even so she must press on to survive the numerous threat that endanger her life.

Kumo disco is extremely unique yet not at the same time the way the story is told is very similar to all your other isekai’s but the major difference is she’s not in the body of a human, which changes the whole dynamic of the anime.

As suddenly humans are now one of the many enemies she has to defeat while i may seem like i’m bashing on the anime it’s actually the complete opposite.

The way the show can take the premise of something so overused and makes it interesting again is refreshing and hard.

This anime is very similar to slime in that matter however less focused on the civilization portion and more focused on evolution.

42. 6. Saga Of Tanya The Evil

Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022

The saga of tanya the evil.

Tanya is a young soldier who is infamous for her ruthlessness, earning her the nickname the devil of the rhine.

Behind her seemingly harmless appearance lies the soul of a man who challenged being ex the self-proclaimed god. not so happy about his lack of faith he sends him to another world where he can do nothing but rely on faith to help him survive.

Hell bent on defiance tanya decides to ascend the ranks of her country’s military as it slowly plunges into a world war.

With being x proving to be the strongest obstacle in recreating the peaceful life he once knew.

What makes the anime so interesting is that tanya is clearly ruthless and a horrible human being, but her results are due to her ambition to live out a comfortable life by following the rules to a dogmatic degree and being contempt.

It really puts into question what is morally correct and for what reason and the anime does a good job of dissecting that.

So if you want a cute lolly blowing things up killing people flying through the sky then this is a great show to watch.

41. Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?

Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022
Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022- Isekai harem anime with op mc

Do you love your mom and her two hit multi-target attacks. teenage boy who loves playing video games and is consistently bothered by the fact that his mom keeps bothering him.

Even if most of the time she is doing so out of good will but everything changed when the fire nation attacked i mean when he got isekai’d with his mom.

What now as an avid gamer he tries to show off as one does but of course his mom just has to one-up him because of her stupid strong stats. each episode consists of funny antics not only between mother and son but also others that join their party.

This anime is a great comedy isakai with a solid amount of fan service because it is pochisensei and of course they will be fanservice. so if you want to kill some time with some laughs then check out this anime.

40. Kemono Michi : Rise Up

Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022
Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022

We follow the pro wrestler ginzo and despite his tough outward appearance he has a really soft spot for animals.

While in the middle of a match he gets summoned by a princess whose kingdom is in danger of being eradicated by a monster infestation, the normal typical oh save the world trope.

See ginza was not your normal hero and so instead of accepting he decides to knock her out with a german suplex.

He escapes and lives a life as a beast hunter in an attempt to befriend creatures all over this unknown world, all in the pursuit of achieving his ultimate dream owning a pet shop.

This anime is a little different from your normal izakaya anime as you can tell from the beginning.

The different approach is refreshing even if the core concept and themes are the same as other isekai animes you might have seen. if you want a wacky funny anime to watch then this is one you should check out.

39. Log horizon

Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022
Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022

The massive mmorpg elder tale is supposedly getting a huge update and everyone is super excited for that.

That is until the players realize that the logout button isn’t where it normally is this causes massive panic and the players now have to live in a world that is familiar yet very different from the one that they knew.

We follow shiroi a long time player of the game and although he’s very shocked about the situation he sets out to learn if the world he’s put in now is any different from the one he knew before.

This anime may seem like your normal stuck in a game type of anime and although its core premise is similar to others, its storytelling is so different from other animes with a similar premise.

While other anime focus on a one overpowered character as they exploit their past knowledge because they were a beta tester or something.

Like horizon expands on more of the politics and what would actually happen in such a new and lawless world.

Each supporting character is well developed and the character design never fails to be memorable, if you love mmos or jrpgs then this anime is one you need to watch.

38. The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022
Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022

the rising of the shield hero is your normal japanese citizen. that is until he picks up a strange looking book that brings him into a far away land.

He is not alone in his experience though as three other people are just as confused as he is although all from different worlds.

The group is branded as heroes and is given weapons befitting their title unfortunately for now for me the weapon he was bestowed was a shield.

And for some reason the people in his party haven’t played a single rpg game because they don’t know how important a tank is so they think he’s useless since he does no damage.

But he is given one saving grace which is his only ally the king’s granddaughter who just like the king stabs him in the back all in the name of achieving her goals.

Now for me is now left all alone and will get back to the people who wronged him the only way he knows how. this anime is very good to watch if you want to see people get what they deserve.

