Top 60 Best Naruto Characters Of All Time

Today we’re counting down our picks for the best naruto characters for this list we’ll be going over.


The most powerful characters in the naruto franchise.


To be clear we won’t be including strong characters who have yet to show their true strength in the anime yet.


Such as code from boruto.


If there’s a naruto character you think is stronger than any car game make us believe it in the comments below.

60. Kushina Uzumaki

naruto characters- naruto series

 Oh my goodness, isn’t that a cute name? the title given to the mother of our son.

She is a member of the Uzumaki family of Konoha’s Shinobi. Her red hair is another aspect of her distinctive appearance.

Additionally, her red hair transforms into a super Saiyan when she is enraged. The fact that she was a superior woman is the nicest part.

She had the fortitude to sacrifice herself for the people she loved because she was gutsy and strong.

Kushina is deserving of being on our list because of this. She is really amazing.

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59. Shino Aburame

naruto characters- young boy

Shino used to be one of the creepiest characters in the series. A lot of fans were scared of him because of his use of insects.

His biggest trait is his use of insects, which can be quite dangerous and deadly.

And even though insects and bugs are part of nature, they aren’t always seen as being adorable or cute.

Shino was a formidable opponent because of his use of these insects, and he would have given countless nightmares to people.

He deserves to be on this list because of how creepy and dangerous he can be.

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naruto characters

Another Jinchuriki on the list, ladies and gentlemen. Yugito Nii is the two- tagged beast from Kumo.

Indeed though Kumo is not exactly a notable position in the anime, she’s relatively notable anyhow.

What can you anticipate from a Jinchuriki?

So yeah, she’s relatively intriguing for sure. also, she’s one of the proud members of her platoon, and her Chakra color is Orange.

Yeah, I know that is relatively trivial. But it’s still noteworthy if you ask me.

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57. Kankuro

naruto characters

A highly-skilled shinobi from suno kutah Kankuro is a son of the fourth cossack Haggai and would later move on to be his brother ghada’s most loyal bodyguard.

As a child Kankuro wasn’t able to become a jinchuriki.

As only gada was compatible with the one tail.

He used to be terrified of his brother and referred to him as a monster.

Over time they became closer and began to work together, because of the grueling training of suno kutah conquered all grew to be strong and excels in ninjutsu.

He is an extremely talented puppeteer and has great skill and modifying and commanding them.

Conquered all participated in the Chunin exams alongside gada and his sister team mati.

The group easily made it through the first two exams and were set to face off others in the third round preliminaries.

Fair he fought against Mesa Mesa Doogie a former shinobi of Konoha kuda and defeated him.

In his final round Kankuro was put against shino aburame, however he forfeited and ran away because he was sent by suna Kakuta to invade Konoha.

Shino followed him and demanded the fight that was denied to him.

Kankuro fell victim to she know’s insect attacks and the fight ended with both of them unconscious. After Sasuke Uchiha abandoned Konoha Kankuro was supposed to retrieve him.

While on the mission he helped Konoha shinobi Kiba and his dog akamaru fight sound for a member South Kona and hone.

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naruto characters

a couple of years later Kankuro tried to stop the Akatsuki from taking Gaara but would be defeated by Koski member Sasori.

Who was the creator of the puppet kata su and therefore could see through all of its attacks.

Khan kunal was left poisoned by saudis poison coated tail and later was healed by sakura.

Cottle was chosen to escort data to the five COG a summit where he and his siblings ran into Sasuke.

It was at the summit that the fourth shinobi world war would be declared. conquered all was placed in charge of the surprise attack Division of the Allied shinobi forces.

While leading his group into battle Khan kunal faced off against a reincarnated Society and darah and was complemented on his puppet skills.

During this fight conquered all pulled out his saw city puppet and upon saw city’s defeat he granted conquer doll with his mother and father puppets.

With his skill level we can be assured he’s the perfect bodyguard for his brother.

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56. Darui 

naruto characters

A shinobi of kumigar coude doddery served as the right-hand man of the fourth like a gay a and later became the fifth right cog a himself.

Dowdy is a very skilled shinobi and has excelled in taijutsu through years of practice.

He is proficient and wind water and lightning nature transformations and can create many attacks using them.

Typically mellow and laid-back daughterly could be described as having a pretty chill personality. however he’s not lazy and will always jump to the horse like hog a defense.

He respects his boss and has become someone that can be trusted.

Because of his abilities dadoo ii was chosen to be a bodyguard for the fourth reich cog a and escorted him to the cog a summit in the land of iron.

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naruto characters

While their dada we sought out Sasuke Uchiha who was announced to be there and went head-to-head against him and his team.

Later he was placed as the leader of the 1st division of the Allied shinobi forces during the 4th shinobi world war.

During this time he worked to defend the land of lightning against the approaching Akatsuki forces and fought against the reincarnated gold and silver brothers.

With the help of others doddery was able to seal both of the brothers and eventually made way to assist the other shinobi in battling Tobi.

The first victim of the infinite tsukuyomi. Years later doddery was appointed as the next Reika gay and began to work with the other COG a to ensure the safety of their villages.

55. Suigetsu Hozuki

naruto characters

Suigetsu is one of the side characters in the anime series “Naruto.”

He is introduced in the Hidden Mist arc, and his goal is to gather the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.

The Hidden Mist is a place where death is almost certain if you are not with someone very strong, and Suigetsu has a tough time trying to get what he wants.

However, his time in the anime is entertaining and captures the viewer’s attention.

Plus, his white hair and purple attire are also notable.

54. Utakata

naruto characters

We were first introduced to utakata in volume 55 chapter 115 of the naruto manga and episode 144 of the anime.

Utakata is a missing ninja from the hidden mist village and a member of the tsuchigumo clan.

With brown hair and brown eyes and an affinity for water jutsu, it seems at some point during his time in the hidden mist village as a hidden miss ninja utakata became the genjariki of these six tales.

For his departure from the hidden mist village and becoming a rogue ninja.

Utakato was once a trusted and loyal ninja from the hidden mist. But defected from the village during the bloody mist era.

So slightly after or around the same time zabazar left the hit in this village and around the same time utakata’s master haru sama saw the burden that was placed on uttakata for being the jinchiriki of the six tails.

naruto characters- young boy

However in the bijou extraction process the six tails took control of utakata and killed his sensei harusame.

Causing more anguish for uttakata while still on the run from hunter or ombu ninja from the hidden mist in pursuit of the rogue ninja uttacacha.

He crossed paths with hotaru who was also a member of the tsuchigumo clan.

Uttakatsu hurt while trying to protect himself and hatori from the hunter ninja that were after him, shortly after he was nakata healed from his injuries.

Hotaru asked utakata to mentor her. S hortly after uttakata meets naruto and the rest of team seven uttakata really not acknowledging naruto and denouncing being jim chiriki as a nuisance and so many words.

Until at the end of the arc naoto’s word somewhat get through to utakata, however it is short-lived as soon after uttakata and naruto say their goodbyes and head their separate ways.

Buchikanta is tracked and found by pain the leader of the akatsuki with an intense and somewhat emotional battle.

naruto characters

We see utakata’s growth and turnaround during his time with team seven and naruto and hataru and only for him to be gruesomely slayed moments later was very tough for me to see.

with his signature flute and bubble style jutsu and a quiet elegant and stoic personality utakata’s death was something that i knew was imminent.

But i really hope would not have come. Especially with the cliffhanger sending the bubble that floated all the way to her tower before he finally passed away.

Little did hataru know that she would never see utakata again.

53. Jugo

naruto characters

One of the most fascinating and question mark characters in the naruto world and the third of the four members that make up team heavy slash taka.

Now we were first introduced to jugo in volume 38 and chapter 348 of the manga and his debut appearance in the anime in episode 116.

Being one of the more interesting characters in naruto with spiky orange hair and side note i know i’m not the only one who used to get pain yahiko and jugo mixed up back in the day.

Anyway the outcasted ninja from an unknown and believed to be extinct clan.

We were violently introduced to jugo in his interaction with the other members of team heavy.

And uruchi maru’s northern hideout who in actuality went and sought out aruchimaru on his own accord.

naruto characters

With affinity for earth wind water and yangrillies although i can only recall ever seeing jugo using yang and senjutsu on the show and manga.

Maximum and it appears that jugo and members of his clan have the ability to absorb natural sage energy on a subconscious level without any training.

Unfortunately a drawback being that it drives them to the brink of insanity at times.

Being the only and best friend of kimi maru kalgia we find out that jugo himself is in fact the ancestor or the originator of the curse mark.

Which is basically a sage jutsu and anyone who was given the cursillo by rochimaru was in fact a mock imitation of jugo.

Which to me is very interesting and i’m actually upset because these questions were never answered.

Jugo’s dna used to create the curse seal is it his chakra who knows and i honestly wish we got to see more interactions between jugo and kimimuro like a flashback or the two of them going on a missions together.

naruto characters

Fighting enemies and the dead of the night or a curse mark tag team battle so many missed opportunities with those two.

Anyway after the death of hitachi and sasuke joining the akatsuki this is where we get to see jugo’s strength and abilities for the first time.

Going up against the atel’s genjariki killer b although being no match for b we got to see fragments of jugo’s power.

