Top 10 Magic Academy Anime With OP MC 2022

Magic Academy Anime With OP MC: If there is really one thing that truly satisfies my time watching anime it would have to be some sort of an epic setting let’s say anime magical academy.


Today’ article is going to be an exciting one as I will be recommending 10 magic academy anime series for you guys to check out and fill up your anime lists.


With plenty of more shows to enjoy magic academies are one of the many popular settings in anime and i’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on what I’m about to show next.


Top 10 Magic Academy Anime With OP MC 2022

Scientific Accelerator

This is anime that came out in 2019 that perfectly showcases a powerful protagonist with not just a school setting but also different areas within the show.


Superhumans are said to rule the world and the most powerful of them all are the level fives and are known as accelerator. I think many of you are going to really like the personality of accelerator.

He’s the type of person who just gives a lot of attitude with sheer confidence that he can just destroy anyone who stands in his very way. He’s also getting a very interesting story of how accelerator must protect a little girl named last order from the dangerous threats that wish to take her away .

So if you are looking for an epic you know very epic action-packed anime series with a powerful protagonist then this right here is definitely worth checking out.

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Top 10 Magic Academy Anime With OP MC 2022
Top 10 Magic Academy Anime With OP MC 2022

Little Witch Academia

This is an anime original series created by studio trigger and it’s absolutely beautiful for an anime original.

These days you don’t really get many anime originals succeed but this one has managed to get quite popular when it aired back in 2017 and I haven’t really seen anyone recommend this anime at all.

So it might be something new to many of you watching . It’s about a little girl named akko who enrolls into a brand new school but not just any normal schoolit’s actually a magical academy where young you know aspired girls become witches.

Of course akka was not born from a family of capable magic and going into a new environment with people differentfrom her. It’s gonna be quite a hard and very challenging for someone with no magical powers which means she must work hard to achieve her goals.

Top 10 Magic Academy Anime With OP MC 2022
Top 10 Magic Academy Anime With OP MC 2022

The Daily Life Of Immortal King

Ah yes now i’ve heard stories about this wondrous boy who transferred schools and show everyone who the real deal is and it certainly happens a lot during the daily life of the immortal king a top quality and big contender within the chinese anime series.

This enemy has become immensely popular to the point where it has gotten a few sequels and also more to come in the future. wang ling is an incredibly powerful protagonist in this magic academy and absolutely no one and i mean no one could compete with a power level beyond what this man is capable of.

He just wants to you need he just wants to live a more peaceful life upon entering the school but sadly you know rumors spread around of how powerful he really is that put him in a situation where people just wish to challenge him and see what he’s really capable of

And all that just leads to him being quite popular in the school actually if you like the sound of that then by all means give this anime a try.

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Top 10 Magic Academy Anime With OP MC 2022
Top 10 Magic Academy Anime With OP MC 2022

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

Are you looking for a series featuring a lazy pretending protagonist who seems like a weakling and goes by the name of glenn then i guess you have come to the right place because next up on the list is akashic records.

This anime is all about a substitute instructor that one day came to a magic academy to teach students within you know their journey but alas it just looks like he really is not even taking his job seriously at all and proceeds to do just as he wishes.

No one truly knows his past and what powerful talent he really has. Since all that is hidden until later down the line but you know the whole class thinks he’s just a complete weakling but then discover how special of an instructor he really truly is.

Akasich records is one of the best magic academy series I can possibly recommend to you all and it definitely will not disappoint you if you haven’t seen it.

Top 10 Magic Academy Anime With OP MC 2022
Top 10 Magic Academy Anime With OP MC 2022

Asterisk War

This series combines the harem and school genre together to create yet another typical or even a generic series. Of you know just your average powerful protagonist and you can destroy all his rivals. While that may be the case .

Yes but a lot of people actually certainly find a lot of enjoyment from sears like this and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t as well.

The asterisk war follows a protagonist named Ayato who enrolls into a magical academy that is said to hold tournaments called festas to climb the ranks and absolutely dominate the scene to become the best.

But it is actually revealed that he is not even interested in all this at all and he just joined the academy to only look for his missing elder sister. Yes may sound simple but there’s actually a lot more devious plot that later on ravels down the line that may surprise you all.