Although naofumi is depicted as weak that is far from the truth as a shield can do little without a sword and so as the story progresses we watch as now who may sharpen his sword and get his revenge

37. Mushoku Tensei

Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022
Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022

mushoku tensei.

34 year old shuddin finds himself in another world as rudis grey.

Starting life again is a baby born to two loving parents with a mind way above his physical age his comprehension of the world shocks everyone around him and he starts to display magical talent that nobody was expecting.

Even though he excels in magic he also trains his body with his father as he spars every now and then with rutus.

With the opportunity to redo his life he tries to make the most of his new opportunity while overcoming his traumatic past.

The storytelling in this anime is really good and rutus actually feels like a person who is way older than he should be rather than just some op character.

That is perfect at everything because he just is he gives us inner monologues and makes it feel as though there is a person other than the character talking.

Not only that but the animation is so clean and smooth if you haven’t seen this one already then it is a great show to watch.

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36. Shining Tears X Wind

Isekai with overpowered mc
Isekai with overpowered mc

This might be the very first Anime ever to show the concept of pulling the sword from inside of someone as a concept that later Anime Used in their tropes. 

This series is based on a game with the same title, so Don’t go expecting so much from the Show.

And the fact that it’s pretty old school. However, when it comes to a sense of adventure, dread, and the fate of The world they’re in is in jeopardy. 

This Show does a great job of portraying those aspects that any successful isikai needs.

35. Seirei Gensouki

Isekai with overpowered mc
Isekai with overpowered mc

Well, he did get the girl all right after interrupting her ritual to form a pact with a spirit and taking her off for Concentration, nature became bound to Him instead, and this was the first time that a heart became attached to a man.

So now he’s being sent off to the school Where he’s taught to use his newfound abilities to abort all girls school.

For reasons I’ve already explained, as well as to monitor him and find out What’s unique about him for such a The anomaly is to take place.

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34. Log horizon 

Isekai anime with op mc magic
Isekai anime with op mc magic

So what is it about it?

It happens without prior notice; around 30 000 Japanese gamers end up in a Popular RPG named elder tale. 

After the game’s latest update, they have No way of logging out as they’re stuck In the game. 

Among them is a college student named Shiroi; he analyzes the situation calmly since he is a game veteran; now, when it comes to Anime like this, there are three types of fans. 

Those who prefer sword art Online over log horizon, those who prefer Log horizon over sword art online and those who know that both Anime Shouldn’t be compared. 

And yes, this third type prefers log horizon over sword Art online. 

You may also enjoy it more than Sao, and considering how the third Season is finally on its way, now would be the best time to watch this finally Anime if you haven’t already.

33. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Isekai anime with op mc magic
Isekai anime with op mc magic

This series is about the wrong things that can happen in an isakai and how it can be a Traumatic experience for others. 

Instead, then an upbeat mood as they always use In isekai, this Show is more about the Bad things. 

And the what-if scenario of How things went so wrong so fast to the Point those people that got isekai lost One of them. 

It has a very realistic kind Of view of the circumstances they’re

Flung into and how they’ll try to find a way to survive in this world.

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32. The 8th Son? Are you kidding me?

Isekai anime with op mc magic
Isekai anime with op mc magic

After waking up in a brand new unknown world to him, the main character Shingo Realizes that he has got the body of a six-year-old.

The 25-year-old retains the memories of his work life at an investment firm.

Shingo learns that the person’s body he is in now is none other than Wendell and von beno Baumeister. 

A poor noble family’s 8th and youngest son lives on the outskirts of the countryside.

After waking up to this highly bizarre situation, Shinko akawindalin strives to change his family’s financial and social status for the better as he begins working on his most challenging.

His newly discovered affinity with magical abilities is just what he might need to help him out here.

31. Cop craft 

In this world, a portal opened and linked our earth with the world of elves, orcs, fairies and many more mythical creatures that we only heard of in stories and folk tales. 

At first, the humans were at war with those beings, but later on, they became used to their presence and became part of society. 

However, with this came lots of crime that typical methods didn’t work against anymore; that’s why a special force was created, and our mc is one of those special forces.

That is fighting supernatural crime with the help of the beautiful Elvis’s assistant and partner. 

And I’m not going to say that name of hers since it’s too goddamn long. It’ll take two episodes to finish it.