Beside his offensive capability by healing a critically injured sasuke jugo transmitting some of his own dna or rather his flesh to sasuke in order to heal sasuke and was stated by jugo himself.

That the only reason he was even able to do so was because sasuke was compatible with the curse seal.

Which made it possible for jugo to actually heal sasuke in that way and it also seems that the ability caused jugo to revert back to the state of a child.

naruto characters

Which unfortunately is never explained, but the ability itself being referred to as cellular regeneration ejection.

Jugo can also use this jutsu ability in reverse and absorb the essence of a whole person leaving nothing of that person he absorbed behind. not even their bones.

It’s basically similar to cell’s absorption ability and dragon ball z. and we also get to see jugo in action again in his confrontation with the fourth waikage transforming completely and giving into his sage abilities.

Where the transformation itself was cool but once again jugo swiftly lost another battle.

He was fighting you know a master jin chariki and the rakage i’ll cut jugo some slack. his matchups were never really in his favor.

And also who do you guys think would win in a fight jugo or suigetsu.

52. Hinata Hyuga

naruto characters

Hinato uzumaki is ikunowichi of konohagakure.

Formerly the heiress of the hyuga clan she lost the position upon being deemed unsuited for the responsibilities of leading the clan.

Nonetheless hinata persevered and from her observation of naruto uzumaki especially he not have found an example to follow.

Through her membership with team 8 she sought to become strong enough to change herself. If even a little at a time.

A few years after the 4th shinobi world war he now joined the uzumaki clan after marrying naruto.

Hinata is the oldest daughter of hiyashi hyuga when she was still a child.

Hinata was almost kidnapped by the then head ninja of kumogakade who was visiting konoha under the guise of signing a peace treaty between their two villages.

Hiyashi killed him and saved hinata setting in motion.

naruto characters

The events that would become known as the hyuga affair because hiyashi was the head of the hugo clan hinata was raised to be its heiress and her family expected great things from her.

But even at a young age her father came to believe that hinata was not suited for the role of aerys, as she struggled under his gruesome training regime.

On top of him also believing that her timid personality prevented her from truly excelling.

When hinata’s younger sister hanabi started displaying superior talent, hiyashi began to reconsider hinata’s selection as eris.

In the anime hinata and hanabi were pitted against each other to determine who would one day lead the hyuga because hinata was unwilling to harm hanabi.

A hesitation hanabi did not share she was defeated disappointing her father.

naruto characters

Hinata was then disinherited and turned over to the care of kuronaiyuhi.

On the day of her enrollment in konoha’s academy hinata was picked on by three bullies because of her unusual eyes.

Naruto despite not knowing her immediately came to her defense but he was outnumbered and knocked unconscious and the bullies damaged the red scarf he was wearing.

When he regained consciousness he not a thanked him for helping her and returned his scarf to him but he let her keep it.

He now started watching naruto from that point onwards and by doing so saw naruto’s desire to gain attention and his struggle to exceed the low expectations others had for him.

Despite this naruto never lost faith in himself or his dream to become the hokage. Hinata was inspired by this and started emulating naruto.

naruto characters

Adopting his refusal to never give up as a means of earning her father’s approval.

In the anime he now has growing affections for naruto were noticed by the hyuga’s elders who warned her to stay away from him.

In the anime while the graduates of her academy class are being assigned to teams hinata hopes that she will be on the same team as naruto uzumaki.

To her disappointment she is instead added to kuroniyuhi’s team 8 along with kiba inozuka and shino abarame.

Kurunai reports this to hinata’s father hiyashi hyuga but he is unconcerned and in fact abandoned hinata to currentize care. feeling she is unworthy of the hyuga clan.

51. Asuma Sarutobi

Asa masara toby was a jonine of konohagakure’s saratobi clan and a former member of the 12 guardian ninja.

He was also the leader of team 10 which consists of shikomaru nara, ino yamanaka and choji akamichi.

Osimo was born to biwako and here is in saratobi the third hokage. during his academy entrance ceremony asuma became friends with kuranai yuhi.

In the anime during the tuning exams osama was placed on a team with kuronai and raido namiashi.

He later cheered on his classmates during the third round of the tuning exams.

During the nine-tailed demon fox’s attack asuma along with the other young ninja were barred from participating in the defense of the village by shinkuyuhi and the other senior shinobi.

A few years after the event osama would become an uncle to konohamaru.

He later became a jonied about seven years before the start of the series he had a disagreement with his father and left konoha to pursue his personal interests.

naruto characters

During his absence he became one of the 12 guardian ninja. a group that protected the land of fires daimyo Indicated by the sash on his waist.

During this time he developed a strong friendship with the bunk chiriku who would go on to become the head monk at the fire temple prior to returning to konoha to resume active military duty.

He had accumulated a bounty of 35 million rio on the black market something that he seemed to be particularly proud of.

Since it was a testament to his skill even bragging that his bounty was 5 million more than chiriku.

After returning to the village asama resumed his jonine duties and became a teacher of inomatsu and presumably some more students.

About 12 years after the nine-tailed demon fox’s attack seeing his classmate fall into deeper self-pity from losing obito uchiha and rin o’hara.

Asuma along with mike gai and kuranai decided to speak with the third hokage voicing their disapproval of kakashi being in anbu with such bitterness.

And it suggested instead that he be reassigned as a jonine sensei in the hopes of restoring kokashi’s kindness.

When choji fearing the competition contemplated forfeiting his match during the preliminaries of the tuning exams.

Asuma convinced him not to by offering to take him out for all you can eat barbecue. yakiniku or korean colby.

naruto characters

Osama also claimed that he’d stopped the match if it got out of hand as the other jonion did during hinata hyuga’s match.

Both ino and shikamaru noted to themselves that osuma didn’t actually help in that instance.

During the konoha crush shikamaru was left by himself to defend against a group of invading otonin.

Later just as shikamaru had run out of options and the nine otonin were about to finish him off, osama appeared and single-handedly defeated the group saving his student after the invasion he attended his father’s funeral.

During his brief battle with hitachi uchiha in kisamehoshigaki asama managed to catch kisame off guard with his trench knives leaving a cut on kisema’s cheek below the eye.

50. Zabuza Momochi

naruto characters

On the surface zabuza is kind of a basic villain as far as personality goes.

They check off all those boxes of like arrogant cold ruthless and all the things that make bad guys bad.

One thing he succeeds greatly at though is being intimidating because he really is a scary character.

naruto characters

Him being really the first legit villain on the show it would be easy to de-power him so that naruto sasuke and sakura can take him down but the show is like that.

Let’s make our villain just as strong as kakashi.

The dude scares sasuke so bad he’s trying to kill himself because death at his own hands sounds better than waiting for zaboos zabuza to strike.

If that’s not scary i don’t know what is.

The best part of zabusa though as a character is easily his relationship with haku.

When zabuza starts training this little girl who’s actually a boy he makes it very clear that their relationship is professional and even though they spend like all their time together zabza don’t give a [ __ ] about haku.

naruto characters

Eventually though when team seven ends up beating haku and his like house amir’s jutsu and he’s killed. zabza is actually pretty upset.

The reason haku is important to zabzo is because he makes him more than just a basic first villain who’s really scary.

It shows us that under all zabuzza’s evil there’s a soft spot for this kid and that no matter how much he cares about him he can never admit that to himself.

He’s the demon of the miss the dude who killed a hundred students and in his mind he has to keep that reputation up.

He fronts to everyone that he doesn’t care about haku and has a really tragic story about a villain who can’t admit to himself that he’s more than that.

naruto characters

Zabaza does not have that many scenes in the show and the few he does are filled with flashbacks and like explanations of all the secret hidden jutsus.

Well yeah that’s the case for every naruto fight ever it hurts more with zabuzza scenes because it’s all we really have for him.

Take someone like arochimari for example right he’s gonna have flashbacks and filler and all that stuff but there’s always new content to advance him as a character zabuza though not so much.

The two fights he has with kakashi are cool when they’re actually fighting but the second one revolves way more around haku so there’s not quite as much for him to do.

The best scene for zabaza by far is his final scene where he kills gato because it is one of the most badass moments in the entire show.

After finally accepting his love for haku zabazal takes a kunai in his mouth and uses it to kill gato and all of his men.

It’s ruthless it’s visceral and it’s just a fantastic ending for the demon of the hidden mist.

naruto characters

Obviously killing over a hundred students is pretty dang evil and zabazad gets some credit there. but i also think that serves as just a way to show us how evil he is.

I think it hurts his character a lot only having really two scenes because he kind of falls into boba fett territory but to a lesser extent.

But what that was a badass character who everyone said was badass but then did nothing cool in the original trilogy.

Zabaza is a character who everyone says is evil and that he killed 100 students but then he doesn’t really kill anybody again until his final moments when he’s killing bad guys.

His two fights are against the series main characters, so of course he’s not going to beat them. but i think he really could have benefited more if given screen time with other characters.

49. Hidan

naruto characters

Hidan is an s rank missing ninja who defected from the ninja village yugakre and went on to join the villainous organization akatsuki when yugakre transformed from the shinobi village.

It once was to a tourist destination. Hidan is infuriated and begins killing his former neighbors.

The akatsuki are called to handle him but after seeing his abilities they offer him a spot instead.