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Top 10 Magic Academy Anime With OP MC 2022
Top 10 Magic Academy Anime With OP MC 2022

Strike The Blood

So how about diving into a series that has an overpowered legendary vampire and waifus of your dreams Mr biatchel goody. That’s right now i introduce to you all strike the blood .

An anime series i enjoyed so much and still to this day consider it to be a quality series with amazing action story but that’s not to say it doesn’t have its issues mainly you know with its production being at a monthly release which is not really great to put it.

But however we still have one final season left which i’m really excited for when it releases.

Strike the blood is about a powerful vampire known as the seventh primogenitor named kojo and a girl named yukina from the lion organization who was sent to look after him or even slay him down if he ever does something bad to society.

Visuals are absolutely just gorgeous it’s amazing great characters and overall i’ll highly recommend checking this one out.

Top 10 Magic Academy Anime With OP MC 2022
Top 10 Magic Academy Anime With OP MC 2022

Seiken Tsunami No World Break

Now we move on to a series called world break which is a series once again taking place in a magical academy where the students learn to use ancestral art, to use against dangerous monsters that have randomly appeared in the school or even the city.

Now this anime actually aired quite a few years ago in 2015 but you know for a magic academy series it’s actually pretty damn good.

If you were wondering this is actually a harem series but don’t let that distract you. If you dislike the genre as a whole but there are actually plenty of other stuff this anime has to offer for the audience such as you know great action very interesting story and well fan service here and there.

But i guess that brings me to tell you all give it a go and see what you think.

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Top 10 Magic Academy Anime With OP MC 2022
Top 10 Magic Academy Anime With OP MC 2022

When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

Now this anime here might actually be on everyone’s alley to enjoy some quality funny moments and shenanigans happening at the same time this anime is cold when supernatural battles become a commonplace.

While it may look like it it’s not actually a magic academy as a whole but the entire literature club actually one day gained supernatural powers and magic abilities and were able to do a bunch of cool stuff they never thought they could do at all.

So you could say it actually does count the characters from the literature club actually possess all kinds of you know different abilities each to their own strengths and weaknesses and sometimes even battle it out to see who has the better powers but the major question is how on earth did these kids even receive their powers in the first place.

Now trust me when i tell you it’s a very enjoyable anime i think many of you will really like it.

Top 10 Magic Academy Anime With OP MC 2022
Top 10 Magic Academy Anime With OP MC 2022

Ange Viege

These days you primarily get an anime series adapted from a manga or maybe even from a light novel but this enemy is uniquely from a card game.

This anime is called andvierge a series of female characters and the main story revolves around a force of female warriors and soldiers who are drawn from the different worlds that are connected to the blue world that they live in fighting a war against an alien race.

So you could actually say that the setting is very unique for this anime. Even though the series has received a lot of mixed opinions.

I gave it a watch and i found it pretty decent to be honest. There’s quite a good amount of action in a variety of female characters to me.

Even though many people usually don’t follow along on a series with a full female cast but you should give this one a try.

Top 10 Magic Academy Anime With OP MC 2022
Top 10 Magic Academy Anime With OP MC 2022

Kenja No Mago

And finally on this list we have the most famous isakai well one of the most famous isakai many love which is wise man’s grandchild.

A series following a character that gets you know killed in reality to reincarnate into a child’s body who discovers he is insanely powerful to have such magical capabilities at such a young age.

The necessary thing was to send this boy to a magic academy so he can you know make proper friends and at the same time most likely you know destroy his rivals in the process but you know for those who understand his abilities.

I will have to admit that yes the side characters are simple and the plot is nothing too special and the main character is way too overpowered but not as overpowered as onos.

I still enjoyed it a lot because that is one thing you get a lot from an isakai anime series.

You enjoy isakai so much it’s actually pretty funny with you know its comedy process the constant humor and the sweet romance. so overall this is something i would definitely recommend.

I guess there you have it guys if i have managed to miss out anything that was worth mentioning on this list then make sure to leave a comment down below as i’d love to hear which anime you thought would have been a great addition or just comment down below what you thought of this article in general as i’d always appreciate the feedback.

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