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30. Ascendance of a Bookworm

Isekai anime with op mc magic
Isekai anime with op mc magic

Knowledge is power, and in this Show, it’s the most accurate thing. 

After this bookworm, the main character is transported to a new world with magic all around her, and books are more of a commodity. 

Her knowledge will prove crucial in helping everyone around her and guiding them in this medieval esk of the world they live in.

29. World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman

Isekai romance anime with op mc
Isekai romance anime with op mc

How awkward would it be if you liked someone and were attracted to him only to find later that you were siblings in your previous life? 

In this Anime, the emcee in his two previous lives was an assertive person and learned how to tap into that potential and power.

However, we aren’t here to talk about how strong the mc is. We’re here to talk about his incestuous kind of love interests. 

Well, it was in a previous life anyway, so it shouldn’t be that much of a problem, right? 

It’s not like memories from that said life will be coming flooding back. 

This mc has a cool harem to protect and guard against the enemies putting his life on the line. 

Who knows, maybe he’ll receive some hot confession, or even one of the girls puts out for him.

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28. The Ones Within

isekai anime with op mc magic
Isekai anime with op mc magic

Such an irony for a prominent and famous streamer who thrives on people’s views, how he plays games to become the actual game. 

This happened to Akatsuki I ride after playing the infamous game within the genome. 

As he is transported into the game, he finds many other famous game streamers like him. 

Each with its gaming speciality and style. 

In a way, the situation they’re in is like seeing a horror movie, except at this time, they will work together rather than kill each other to survive and collect 100 million views.

This series’ concept of being stuck in a game is like so but can’t be any further than it. 

With players using their skills and wits while exploring each of their dark, gloomy pasts.

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27. Drifters 

The Shimazu clan warriors are known for being stubborn bastards that don’t know how to die. 

Even if you impale them with tens of spears, their fighting spirit carries on through the pain with blood and sweat and shatters everyone that dares stand in its way. 

This Shimazu is no exception to the rule.

toyohisa is a proud samurai warrior that honours his clan even in death. 

He’s relentless and doesn’t stop fighting ever, and why would he really when it’s the only thing he knows how to do? 

He listens to no one and answers to no authority, a total badass.

26. The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar

Isekai Harem Anime With Op MC 2022
Isekai Harem Anime With Op MC 2022

After wanting to test out an urban legend about the shrine in his village this foolish mc takes a photo of himself with next to the shrine divine mirror.

He gets whisked off to another world with his solar powered phone.

And from the looks of it it seems like a world heavily influenced by the norse mythology.

He’s then taken in by the wolf clan and cared for by them so the only thing left for him to return the favor for them by expanding their area of rule and territory.

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25. Arata: The Legend

Isekai romance anime with op mc
Isekai romance anime with op mc

The old classical switcheroo is back in action.

There’s two characters in this show with the same name but from different dimensions and time periods.

However when did that ever stand in the way of anime somehow they always have an abundance of magical portals that pop from out of nowhere.

Okay so concentrate with me guys, since both main characters are called erata to avoid any confusion. arata is a young energetic boy that was claimed by his grandmother at birth to be a girl but still raised as a boy nonetheless.

He belongs to a special clan and this clan protects the princesses and provides order to the world one problem though this princess is killed and he’s framed for it.

While he escapes he switches places with modern-day erata and now arata from modern day is able to wield godly weapons and has immense power at its disposal.

The anime is all about the adventures and where it will take erota.

It’s one of those anime where the journey is more important than the goal.

24. Mausama Retry

Isekai romance anime with op mc
Isekai romance anime with op mc

Mausama Retry was the creator of a video game.

Now the demon lord in his own created rpg but the catch is even though he’s in his demon lord sprite that he created the people.

He meets and eventually saves are unfamiliar to him in the slightest.

Aku the girl he saves from being killed by a demon becomes his trustworthy guide in this foreign world that he can barely even recognize.

Hey he’s got a kick-ass look with a tall black coat.

What could be more badass than that.

Oh and he’s too damn overpowered his presence and pressure on his own is more than enough to cause worlds to crumble.

23. Outbreak Company

Isekai romance anime with op mc
Isekai romance anime with op mc

This mc might not be the strongest or the smartest but he is definitely the weebest of them all.