In the midst of his killings, hidan finds a religion known as jashin, which focuses on the worship of a deity who believes death and absolute slaughter to be holy.

Through the teaching of jashin hidan achieves immortality.

He gains the ability to turn himself into a living voodoo doll, inflicting injury upon himself to harm his victims.

He is able to stab himself through the heart even and still survive. Hidan can feel the pain but it doesn’t bother him in fact he enjoys it.

naruto characters

After joining akatsuki hiran is paired with kakazu another immortal. The pair wreak havoc throughout the shinobi world eventually hearing about a large bounty on the fire temple’s head monk chiriku.

After murdering the monk the pair is ambushed by village leaf special operatives.

It is during this ambush that hiran kills asuma the leader of team 10 much to the horror of shigemaru asama’s most beloved student.

Hidan being the sociopath that he is vows to come back and finish the job of destroying the leaf village. However he never gets the chance.

Team 10 exacts revenge for the murder of their teacher by trapping a dismembered heat on in a pit deep in the ground and leaving him to starve to death.

Later during the fourth shinobi world war kakazu is reincarnated and interprets hidan’s absence as a sign that his former partner is still buried alive.

48. Sakura Haruno

naruto characters

Sakura harino was a longtime friend and ally of naruto uzumaki and friend admirer lover and occasional attempted killer of sasuke uchiha.

While naruto and sasuke’s conflicts are often spotlighted throughout the anime. Sakura is inarguably the glue that keeps this team together from childhood.


Sakura’s appearance was the subject of much teasing specifically her forehead.

She later develops romantic feelings for her classmate sasuke and hears a rumor that he likes girls with long hair prompting her to grow hers out.

She is also an astute academic allowing her to excel without much physical exertion.

She soon realizes that in practice this makes her a liability to the team and she vows to become as powerful as her teammates naruto and sasuke.

naruto characters

An interesting aspect of sakura is her inner monologue named inner sakura while sakura is outwardly kind and respectful to most people.

This alternative personality reveals a darker side often violent and gregarious and mostly in response to naruto’s antics.

It doesn’t become more than comedic relief until her tuning exam where inner sakura seems to fight off a body possession from her rival ino.

Later sasuke defects from konaha to train under orochimaru turning his back on his friends and community.

In the dead of night at the village gates sakura confronts him having correctly guessed his intentions.

After much begging and pleading she eventually tells him she loves him and though he rebukes her again he also thanks her for the first time.

naruto characters

Before knocking her out and being on his way true love with naruto and sasuke gone to train for their coming conflict.

Sakura comes under the tutelage of lady tsunade the newest hokage of konoha.

She quickly discovers an aptitude for medical ninjutsu and becomes able to regrow limbs perform surgery using only her chakra and enhancing her body’s own healing abilities.

These skills proved crucial during the fourth shinobi world war saving countless lives.

After the war sasuke eventually returned and despite everything sakura forgave and eventually married him.

Together they conceived a daughter sarada who goes on to become the next generation of shinobi elite.

Sakura settles into her role as a mother and possibly the greatest healer in the world.

47. Gyūki

naruto characters

Better known as the eight tails of the nine tailed beasts.

Yuki is a serious individual who possesses a lot of power, so much that it has been noted to be the second strongest out of the tailed beasts.

Yuki’s most recent Jean City Kia’s Killer Bee who is the first person to successfully cooperate with the Beast.

Jinchuriki are the humans who have the tailed beasts sealed inside of them because it’s a tailed beast Yuki possesses extremely powerful chakra and can replenish itself quickly.

If maybe you can combine his chakra with killer beasts to perform powerful genjutsu.

The tailed beast came into being during the final days of hagoromo otsutsuki his life using the creation of all things technique.

He divided the ten tails chakra into nine separate entities before his death.

Hagoromo sang-gu key to live in a temple located in what would later be known as a land of lightning.

Yuki was sold by hoshi rama send you to kona hagakure upon his capture.

Since then a few keys former jinchuriki control his power allowing it to go on rampages and killing sprees around the village at just 5 years old Killer Bee Iguchi sealed inside of him.

naruto characters

Compared to the normal gene chili ki yuki demonstrates to have a bit more control over Killer Bee rather than the jinchuriki having more control over the tailed beasts.

Yuki has no shame in scolding Killer Bee in serious situations regardless of this the two have become close with Yuki even admitting to miss listening to Killer Bees rapping.

During the fourth shinobi world war Yuki participated in battle and assisted in protecting Naruto against the other tailed beasts and fought the ten tails.

It would later lend his power to Naruto to fight off black sets his Creator Kaguya otsutsuki.

Once she was defeated the tailed beasts were freed and together they discussed with her plans were surprisingly.

Yugi admitted his plans to return back to killer beat shock include Amma the nine tailed beasts.

However their happiness was cut short as a tailed beasts were sealed away by sasuke uchiha as his goal was to remove those who would oppose his plans of performing the shinobi system.

Upon Sasuke is to feed the tailed beasts were free some point after the war Yuki was resealed into killer B and the two were attacked by Momo cheeky and King cheeky oats Itsuki.

Yuki’s chakra was extracted and killer B was thrown unconscious into a river luckily the two were later shown to be alive and well.

46. Konohamaru Sarutobi

naruto characters

Dreaming of one day becoming a hokage like his idol naruto, konohamaru sarutobi is a shinobi from konohaga sarutobi clan and the grandson of the third hokage.

Konohamaru didn’t do well in the academy as he was lazy and wished for quick results but after naruto took him under his wing kono hamadu learned how to use the rasangan and showed great improvement.

By the four shinobi world war konohamaru mastered nature techniques.

With the intent of defeating his grandfather to take his place as hokage konohamaru approached naruto for help as he heard that he had defeated his grandfather by using the sexy technique.

Under naruto’s tutelage the two became friends and he began to train harder.

naruto characters

After his grandfather’s death konohamaru grew upset and didn’t want tsunade to replace him as he thought that everyone would forget all of the good his grandfather had done.

However after hearing of tsunade’s medical knowledge and will of fire konohamaru grew to accept this change.

A couple of years later konohamaru met with naruto upon his return to konoha to show him his improved sexy technique.

During this time he had become a genon under toku betsu zhong and abisu’s leadership.

Around the time of pain’s assault he ran into payne’s naraka path and unwilling to give up bought it as naruto would.

Using shadow clones konohamaru was able to take it head on and defeat it.

He later attempted to join the allied shinobi forces during the fourth shinobi world war but was told no by the fifth hokage.

naruto characters

Unwilling to take no as an answer konohamaru fateh a kunoichi of tsunagakure’s kazekage clan to prove himself.

Years later konohamaru became a teacher at the academy, upon the class passing their graduation exams he was placed in charge of team 3.

Together they went on various missions like naruto taught him konohamaru taught naruto’s son boruto to use the rasan gone.

As it was a prerequisite for boruto to learn under sasuke uchiha. He would later assist in defeating former ombu ao and fought against an inner from the organization kata koji kashin.

With all of his hard work hopefully konohamaru will fulfill his goal of becoming a hokage.

45. Shikamaru Nara

naruto characters

Driven passionate dedicated none of these words describe Shikamaru Nara.

A shinobi of Konoha whose ideals include living and dying uneventful II and in peace.

Despite all this Shikamaru is one of the most brilliant and kind characters in Konoha from early childhood.

Shikamaru is aggressively lazy and a self-proclaimed coward finding new and inventive ways to avoid work at allcosts preferring to watch the clouds or play board games such as shogi or go.

This didn’t stop him from coming to the defense of Choji when his classmates made fun of him for his weight and being stupid from that point on they became best friends.

During the gaming exams Shikamaru is the only one to pass on his first try despite choosing to disqualify himself in the middle of his match.

During the match he displays the prowess of his shadow imitation technique which allows him to stretch his shadow to paralyze those it touches.

This and his intellect are not enough however when his teacher asuma sarutobi is killed during the mission.

naruto characters

From here Shikamaru resolves to be more driven in creating a world where people can choose to be as carefree as he once was.

While a brilliant and talented shinobi, shikamaru’s greatest weakness is probably his relationship with women.

Often times he’s seen referring to them as troublesome and having a hard time relating with them.

This is especially highlighted around his relationship with his classmate tamari, where both of them struggle with feelings for each other and miscommunications.

Despite all this Shikamaru grows to become an excellent advisor to the sixth Hokage and eventually marries tamari.

Conceiving a son Shikha died though he has no problem taking a laksa days achill attitude to his development.

Trusting him to find his own way among the next generation of ninjas.

44. Shikaku

naruto shippuden

Shikaku nara ruthless head of the nara clan member of the inoshikacho a fearless ninja with a taste for the finer things in life.

Not only is shikaku skilled in the art of ninjutsu he’s also a man of immense intellect known for his determination and cunning.

Shikaku is seen as a tactical master and a legend in the leaf village.

A few years after the third shinobi world war his son shikamaru was born adding another powerful addition to the nara clan.

Parenting was tough for him though in the early years of his son’s childhood shikaku was distant and spent most of his time drinking but as shikamaru grew older took more responsibility and became a better shinobi.

naruto shippuden

Shikaku came to respect and love his son even if he wasn’t that great at showing it.