He’s such a veteran when it comes to the japanese culture and otaku stuff that the government kidnapped him and sent him to a foreign world with one mission in mind spread the otaku and japanese culture to the foreign world he’s in.

As a veteran weeb finding himself in a world of fantasy magic and dragons felt like home.

And it was so easy for him to adjust there and begin his mission with all of the japanese government backing him.

He has nothing to worry about well except for that spoiled brat they call queen.

22. Btooom

Isekai Harem Anime With Op MC 2022
Isekai Harem Anime With Op MC 2022

Speaking of Btooom this death game was more like an introduction to battle royale games before they were even a thing.

Just like fortnite and pubg the players find themselves inexplicably on an island stranded with gemstones carved into their hands.

The aim of the game is simple everyone that can gather seven gems is free to leave the island.

Simple right well not so much since the only way to do so is to kill the person that owns that gym and add it to your account.

So technically speaking every person will have to kill seven other players to gain freedom from this horrid island.

The survival game is actually modeled based on the video game batum with the same name and the mc is also conveniently the reigning champion.

So when he realized he is now a real player in the game with his life and many others on the line.

He kicked his survival and gamer instincts into overdrive and traverse the island like a pro gaining allies and beating foes that stand in his way.

21. Five My Next Life As A Villainous

Isekai romance anime with op mc
Isekai romance anime with op mc

now when it comes to getting reincarnated in this game world we’re expecting to assume the role of the strongestcharacter there is.

The main antagonist makes one of the best choices there are.

But when the game is centered to make the bad guy bite the dust no matter what cheat code’s in place.

Is this even a fair game anymore?

However with katarina clay’s being the literal master of the game called fortune lover.

She must be cautious to stall the impending doom that awaits her.

With all the characters in the mix and katarina being as prudent as cautious as one can get.

This is hilarious unique and enjoyable to the very core.

With a new season on its way soon the very next month to be exact.

20. Mondaiji Tachi Ga Isekai Kara

Isekai anime with op mc reincarnated
Isekai anime with op mc reincarnated

Sodesuyo here we go with one of those long japanese titles.

Only that this time the english title is even longer. problem children are coming from another worldaren’t they.

Yeah that’s a whole sentence and a question this fantasy anime is quite short with just 10 episodes and it’s got a bit of action in comedy.

The story revolves around three teenagers with psychic powers who are transported to a new world after receiving an envelope.

In this new world known as little garden a deadly game is going on and they decide to help a man known as kuwasagi reclaim his land from the demon lord.

19. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Isekai anime with op mc reincarnated
Isekai anime with op mc reincarnated

This is somewhat of a cliche story.

The girl is caught up in a weird ritual with her power awakening as wings and her feathers dispersing into countless dimensional pockets.

With each feather a piece of her memory the priest of the kingdom urges the princess and her childhood friend sayoran to visit the dimensional witch.

Saying that she has the power to allow them to jump through dimensions. when they reach her home they find two others asking about the same thing.

A swordsman by the name of Kurogane and a mage named phi she grants them the power to travel through dimensions but at a cost in order to give them that power.

Sioran has to forfeit all his memories of sakura and his time with her.

Meaning that even if she regains her memories he will still remain a total stranger to her.

But this is more like a side quest with each dimension they visit adversity follows and they have to help the people there whether it is to kill demons or overthrow an evil ruler.

This anime is all about the journey not the goal behind it.

18. Log Horizon

Isekai anime with op mc reincarnated
Isekai anime with op mc reincarnated

After being stuck in his favorite game with no way to leave or log out, the mc has to ensure that the virtual world he is in with many other players is as hospitable as possible and will allow for their survival.

He enforces the laws and tries to dismantle any fights or disputes.

In hopes of preserving what is left of the peace in that world, they call home now.

They have to defend their city and preserve it from threats internally and externally.

This anime is so similar to sword art online in most of its aspects, but where sao fails, log horizon thrives.

17. Saga Of Tanya The Evil

Isekai anime with op mc reincarnated
Isekai anime with op mc reincarnated

When a man challenges god, he reincarnates as a little girl in a world stricken with war.

Tanya degu richoff is that little girl, and now she has made a name for herself.

Her reputation precedes her, and her enemies fear her tactics and brutality.

In her helplessness as a little girl, tanya decides to use her brutal war skills to climb the military ranks while helping her nation become the world’s mightiest empire, all in a bid to defy god.

16. Skeleton Knight in Another World

Isekai anime with op mc reincarnated
Isekai anime with op mc reincarnated

Like a typical anime, one day, while playing a game, our main character falls asleep and finds himself in his favorite video game with a skeleton face. 

But instead of getting shocked by this, all he was having was fun because he had all the powerful equipment he had collected while playing the game. 

And now I’m thinking what he must have done with his body if he had a female avatar.

He later decides to live a peaceful life until he meets with an elven warrior who introduces him to a life of adventure and how he can save others’ lives by doing this.

15. The land of lydal

Isekai anime with op mc reincarnated
Isekai anime with op mc reincarnated

Imagine a life where you can’t do anything except eat medicine, but one day, you get isekai to another world where you are the strongest person and can do whatever you want. 

The same thing happens with our main character; she gets izakaya into a game he used to play.

In this world, according to a legend, seven kingdoms used to fight with each other, and due to this, the human race was about to be destroyed.

But one day, a god appeared and selected seven leaders from all seven kingdoms.

These leaders worked hard and created only three kingdoms instead of seven. 

And now, kana finds that the worries of her old life appear to be a thing of the past. 

But somehow, this new land doesn’t seem quite the leader she remembers.

14. Overlord IV

Isekai Harem Anime With Op MC 2022
Isekai Harem Anime With Op MC 2022

How can we miss this fantastic isakai anime released in 2015, and its season 4 is about to come next month?

Overlord follows the adventures of mamonga, a powerful wizard in a popular MMORPG game who spends the last few hours before the servers are closed with his guild. 

However, time passes, and he realizes he is still conscious of the game and that his guild members have personalities.

mamonga and his loyal servants embark on a journey to discover the world’s mysteries, and potentially other players tramped like himself.

It tells the story of the holy kingdom of roble seeking help from ainsle gown to fight against the forces of the dark kaiser.

The holy kingdom of rebels, known as the holy kingdom itself, is a country inhabited by the human race.

Where a large wall surrounds the kingdom to protect against attacks from outside.

So that in the fourth season, we will see a big battle between the human troops from the holy kingdom of roble, who will cooperate with the undead troops led by ainsle gown.

Against the demi-human troops led by dark emperor zhaldebot.

 13. Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

Isekai Harem Anime With Op MC 2022
Isekai Harem Anime With Op MC 2022

For those that don’t know, let me tell you this isakai anime includes the harem genre because you know harems are a classic staple of the izakaya genre and ari feretta is a great example.

Arifureta follows Hajime Nagumo, who, along with his class, is summoned to a fantasy world. 

Unlike the others, though, he’s not given any efficient combat skills. 

Betrayed by his classmates, Hajime has to fight to survive, eventually teaming up with various women who join him on his journey from commonplace to the world’s most vital.

The next up is followed by a long adventure in the next season that focuses on Hajime, who decides to escort Arizona and protect new and her mother to take them home.

In this ova, Hajime was worried about preparing the farewell to mew that would happen when the journey started again.

Hajime and his friends talked about the seven great legends of Eli’s sin before they left for the trip, but all of them were missed.

However, in the final seventh adventure, he has to deal with a mysterious giant creature and is blown into the world of a devastated city.

Hajime, who planned to start the search for the stream u, fulfills the magic that happened in there.

12. Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games Is Tough for Mobs

Isekai anime with op mc reincarnated
Isekai anime with op mc reincarnated

I think it’s one of the most underrated isekai anime of 2022 because its concept is so hilarious.

Leon is an office worker who finds himself trapped in an atom, a dating simulator video game. 

Where a female main character tries to develop a relationship with the male characters. 

Fortunately for him, he’s been reincarnated as an extra, armed with the knowledge of having played through the game before he sets out to turn the tables of his new existence.

11. The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody

Good isekai anime with op mc
Good isekai anime with op mc

Seriously I can’t believe what these guys do while writing the name of the anime because we don’t even need to explain its concept.

But still, demon lord Varvatos has become bored of being the most substantial entity in the world. 

So he decides to reincarnate with average abilities thousands of years in the future. 

Unfortunately for him, everyone else has got considerably weaker, also. 

Now living as a villager, he finds himself pulled back into the same role as before despite his wishes to live everyday life. 