Soon he began teaching shikamaru the secret techniques of the nara clan.

During the konoha crush he did the best he could to protect his people against the invasion using his special shadow techniques.

They held off the enemy but the village took many casualties including the third hokage one of shiikaku’s greatest regrets.

Nonetheless he moved forward rising to the rank of jonah commander and becoming a mentor to his son.

43. Hanzō

naruto shippuden

A legendary shinobi Hanzo served as the leader of the emigres a small hidden village in an unnamed country.

Beard as Hanzo of the salamander he was a very security-conscious individual and would only ally with others to keep himself in power.

Hanzo could be named one of the strongest ninja of his time and had better reputation that made even his enemies run from him.

As a child Hanzo found a black salamander with deadly venom in his village.

When it died the venom sac was embedded in his body and hoped to create a venomous ninja.

He would then have to wear a mask to protect against his venom laced breath.

naruto shippuden

He also wilted a kusarigama and could easily fight off enemies by using this alone. The blade itself was coated in this venom making it even more deadly.

Though as he aged his skills with the kusarigama dull. Hanzo also used the summoning technique to summon a massive salamander named goose who like his master is a poisonous salamander.

The poison is strong enough to paralyze an opponent leaving them to Hans oohs mercy.

During the second shinobi World War Hansa was strong enough to completely annihilate a squad of Konoha forces leaving Jiraiya tsunade and orochimaru the only survivors.

Impressed by them Hanzo named them Konoha sannin and told them they had to refer to themselves as that to live.

Hansa was made aware of the Akatsuki during the third shinobi World War and although he first admired their efforts was soon manipulated by Danzo to think otherwise.

naruto shippuden

Confronting them Hanzo and Danzo teamed up to kill their leader yahiko and forced Akatsuki member Nagato to do so.

Nagato then went on to slaughter all of his forces forcing Hanzo to flee.

Seeking revenge Nagato began a war against Honda’s regime eventually Hanzo was killed by the six paths of pain slaughtering him and anyone he was ever closer to.

Hansa would later be reincarnated during the fourth shinobi world war by kava togakushi to fight against the Allied shinobi forces.

This is where he would eventually fight me tonight a samurai warrior and general of the land of iron.

He had thought mutiny earlier in his life but it spared him because of the samurai strength and faith.

Hanzo left him with an antidote to relieve him from being poisoned as meat have been slashed in battle.

Hanzo then left him knowing that he was not going to die.

As they fought for a second time Hansa was defeated by me tonight.

After reminiscing about his life before and what it was like when he first fought Metheny Hanzo committed seppuku or in other words suicide by cutting his stomach to die with honor and putting his faith in me tonight.

42. Genma Shiranui

naruto shippuden

Genma Shiranui is a tokubetsu jounin and elite bodyguard of Konoha hakurei.

When Tsunade returns Genma and Alvaro assigned to announce her as the fifth Hokage.

In the fourth shinobi war Genma and Rideau are tasked with guarding the safe house but when the black zetsu locates the safe house and is intercepted by main tera me Genma rhino chojuro and her team arrived to help.

When shikaku informed him of Madara Uchiha reincarnation Genma ride oh and owashi performed the flying Thunder God technique to transport Mae.

When naruto and sasuke eventually released the infinite tsukuyomi freeing enma and the rest of the world from the fourth shinobi war, get mustard guard at the village gate on the day of the sixth Hokage inauguration.

41. Neji

naruto shippuden

Neji Hyuga was a skilled jounin of Konoha gaku days Hyuga clan.

He was a strong believer in fate and was determined that no matter what he did he would remain in service to the Hyuga clans main house for his whole life.

That was until Naruto changed his mind. as a Hyuga Meiji possessed the Byakugan one much more powerful than most.

With this he could see an individual’s chaka past system.

He combined us with the humor clans fighting style gentle fist and improved his skills greatly.

When meiji sister Hinata turned 3 he was branded with the customary cursed seal that seals his Byakugan at death.

This angered his father as he believed meiji was destined for bigger things rather than being bound to the main house.

After his father’s death Neji became spiteful towards the members of the main house.

He went on to graduate top of his class at the academy and was added to team guy.

Nadie participated in the Chunin exams alongside Tenten and ROK leave the three easily passed the first two exams and moved on to the third round preliminaries.

naruto shippuden

Where nate fought one on one against Hinata although they were family Neji didn’t hold back and Hinata passed out from exhaustion allowing Nazy to move on to the third round.

For the final stage he fought against Naruto during their fight made you talk to Naruto about his fate of being bound to the Hyuga house.

And upon mages lost now it will told him not to give in to something he deemed his fate.

Mazie assisted in the Sasuke recovery mission and fought against a sound four who were escorting Sasuke.

While out he fought Kido Maru is shinobi from Auto gaku day.

Though he was able to defeat kidomaru Neji was left in critical condition.

A couple of years later Neji participated in the Chunin exams again along with his same team.

However the Chunin exams were prematurely canceled and the fifth Hokage promoted team guided to mean.

Neji was promoted to a joaneen for the assistance he gave to Gaara the kazakh cog a.

Meiji fought in the fourth shinobi World War and was placed with Hinata in the second division.

Together the two fought against the white zetsu army later he was sent Naruto in fighting the ten tails.

Realizing how important Naruto was to the war Neji Hinata and the head of the Hyuga clan Jia she blocked the attacks directed at him.

Unfortunately Meiji was killed while blocking his sister from the ten tails attack with his last few breaths Neji admitted that he finally knew what it felt like to die for your friends like his father had done years before.

40. Anko Mitarashi

naruto shippuden

L oud and quirky anko mitarashi she’s personality could be compared to the main character Naruto.

A scaled kunoichi she is a tokubetsu jounin who now teaches at the kono hagakure academy.

As a child she caught the attention of legendary sannin Orochimaru and as againi was on his team. Taking her underhis wing he taugh her all of his signature jutsu and eventually used her as a test subject for his cursed seal of heaven.

A cursed seal that grants the user increased chocolate levels and physical capabilities.

She eventually refused to follow Orochimaru after she received her cursed seal. Unwilling to kill her he altered her memory to believe that she’d been abandoned for lacking drive to fuel it.

She would later meet up with him again while proctoring the Chunin exams.

After being alerted about three dead KU singing ANCA came to the conclusion that Orochimaru had infiltrated the exams and went into the forest to find him upon finding him.

She attempted to use the Twin Snakes mutual death technique which would have killed not only him but herself as well.

At the last minute she discovered that it was a shadow clone and stopped the technique.

Rreactivating her curse seal Orochimaru warned her not to cancel the exams and left.

Seeing as sasuke uchiha was also on allergy Mathers interest list uncle grew increasingly anxious for him.

naruto shippuden

As orochimaru’s old disciple she felt responsible for stopping his actions. During the fourth shinobi World Warwhile her team was monitoring the mountains graveyard uncle tried to sneak up on Kabuto Yakushi but was defeated.

He then used the chakra from a cursed seal to strengthen his summoning impure world reincarnation.

After Kabuto was defeated by Sasuke Sasuke used the evil releasing method to revive Orochimaru from her cursed seal to talk to him.

Destroying it in the process. 10 years after the fourth shinobi World War uncle began to work as a teacher at the academy.

During this time she met with former mizukage mae table to discuss relations between the land of water and neighboring countries.

Uncle would also help out during the graduation exam where the students were set to fight her Shino and Konohamaru for 24 hours.

During the course of the exam Anka subdued many students but thetrue test was grabbing the Bell from Kakashi Hatake as the students worked as a team they all passed.

39. Tsunade

naruto shippuden- best characters

Known as a world-renowned Medical mean upon her return to Konoha Tsunade took on the responsibility of fifth Hokage.

She is a descendant of the Senju clan and a Konoha gawker a singie.

Granddaughter to the First Hokage of Konoha hakurei hashirama senju.

Tsunade is often referred to as princess.

Tsunade was gifted with hashirama’s necklace after his death and upon hearing that her younger brother now he dreamed of one day becoming a Hokage she passed it on to him.

Sadly the necklace would be given back to her after his death in the second shinobi war to avoid future deaths like her brother.

Tsunade push for medical need to join the four man squads fighting in the war.

Although heroes aim the Third Hokage agreed with her they couldn’t come up with the resources.

naruto shippuden

Tsunade began to develop a relationship with don tato who shared the same views as she did. like her brother he expressed his desire to be a Hokage, so she passed on her grandfather’s necklace to him.

Tsunade then began doing her own work for the war and he just said that her actions won the war for Konoha.

However Dan died in battle because he lost too much blood causing her to develop hemophobia and the necklace was put back in her possession once again.

Taking dance knees shizune Tsunade left Konoha she believed that if the necklace was worn by anyone but herself they would die and that achieving your dream was impossible.

Tsunade is notorious for having bad luck which sucks for her because she is real really in the gambling.

naruto shippuden

She is love gambling since she was a child because of her grandfather but whenever she begins to win she takes it as an omen and braces herself for the bad luck that is bound to come her way as a Hokage.

Tsunade takes her role seriously and protects the villagers of Kona honoring those who gave their life for Konoha.

Tsunade believes in them and is willing to give her life for the village and its allies.