10. Mushoku Tensei

Good isekai anime with op mc
Good isekai anime with op mc

It has just aired in the spring season; one was super surprised with its concept in which our main character, despite getting bullied, scorned, and oppressed all his life. 

A 34-year-old shut-in still found the resolve to attempt something heroic, ending in a tragic accident. 

But in a twist of fate, he awakens in another world as radius greyrat starting life again as a baby born to two loving parents.

In preserving his memories and knowledge from his previous life, rudius quickly adapts to his new environment. 

With the mind of a grown adult, he starts to display magical talents that exceed all expectations honing his skills with the help of a mage named roxy megurdia.

rudius learns swordplay from his father, paul, and meets sophiette, a girl his age who quickly becomes his closest friend.

9. You Boy Kongming

Good isekai anime with op mc
Good isekai anime with op mc

This reverse isakai anime follows a renowned general and tactician during the three kingdoms. 

When he is about to meet his end, kong ming wishes to be reborn in a peaceful world.

The next thing he knows, he’s suddenly living 1800 years in the future. 

He wanders the streets of modern-day Tokyo, where he befriends the young musician ekko Tsukuyomi and uses his knowledge of war to help her fulfill her dream of becoming a star.

8. She Professed Herself, Pupil of the Wise Man,

Good isekai anime with op mc
Good isekai anime with op mc

With a dignified veteran’s body and a long white beard summoner mage, Dunbar was one of the strongest player characters in the virtual reality online multiplayer role-playing game orc earth online. 

One day Dunbar purchased a cosmetic kit and tinkered with his character. 

However, he accidentally fell asleep during the customization process. Upon waking up, Dunbar not only notices that the world of arc earth online has become more realistic but also discovers that he has turned into a cute girl. 

After reaching allocate, he learns it has been 30 years since he supposedly disappeared. 

Now tasked with finding the other missing mages by king Solomon, the avid role player proclaims his new identity as Mira, the pupil of the wise man dune ball, and ventures forth to prove his legacy.

7. The Devil Is a Part-Timer! S2

Good isekai anime with op mc
Good isekai anime with op mc

Finally, after a decade, the devil is a part-timer season 2 was announced, which will take over the internet next month. 

But for those who live under a rock, the devil is a part-timer is a reverse isakai anime in which our main character, demon lord satan, begins to conquer the land of anti-Islam with his vast demon armies. 

However, while embarking on this brutal quest to take over the continent, his efforts are foiled by the hero Emilia forcing satan to make his swift retreat through a dimensional portal only to land in the human world. 

Along with his loyal general elsael, the demon finds himself stranded in modern-day Tokyo and vows to return and complete his subjugation if they can find a way back. 

Even though it has visuals that have improved quite drastically, there is something a little beyond expectations—the three-hertz studio that worked on this anime in season two.

Three-hertz studio gave birth to many anime series like waifu specialist character designs that are cute kawaii, and funny.

Meanwhile, the devil is a part-timer was an anime focus action adventure and visually stunning animation.

Come back in the main story, after the battle with the heroes, the demon king and his loyal general retreated and went to a parallel universe.

Both are forced to assume their human identities when they enter the human realm because they cannot return to their former world.

They then live ordinary human lives until they can find a better solution.

The main character and former overpowered demon lord must work full-time in the cafe to survive in his current world.

He has to live a normal life like a human being, like having a new family.

6. My Isakai Life

My isakai life is adapted from the light novel of the same name from a manga, kashinkashoto. 

The story follows the adventures of Yuji Sano; while working as a black company employee, Yuji receives a notification inviting him to another world.

However, after the countdown on the message ended, he suddenly transferred into another world that looked strange to him.

Yuji wakes up in a colourful world like a game; suddenly, the blue slime comes to him.

While looking for information, his profession in the other world turns into a monster tamer.

Thus now, Yuji is determined to become an aromatic sage with the help of his new slimes and skills and then explore a mysterious world full of magic.

Yuji acquired overwhelming power blinds, becoming an unparalleled and strongest sage in the world.

5. Black Summoner

A middle-aged teenager who suddenly wakes up and is already in another world with the behind story of his death still mysterious.

Heading out into a whole new world as a summoner. 

Kelvin begins his new life as an adventurer, and it isn’t long before he discovers his hidden nature memories as a battle junkie.

From the black knight of the ancient castle of evil spirits to the demon within the hidden cave of the sage, he had fun fighting against one formidable enemy after another.