She feels really optimistic about the fate of Konoha and sees great potential in Naruto. She sees Nagi and dance dreams to become Hokage live on in Naruto.

It was Naruto who erased her cynicism and tottered that just because something seems impossible doesn’t mean it is and that just because the dreamer dies doesn’t mean the dream does.

naruto shippuden- medical ninja

Ultimately she became a Hokage to live the dream of Nagi and Dan but also now to pave the way for Naruto to eventually become like.

Tsunade’s abilities are well above average making her an extremely talented shinobi and she became known as the world’s strongest kunoichi.

She has immense control of her chakra storing it into the strength of a hundred seal on her forehead. when she releases the seal her chakra comes out over a hundred times more than usual.

After the fourth shinobi war Tsunade steps down from her position as fifth Hokage and appoints Kakashi as the sixth continuing her duties until he was ready.

38. Gaara

naruto shippuden- best characters

Feared by most at birth gara went from being a dangerous foe to sunnis fifth kazukage.

Similar to naruto gara is a jin chiriki however, up until his fight with naruto they had very different outlooks on life.

From before he was born society already had a reason to fear him.

To serve as a weapon for the village the fourth kazukage wanted to make one of his children the jinchiriki of the one-tailed chikaku.

With his siblings not being compatible shikaku was sealed into gara while in the womb. his mother died after he was born prematurely due to complications with his birth.

Cared for by his uncle yashimaru gyara was raised in isolation only being taught ninjutsu by his father.

naruto shippuden- best characters

Because he was ajinchiriki while trying to make friends with the villagers he was either avoided by adults or kids who would run away out of fear.

Trying to assure he meant no harm he would either accidentally injure or even kill people with his sand.

Because of his sand gara was protected from all physical injury. however he felt agony in his heart from the isolation of the situation he was given.

Yasha maru explained that the agony he felt could be cured by love. from the love that was left by his mother and by yashamaru.

After hearing this gara went back out to the village to spread love to those he had hurt, but was attacked by onbu who was trying to kill him.

best characters

Fatally wounding him he discovered that the ombu was yashamaru who was ordered to kill garr by his father rasa.

Yashimaru went on and lied saying that he never loved gara and neither did his mother.

After asking gar to die yashimaru blew himself up with explosive tags.

From then on gara decided he would only love himself and etch the kanji for love on the left side of his forehead.

Eventually garner became the lethal weapon of destruction that his father had always wanted.

As such rasa discontinued his attempts to kill gara deciding to instead find a use for him upon meeting naruto gara had already made himself known as gara of the sand waterfall.

Someone who doesn’t care about others pleas for mercy or show any mercy himself.

This is partially because of shikaku whose voice can be heard in gara’s head encouraging violence.

Unlike naruto gara chose to isolate himself, giving in to the hatred of the people.

While naruto forced his way through the hate and continued to make friends.

After losing the fight between him and naruto gara realized that he had been making wrong decisions his whole life and began to emulate in harto.

In fact he begins to consider naruto one of his closest friends and doesn’t regret the terrible things that happened in his childhood because it led him to meeting naruto.

best characters

Eventually gara became the kazekage of the sunnah as kazukage gara matures and forgives his father for trying to kill him.

Giving his energy to the sunnah villagers they begin to respect gara and help him all they can to protect their village.

His biggest wish is for the five kage and their hidden villages to cooperate and benefit one another just like what naruto did for him.

He wants the world to not only work for themselves, but for everyone.

By the fourth shinobi war the five kage started listening to gara and eventually he became the commander of the allied shinobi forces.

37. Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto Yakushi is an orphan who would later become man as a child kabuto was found in the wreckage of a city devastated in a battle because he had no memory of his past or name.


He was brought to the hiddenleaf orphanage there he got the name kabuto.

Kabuto overheard the leader of the orphanage being threatened and told to give one of the children a way to be raised by root.

He volunteered himself and from then on kabuto served as a spy.

On a mission kabuto accidentally killed the caretaker of the orphanage and his adoptive mother nono.

While he tried to heal her she replied she did not recognize kabuto.

Distraught over this he was confronted by orozhimaru who pitched an idea of building a village themselves.

Kabutu agreed and became orochimaru’s spy in the hidden leaf, helping him attempt to kidnap naruto and gain access to the nine tails.

best characters

Kapito is a skilled ninja as well as being an excellent spy he is proficient in medical ninjutsu taking after his adoptive mother.

He serves as arujimano’s assistant during his experiments to increase his lifespan.

After sasuke kills rojimaru kabuto takes some of rochimaru’s body and grabs it onto himself in an attempt to become stronger than his former master.

He proves this in the fourth world war where he becomes an integral part in akatsuki’s plans.

Eventually kabuto is defeated and shown the errors of his ways through a genjitsu put on him by the reanimated itachi.

Kabuto finally at peace with himself heals a mortally injured sasuke and after the war decides to work as the head of the hidden leaf orphanage to guide others away from the path he took.

36. Hiruzen Sarutobi

Harrison sarutobi was the third hokage of the leaf village.

Heroes was a member of the sarutobi clan one of the first clans to settle in leaf village and one of the first ninja to go through the Konoha system of learning ninjutsu.

He early on display prodigious talent in the ninja arts gaining extra attention and training from the First Hokage.

During the first shinobi world war the unit he was on was led by the Second Hokage tobirama. during a particularly dangerous mission someone was tasked with the duty of being a sacrificial decoy.

Although he rose n offered himself tobirama volunteered instead and before going off to his death made heroes n the Third Hokage.

As Hokage heroes then tried to promote the idea of the will of fire that everyone in the villages family.

He led only one team through his tenure as Hokage, that team consisted of the ninja who would go on to become the three legendary sannin.

Although he was close to all of his students the one he felt most affinity towards was Orochimaru who he hoped would be his successor.

He resented Konoha through the second and third shinobi Wars ending it by opting to sign a peace treaty with Yoga Cordaymu ch to the ire of the village.

This led to him stepping down from the position of Hokage and handing it over to men autonomy kaze.

Not long after handing over the title he had to take it back after the nine tails attacked the village killing Minato.

For a time there was peace after the attack until people started disappearing.

When he found out Orochimaru was responsible for the disappearances in the village he rose and couldn’t bring himself to kill his favorite student still seeing him as a member of his family.

Years later Orochimaru attacked the village again. The fight ended up costing sarutobi his life but in the process he took orochimaru’s ability to perform ninjutsu and action he cursed him for.

Despite how it turned out he still loved order tomaru and died hoping to see him in the next life. He rose in sarutobi was the best example of the will of fire.

35. Mei Terumi

Kind and hard working mei te rumi is the fifth mizukage of kiragakurei because she inherited the bloody mist from former mizukage yagura karatachi.

Mei work to reform the village and their relationships with others.

Being the fifth hokage mei is a pretty powerful kunoichi and was even strong enough to injure sasuke uchiha while he used the susanoo a giant humanoid-like figure made of chakra.

She often uses nature transformations and is proficient in water fire earth and lightning release she also possesses two elemental kekai genkai which are genetically passed down abilities within a specific clan.

One of them is lava release a technique made up of fire and earth-based chakra to create volcanic materials.

The second is boil release allowing her to simultaneously use fire and water to release a corrosive mist.

At the kage summit may proved that she was the most open-minded as she was willing to listen to the fifth kazakage gara and even stuck up for him.

She also had to deal with backlash as her village is deemed the most untrustworthy because of its violent past.

Once sasuke infiltrated the meeting mae took him head on and fought him.

She fought well against him but was caught in zetsu’s spore technique which lent some of her chakra to sasuke.

Upon the declaration of the four shinobi world war, mei and the other kage agreed to form the shinobi alliance.

During this time she fought the legendary leader of the uchiha clan madara uchiha. though she tried her best she was ultimately defeated.

After being healed may was back on the battlefield ready to go.

However she wouldn’t fight long as she was caught by madara’s infinite tsukuyomi and was bound to the holy tree.

While under the influence of the infinite tsukuyomi she dreamt of marriage with the other kage around her.

Mei and the rest of the world would be freed from the infinite tsukuyomi after naruto and sasuke ended the war.

Later in her life mae continued to improve the relationships between her village and the others.

She would eventually step down as mizukage and pass it on to cho juro one of the last generation of kiragakurei’s seven ninja swordsmen of the mist.

Although she may not be mizukage anymore maize still demonstrates her love and passion for her home.

34. Ino Yamanaka

Weebs, there’s also the blonde beauty from Konoha here. Man, I don’t think there was ever a Naruto viewer who didn’t have feelings for Ino.

She was a superb woman from the beginning. She does, however, improve steadily during the course of the play.

When Ino interacts with other people and dangers, her personality undergoes significant alteration.

Soon enough, a wise and experienced Ino emerges with talents that are extraordinary in every way.

And that Ino was the one who earned all of our respect.

33.  Kurama

main characters

The strongest of the tailed beasts kurama the nine-tailed beast was known as a monster to the world.

However after being sealed into naruto it opened up and began to use its power for good.

Kurama has a massive amount of chakra reserves and was viewed by the first hokage hashirama senju as too powerful and dangerous to be left roaming around.

It also has the ability to use powerful ninjutsu and can form a tailed beast ball twice its size.

Kuroma was created by hagoromo utsuzuki after he used the creation of all things technique to split the ten tails into nine separate entities.

It was sent to the land of fire by orders of hagoromo and became known as a rampaging beast.

After madara uchiha the leader of the uchiha clan left konoha he used his shotting gun to control and use kurama to fight hashirama.

Upon his victory hashirama deemed kurama too dangerous and mito uzumaki hashirama’s wife sealed the nine tails within herself.

At the end of the third shinobi world war the third hokage’s wife kushina served as the jinchiriki for kurama and the two took all precautions to assure kudama wouldn’t be released as she gave birth.

Obito uchiha infiltrated kushina’s location extracted the nine tails from her and summoned kurama to destroy the village.

Though they managed to subdue kurama minato and kushina sacrificed himself to save naruto.

Before he passed minato sealed the yin half of the nine tails inside of him and the yang half inside of naruto.

Over time kurama assisted naruto in battle but still remained cynical towards the human race.

It wasn’t until the 4th shinobi world war that naruto focused on controlling kurama’s powers.

With the help of the eight tails jinchitiki killer b naruto fought the ninetails.

Upon kurama’s loss to naruto the beast became frantic, but eventually lent its chakra to naruto to assist in defeating the reincarnated madara.

As naruto continued to fight enemies kurama began to open up and allowed naruto to enter a new form.

Now willing to help naruto guruma assisted the other tailed beasts in fighting the ten tales.

Upon princess kaguya’s defeat kurama was guided by hashimara to stick with naruto who had become an important part of its existence.

Unfortunately after the fight the yang half of kurama was subdued by sasuke uchihas rasengan.

The yin kurama assisted naruto in fighting sasuke at the end of the fight the yin and yang half would merge again in naruto.

After naruto went on to be a hokage kurama stayed by his side assisting him whenever he needed.

32. Danzo Shimura

Danzo Shimura was one of the pillars of the hidden leaf village, being the founder and leader of root he became known as the shadow of the Hokage.

During his formative years Danzo was a close friend of Harrison Sutter Toby.

Danzo resented his friend for his skills this resentments became even deeper when Harrison was appointed Hokage.

Danzo to handpick various young shinobi to train and give missions to.

While hitters and demonstrated all the good values of a leader. Danzo preferred to leave through manipulation and fear.

He often would set up deals he would later go back on in favor of amassing power for himself. Danzo is behind most of the tragedies involving the leaf village from aiding Orochimaru and his research to the Uchiha Massacre.

To even attempting to have his own friend he derson assassinated.

Danzo will and has done anything to come closer to being Hokage. Danza was ordered by Hewson to disband root after the Uchiha slayings but he kept it active in secret.

Although Danzo primarily relies on the strength of others he is a capable shinobi on hisow n. being able to take shisui uchiha eyes and having had extensive surgeries from Orochimaru to give him ten additional Sharingan on his arm and the DNA of hashirama senju allowing him to use would release jutsu.

After pains attack on the hidden leaf village Danza was finally promoted to Hokage and he wasted no time in ordering asuke’s execution.

Sasuke knew of his underhanded ways and went to confront him at the orders of Toby.

Danzo died in battle using all the Jitsu as his disposal. he had hated the Leafs naive peaceful ways but his were not much better.

Just like his friend he’d risen he sacrifices himself believing it will save the village.

31. Son Gokū

Sangoku is the four tailed beasts one of the nine tailed beasts created when the sage of the six paths separated them from the ten tails.

As the villagers created jinsha quarry hosts to house the beasts as weapons sangoku was sold to a Wagga Kure by senju hashirama after the first shinobi world war.

In the events of Naruto he is sealed within the shinobi Roshi Roshi left his village on a journey of self-discovery to better understand son Goku.

However the two would never come to trust each other. San Goku appears as a monkey with crown-like horns this makes sense as his character is inspired by the famous novel Journey to the West.

Whose protagonist is a Monkey King in the Japanese translation this protagonist is also named son Goku.

If the name sounds familiar that’s because Journey to the West also inspired one of the most famous anime and manga of all time.

Dragon Ball as a tailed beast son Goku houses incredible chakra reserves like, all tailed beasts he can create a beast ball a powerful chakra blast.

He also possesses fire and earth chakra releases which he can combine into lava release.

He uses this power to create molten armor and even volcanoes. Roshi was captured after the battle with Hoshi kaga kasama leading to San Goku’s extraction and Roshi’s death.

Son Goku would not be seen again until unleashed by Toby to fight killer bee and gyoji.

The a tailed beast under the control of Sheridan who proves to have incredible physical strength overpowering Yuki.

Though toughened demeanor son Goku grew to respect Naruto even laughing when he was reunited with Kurama.

Sango who long distrusted humans for enslaving him but softens through the actions of the shinobi world wars.

30. Jiraiya

main characters

Jiraiya may seem like a goofball however he was one of the strongest ninja in the world earning him the title of one of the legendary three.

This is a title of course he had to work for like all greats he started off not so great.

After graduating from the leaf village’s ninja academy he was sorted into a group run by the third hokage heroes in saratobi alongside the other two legendary ninjas orochimaru and tsunade.

The group went on many dangerous missions together forming a reputation as the most elite squad the leaf village had during the second shinobi world war.

After the war jaraya went back to his passions ogling women and writing erotic fiction.

He published a lot of erotic fiction. This didn’t mean he was slacking his main mission was stopping his former friend orochimaru who after the war had slightly different plans, like becoming immortal by any means necessary.

Despite his jovial and irreverent nature jiraiya is one of the most respected ninja in the leaf village.

Being offered the position of hokage three times, each time turning it down because he felt it would distract from his main mission of keeping the leaf village safe from his former teammate and finding the child of prophecy.

Jiraiya had a similarly tense relationship with tsunade but this was mostly due to his being a giant creep.

They remained close though and eventually he convinced and helped her to become the fifth hokage.

Creepiness aside jarya was a brilliant ninja and even better teacher.

His students number some of the most shinobi countries including naruto. jiraiya jokes around constantly but he is no nonsense when it comes to protecting those he loves.

Sadly it was this capacity for love which ended up killing him.

Before the second shinobi world war he went to train at mount meo boku where he received a prophecy from the great toad sage gama maru.

He was told that he would write a book and one day have a student who would save or destroy the earth depending on his actions.

While fighting in the war he came across a group of orphans, he taught them how to protect themselves because he felt it was his fault their village and families had been decimated.

Years later he runs across those same orphans which turns out to be aless than touching reunion.

Jariah has bad luck with reunions. even while being ambushed by his former students he held back hoping to not kill but immobilize them. this choice ended up costing his life.

When it was all said and done the prophecy was right he raised a ninja who would save the world wrote books and was a pervert and ninja beyond compare.

29. Orochimaru

Orochimaru was once a young orphan who studied under the third hokage hiruzen sarutobi.

he immediately stood out as a genius and his talents were considered to be that of a prodigy according to his sensei.

although according to Tsunade Orochimaru had a sadistic and twisted personality as a child seemingly due to the death of his parents.

while visiting the grave of his parents Orochimaru found a white snake near their grave his sensei explained that it was a symbol of fortune and rebirth.

inspiring Orochimaru to study kin jutsu or forbidden techniques and obtained the knowledge of all techniques.

with a life ambition to learn all the world secrets Orochimaru seeks and mortality in order to live long enough to complete this task and even vowed to come back to destroy his former village in order to take revenge and demonstrate what he has learned.

28. Jinchūriki 

The jin churiki are the humans who have the tailed beasts sealed inside of them.

The nine-tailed beasts are strong living forms of chakra giving the gene churiki immense amount of power due to the amount of chakra within them.

The jin churiki can either learn to access this chakra by themselves or create a relationship with their tailed beast and take the chakra that is given to them.

The nine tailed fox can also choose to give the jinchuriki chakra themselves to either exhibit control over them or to protect them.

In order to exhibit full control over their nine tailed foxs ajin churiki has to undergo intense training and have immense willpower.

Those who have tamed their beasts enough can summon their beasts outside of their body without suffering the effects of what would normally happen if a nine tailed fox was extracted from their body.

Like death but how did these nine tailed fox come to be where they are today.

Well a millennium ago the world was attacked by the ten tales which was a combination of kaguya otsutsuki and the god tree.

Eventually the monster was defeated by twin brothers hagoromo and hamura otsuzuki and the beast was sealed inside of hagoromo.

During hagoromo’s time he committed many good deeds and became known as the sage of six paths. after his death the tin tails would be unleashed and his chakra would be split into nine different entities.

Because learning how to control a nine tailed fox is difficult many jin shiriki are hated and excluded from their village.

Most of them have the beast sealed inside of them at a young age so they can grow up with their beast.

However there are ways to extract a beast from the jean churiki either by them losing control of the beast or if the seal is weakened just enough.

Typically the jinchuriki will die after the beast is extracted from them but there are cases where they have lived.

Regardless of how society views them some jinshuriki have gone on to become something special to their village.

Eventually becoming kage the leader of their hidden village.

27. Kisame Hoshigaki

Some of you may refer to him as Kisame. He may be known to some of you as the shark guy.

Whatever way you choose to address this man, one thing is certain. And that’s why you admire his uniqueness.