I have a pretty good reputation, even being considered a legend.

It was not difficult for him to find a partner in going on adventures in that world.

It is coming with an overpowered adventurer in an exhilarating loyal, and epic saga. 

As he and his allies carved their way into the annals of history.

4. Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World

Isekai Harem Anime With Op MC 2022
Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022 Also Best Isekai Harem Anime With Op MC 2022

isakai animate that awakens your appetite when you see it under the guise of fan service in anime with the theme zechiharam.

This anime will release in July 2022.

Struggling with life and society with the story of bullied boys in high school student named Michi okaga. 

He was very introverted and close, wasting his life surfing the internet and landing on odd websites.

Upon completing his character, Kaga was transported to a game-like fantasy world and reborn as a strong man who can claim idol-level girls.

He begins his adventure after being reborn into another world he wants to of the great magician and the most harem legend.

Like the standard eye sky templates, he can’t return to his original world and must survive by various means.

4. Uncle From Another World

Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022

This comedic anime differs from many others because it focuses on the aftermath of being isakai.

The animation did not seem the best, but these anime have a unique story.

Takafumi’s uncle fell awake into a coma, but now he’s back like a man risen from his grave 17 years ago.

Soon Takafumi discovers two weird things his uncle treasures video games above all else. 

While unconscious, he was taken away to another world as some heroic guardian.

He also tries to catch up on two decades of technological advancements making for this entertaining dynamic between two very contrasting characters. 

You will see the golden moments like a history of smartphones, high-speed internet, modern anime tropes, and the traumatic outcome of the 90s console war.

Sad Anime That Will Make You Cry

3. Parallel World Pharmacy

Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022
Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022

After losing his little sister to a rare, incurable disease, the most famous medical in the world, kanji Kakutani, gave it his all to cure patients by dedicating his life to inventing new medicines.

After killing himself at 31, the former pharmacist wakes up as a ten-year-old child reincarnated into a medieval world as Palma.

Falmer realizes that his body is host to the guardian deity of medicine.

The boy has been granted the mythical divine arts of creation and reduction and the ability to diagnose illnesses in people’s bodies instantly.

He soon discovers the terrible state of medicine in this world, which is not accessible to all. 

Only nobles can provide medical care service, which is ineffective at best and detrimental at worst. 

Using modern knowledge and his divine powers in the past, Falmouth gradually makes trust his passion as a pharmacist despite his young age. 

Even earning the recognition of all people around him.

2. Sword Art Online Progressive Scherzo Of Deep Knight

Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022

After the successful screening of the first movie on December 11, 2021, the second sword art online progressive sketzero of deep night movie announced its release date.

According to the trailer and official website coming up on September 10 2022.

The setting of the story of Asuna and Kuroda’s adventures will focus on the fifth floor of aincrad and the terror of the player killer guild laughing coffin.

Sword art online progressive sketcher of deep night itself is the third film in the sword art online franchise. 

After the 2017 release of a starless knight’s ordinal scale and progressive aria in 2021.

Since its premiere last October, sword art online progressive managed to earn as much as 349 million yen in its first week of broadcast and immediately topped the box office in japan.

Let’s see if the second film from sword art online progressive will also have the same success as the first film.

Evil Anime Characters

1. Danmichi Season 4

Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022
Best Isekai Anime With Op Mc In 2022

The genre of survival fantasy released in 2015 is denmachi.

I love denmachi because the main character comes from zero to hero and has a unique storyline.

The same studio, JC staff, still handles the adaptation of this anime series.

In denmachi, it is told about belle Crannell, a low-level adventurer who likes to visit a dungeon.

One day he meets a boss monster and is stuck in a desperate situation; under these conditions, a beautiful blonde adventurer Wallenstein comes and saves bell.

As a result of that incident, bell and the goddess who always accompanies him, Hestia, struggled to become the strongest adventurous in that world.

The survivor adventurer, belle Crannell has levelled up and overpowered drastically, but he can’t rest on his underground glory.

The Hestia Familia still has many problems solved before it can stand toe with the other families of aurora. 

But before the bell can plan on his next mission.

He got that issue like reports of a brutal murder rock the adventuring community.

One of bell’s trusted allies betrayed and stands accused of the horrible crime.

Bell and his friends clear their names and unmask the truth behind an infamous plot brewing in the dungeon’s dark depths.

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