He is a member of the Akatsuki and one of their strongest as well. In addition, his appearance is menacing, which helps him portray the wicked character in the programme.

He may also warn his opponents of him by using his enormous weapon. And for a warrior, that is a tremendous characteristic.

26. Tobirama Senju

Tobirama send you of the renowned Senjuclan was one of the founders of the first shinobi village and were tirelessly to achieve political stability and implement the village system.

Much of his success is attributed to his legendary powers what were they.

During his lifetime tobirama was hailed as the fastest shinobi he could move fast enough to cover a target with explosive tags and marked them for his space-time ninjutsu.

His chakra reserves are large enough to teleport to nine tailed fox mode users simultaneously and strong enough to visibly affect the surrounding terrain when molding it.

And his chakra control was advanced enough to perform complex techniques with only one hand seal.

As it sends you tobirama was skilled in many ninjutsu forms such as the summoning technique and barrier ninjutsu.

He also created his own innovative technique such as the shadow clone technique.

Tobirama was able to use all five basic nature transformations along with the yin and yang release, but he was most famous for his mastery of the water release and was revered as its most powerful user in history.


Using his own original techniques the flying cleanser guide technique he can instantly teleport himself and others to any location marked with the seal.

Perhaps to be Rama’s most infamous creation was the summoning and pure world reincarnation which provided thedead into a mortal regenerating bodies.

Tobirama labeled it akin Jitsu and hopes it wouldn’t be used by anyone again.

25. Itachi

main characters

A prodigy misunderstood for the longest time by his younger brother Sasuke Itachi Uchiha belonged to the Konoha gaku race youichi huh clan.

Regardless of his actions throughout his life Itachi always had his villages best interest in mind.

Already coming from the Uchiha clan Itachi was a talented ninja with his skills surpassing other people in his age group.

Allowing him to rise quickly through the ninja ranks.

He is regarded by all as an extremely skilled ninja including Orochimaru who admitted that Itachi was stronger than him.

Witnessing death firsthand at a young age Itachi was traumatized by the third shinobi war.

He was greatly influenced by orochimaru’s belief that life without eternity was meaningless and this impacted how Itachi lived his life.

Focusing more on training than playing like a normal child Itachi became antisocial.

He eventually met she sweet who he loved like a brother the two trained together and became best friends.

Because of his talent Itachi became a natural prodigy and was popular amongst his peers.

He graduated top of his class during his time at the academy.

Itachi spent a good amount of time with Sasuke growing up giving him the attention that his family did not. It’s odd she joined the on beneath having more reasons for his family to take pride in him.

They believed Itachi isolated himself because of his ever-growing taunts. however this was not the case Itachi was just disgusted by the amount of conflict in the shinobi life.

Itachi was asked to spy on the village whether Eugene huxley imp and an uprising against them.

Knowing that another war would start if the upper hasn’t happened Itachi began telling the Third Hokage and the entire Konoha council about the Uchiha clans plan in order to help maintain peace.

Unable to find a peaceful solution shisui committed suicide but not before giving Itachi his remaining eye and begging him to protect the village and their family name.

Now blame for his death Itachi and his family’s relationship became rough.

Although there was little hope that peace was on the horizon Danzo Shimura convinced Itachi that peace was not possible.

Leaving Itachi with a hard decision to make he would either allow the uprising to happen and have his plan in Sasuke killed or he could kill his own plan in spare Sasuke.

In one night Itachi and Tobi slaughtered the entire clan with Itachi choosing to his own parents.

Before being executed their final request to Itachi is to take care of his younger brother Sasuke. Punishing himself for his actions Itachi put himself in the position of a villain in Sasuke’s eyes.

He wished for Sasuke to become strong enough to kill him for revenge. He eventually went on to join the Akatsuki and it was there Orochimaru tried to steal Itachi’s body.

Easily overtaking him Itachi severed his left hand and forced him out of the group. After hearing that Orochimaru attempted to destroy Konoha pain requested a group to investigate.

Itachi volunteered to join because he was worried for Sasuke. Unfortunately Itachi contracted a terminal illness holding on for years until he could died Sasuke.

When the two eventually fought desperate to win against his brother Sasuke activates his curse seal of heaven unleashing Orochimaru.

Finding the right moment Itachi sealed Orochimaru away with susana’s sort of toxic ax and removed Sasuke’s cursed seal.

Finally getting close enough to Sasuke Itachi pokes his poor head silly Amaterasu in Sasuke’s eyes. granting him protection from Tobi Sharingan giving Sasuke one last genuine smile Itachi apologizes and ice.

Later when Itachi has reincarnated he realizes that he had messed up after finding out that Sasuke did not find out the truth about what he did nor did Sasuke become a hero.

Itachi puts his trust in Naruto to stop Sasuke from going down a darker path. Entrusting him with the task of reminding Sasuke to not forget his friends.

Upon meeting Sasuke for the last time Itachi apologized in for not being a good brother and not being honest.

He tells Sasuke that he does not need forgiveness and no matter what he will always love him.

24. Tenten

Tenten is ignore chief from the village of the hidden leaf and a member of team eleven.

From a young age Tenten wanted to become a legendary warrior like the Sun and Tsunade. Unfortunately she didn’t possess the chakra control required to be a great medical ninja.

This didn’t stop her however and she focused all her studies into weaponry fuan jutsu techniques.

Tenten is deadly with all weapons due to her extensive training, she actually collects weapons from all over the world as a hobby.

In the first part of Naruto Tenten is a strong-willed and serious shinobi. She often looks to Neji for guidance rather than the leader of team eleven might guy whose antics annoy her.

Through various missions Tenten realizes her gift for Fuu and jutsu a type of jutsu that seals living beings objects and a wide variety of other things within a scroll.

Through the use of this Tenten keeps her arsenal and can store items as large as a metal dome.

Tenten is so proficient with weapons she handled almost all of the treasured tools of the sage of six paths and later goes on to display several of them in her shop.

She opens after the events of the fourth shinobi world war. By the end of Naruto Tenten is considered to be one of the strongest shinobi of Konoha and without a doubt the deadliest one with weaponry.

23. Black Zetsu

Who is the mysterious figure we’ve come to know as black zetsu.

For hundreds of years black zetsu slowly manipulated the shinobi clans for the sole purpose of bringing its creator kaguya back to life.

Black zetsu is the physical embodiment of princess kaguya otsutsuki’s will.

She created black zetsu right before she was sealed as the ten tales by her sons hagaromo and hamura.

After defeating kaguya hagaromo focused on spreading world peace by using the chakra power he received from his mother.

A legacy he wanted to pass on to his sons. Turns out black zetsu had a different plan and nobody even knew about it.

Not even hagaromo. hagaroma raised his sons indra and ashura in the ninshu religion in hopes that they would continue spreading peace around the world when he passed away. Under the sneaky influence of black zetsu indra started a war with his younger brother.

The uchiha clan was made up of indra’s descendants and the senju clan came from the descendants of ashura. hagaromo anticipated that indra or one of his reincarnations would be tempted to take power from ashura.

So he made a tablet specifically to discourage this type of power struggle.

Black Zetsu goes and changes the tablet to say that the infinite tsukuyomi was the path to saving the uchiha.

And this is what started the war that would last for centuries to come. Black zetsu could only bring kaguya back by retrieving the infinite tsukuyomi the rinegan and the nine tailed fox that had been scattered throughout the world.

After many failed attempts at rinegan manifestation madara uchiha and hashirama senju eventually reincarnated.

Blakzetsu believed that madara would be the one who could manifest the rinnegan.

After madara’s apparent death at the valley of the end he was able to rewrite history and bring himself back to life.

He rose from his coffin and spit out the flesh he bit off of hashirama. Then he used the rinnegan to call upon the guido statue.

Madara thought he created white setsu in its clones at this time, but it was actually black satsu who was secretly taking them from the last tsukuyomi.

Another sneaky move by blaczetsu. Even tricked madara into thinking that he created black setsu, but this was just another part of the plot to recover the nine tailed fox and manipulate obito into doing his will.

In time black zetsu was able to revive kaguya by continuing to take advantage of the akatsuki clan and the other shinobi during the fourth shinobi world war.

Cold and calculating black zetsu was even willing to betray madara to finish its plan. Eventually naruto ended black zetsu by sealing it with kaguya.

22. Hamura Ōtsutsuki

Hamura was born as the younger of kagi otsutsuki’s twin sons.

The first people to be born with chakra, when kageya realized that both hamura and hagoromo also had the ability to wield chakra kaguya as the ten tails tried to forcibly reclaim her chakra out of rage and jealousy.

Eventually hagoromo and hamura succeeded in defeating her and sealing her within hagaromo.

Some time later hagoromo created thenine tailed fox and extracted the ten-tail’s husk from his body and sealed it into the moon.

Resulting in his death, some time later hamura and the rest of the clan departed to the moon in order to guard his mother’s sealed remains.

Though not before receiving instructions from his brother to wait for a full millennium and observe mankind.

There he used the power of the ten saigon to bring order and stability to the world of the moon.

Decades later and having grown elderly hamada passed away in bed surrounded by his clan members.

In the anime’s telling of events well into their adolescence hamura and his brother lived in ignorance of their mother’s true immoral nature.

While their homeland continued to prosper people would periodically disappear for a sacred ritual of the god tree.


One day the brothers were approached by gamamaru who revealed to them that beyond the peak of the nearby mountains lay the truth of the ritual.

While initially ignoring the toad’s words hagaromo grew distressed when a local girl he cared for named haori became part of the ritual.

When the brothers confronted their mother about ending the rituals kaguya dismissed their concern. simply saying it was necessary for the other’s arrival.

Finally after deciding to investigate the two brothers were horrified to learn that the missing citizens were sacrificed to the god tree.

Wishing to learn more the brothers sought out gamamaru he revealed to them that their mother’s history of coming to earth and using the god tree’s fruit to gain great power and enslave much of the land using the infinite tsukiomi Including their father.

Deciding that they needed more power to confront kaguya should she turn hostile hagoromo began training under gama maru in sanjutsu.

When hagoromo quickly improved this art kaguya soon caught onto her son’s scheme of rebelling against her using their inherited chakra.

Once hagoromo returned to confront kaguya the mother unleashed hamura to fight hagoromo having brainwashed him earlier.

In a risky plan hagoromo chose to strike down his brother, freeing him from kaguya’s control before healing hamura with a special seal tag given by gama maru.

This also allowed hagaroma to manifest his mangekyo sharingan and rinagon respectively.

Realizing both hamura and hagaromo chose to use their inherited chakra to rebel against her kaguya morphing the god tree into the ten-tails tried to forcibly reclaim her chakra out of rage in spite.

Eventually hagaromo and hamura succeeded in defeating and sealing her.

Subsequently hagoramo created the nine tailed fox from the ten-tails chakra and decided to stay and watch over the world.

While hamura decided to go to the moon and watch over their mother. hamura eventually passed away in bed surrounded by his clan.

21. Kiba Inuzuka

A member of Konoha Kaku raised inuzuka clan kiba inuzuka is a shinobi who cares deeply for his comrades including his canine companion akamaru.

Kiba was given akamaru at a young age and the two became very close.

So close that his mother became angry because they spent more time playing together than training.

As a member of the Inu Zuka clan Kiva has canine related senses great physical strength and speed.

He fights like a beast and can combine himself with a commodity to perform the fang passing Fang and create a two-headed wolf.

Kiba participated in the Chunin exams alongside team 8 and together they passed the first two rounds moving them on to the round three preliminaries.

During this he was pitted against a Naruto and thought he would easily win. however he was overwhelmed by Naruto’s fighting tactics and lost.

Kiba helped out during the Sasuke recovery mission as his ability allowed him to sniff out Sasuke’s scent, while while looking for Sasuke he was attacked by sock : and okon twin brothers from otaku day.

Leaving him and akamaru severely injured years later he participated in the Chunin exams again with his teammates and passed the written exam.

Upon the conclusion of the second exam the Chunin exams are cancelled in Tsunade the fifth Hokage promoted all of them to Chunin.

Kiba fought alongside his comrades during the fourth shinobi world war.

While on a mission he fought the reincarnated sock : bukhan and Kido motto a shinobi from Auto Garuda.

once he arrived at the battlefield with the others he is to sit in sealing the ten tails.

After the fourth shinobi world war Kiba went on to live with Tamaki who moved to Konoha kukuda from an abandoned city and the two had many dogs and cats as pets.

Kiba became recognized as a top breeder and promoted for various products on TV.

Even at an older age keep a still assist his fellow ninja against enemies when needed.

20. Koji Kashin

A clone of jiraiya who was also a contender for our list, koji kashin is a member of the villainous organization cara.

Although koji can use all of jiraiya’s techniques, koji is stronger than his progenitor in several key ways. for one thing he has perfected sage mode while jiraya’s remained incomplete.

For another he’s powerful enough to take on kara’s leader ishiki otsutsuki. who jiraya would likely have a lot of trouble with.

Koshi doesn’t win against ishiki mind you but he still accounts well for himself before retreating.

Koji may be down but he isn’t out yet so he may get stronger.

19. Baruto Uzumaki

main characters

Pump the hate breaks folks, yes we know boruto is nowhere near as powerful as most of the other characters in the franchise on his own.

Still even taken on his own merits boruto is remarkably powerful for his age.

Learning and improving on some of his dad naruto’s techniques.

But what really elevates boruto to the next level of power is his karma.

Due to connecting with momoshiki otatsuki boruto contains the deceased man’s spirit and powers.

When boruto taps into momoshiki’s spirit and or it possesses him the young ninja attains massive levels of physical strength and an improvement to his chakra and techniques.

It’ll be interesting to see how strong he gets once he’s mastered the power or it has mastered him.

18. Itachi Uchiha

main characters

A much beloved character itachi is a complex and multi-faceted ninja, but what isn’t complicated is how strong he is.

Gifted from a young age such that he was a member of the leaf village’s special forces at age 11.

Itachi is one of the strongest members of the uchiha clan which is known for turning out overpowered ninjas.

He has completely mastered the mangakyo sharingan’s many overpowered abilities.

Also a master of illusions hitachi’s genjutsu is so good that it can fool other sharingan users like his brother sasuke.

Speaking of which hitachi also fights his little bro while dying and holding back proving that he’s not only powerful but he’s also smart and skillful.

17. Pain

Pain the people of the rain village consider pain a god and he’s got the power to back up that title.

Using the rinigon eyes nagato controls six other bodies simultaneously and can see through their eyes.

This makes sneaking up on him very difficult he’s also able to use a variety of broken abilities including summoning animals reviving the dead absorbing chakra and altering gravity.

Nagato is also responsible for killing several key characters in the series. some of which we’ll be discussing later.

It’s telling that pain alone was able to level konoha in mere moments the man knows pain and how to inflict it.

16. Minato Namikaze

The fourth hokage and naruto’s father minato doesn’t come from a great bloodline or have a ton of chakra in life anyway.

Instead his strength comes from how ingenious he is an expert in sealing techniques.

Minato develops a particularly powerful oh and there’s also the little matter of his invention of the rosengan which would go on to be his son’s signature technique.

Minato is so strong that other countries had a flee-on-site order out on him and he wasn’t even hokage yet.

15. Indra and Asura

Get used to seeing that family name, the sons of the sage of the six paths indra and azra are two of the progenitors of the shinobi world.

Each of them helped develop the first ninjutsu abilities including things like the sharingan and sage techniques.

and given that they’re not so far removed from their god-like forebearers, they have a lot more power behind them than their descendants.

In addition to basically being the original ninjas their rivalry also echoed on through the ages through their reincarnations.

And while that strength in the traditional sense it certainly reflects on their power and influence.

14. Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki

Out of all the pure-blooded otsutsuki kinshiki is probably rated pretty low by many on the power scale.

But he’s still a monster.

Kinchiki not only fights sasuke to a draw showing surprising speed for his size but also battles several kage simultaneously.

He also aids in taking down killer bee at jinchiriki of incredible strength.

While he may not last for that long and he does offer to allow himself to be eaten by mamashiki, the degree to which his partner powers up from his chakra is certainly a credit to kinchiki’s strength.

13. Hashirama Senju

great character

Hashirama senshu was the first hokage and in fiction the older things are usually the more powerful.

Famous for his use of a unique wood style jutsu, hashirama was able to go toe-to-toe with maru uchiha.

And unite various groups into forming konoha.

Not only that he captured multiple nine tailed fox and was confident enough to give them away to other nations.

Hashirama’s body also possesses powerful regenerative abilities plus you know he’s strong when other people become more powerful just by using his dna.

However despite being known as the god of shinobi hashirama isn’t quite as all-powerful as some of the remaining ninjas on our list.

12. Might Guy

rock lee teacher -rock lee

It’s a damn shame that using the eight gates at their full power was a death sentence.

Because if it wasn’t then everybody’s favorite bowl cut green jumpsuit wearing mentor would have easily ranked higher.

While his taijutsu was already topped here to the point where he could even take down a beast like kisame.

We weren’t made aware of how truly strong guy was until he unleashed the final gate wherein he nearly crippled madara.

Let us reiterate he managed to take down madura uchiha.

Who happened to be in his six paths form at the time with nothing more than a kick truly the power of youth.

Rock lee was inspired from him.

11. Toneri Ōtsutsuki

great character

Yes he may only have existed as an obstacle for naruto to overcome so he could finally get with hinata.

But even by those standards toneri is still a powerful foe.

After all there’s nothing deadlier than a creepy stalker who can drop the moon onto the planet whenever he pleases.

Armed with a brand new ocular ability known as the tension toneri nearly succeeded in bringing about michael bay’s armageddon.

Only to be taught the error of his ways at the last second.

Guess even he couldn’t stop the naruhina hype train.

10. Urashiki Ōtsutsuki

supporting character

The otatukis turn out a ton of crazy powerful characters and urashiki is no exception.

He managed to take down toneri with little efforts.

He is also notable for his ability to steal chakra and techniques from other people.

By taking chakra from others he’s seemingly able to master their abilities and use them with little effort.

He is also able to travel between dimensions as well as a short time back in time.

Which he uses to great effect in battle still time travel of a different sort proves his undoing.

9. Kakashi Hatake

While originally known for nothing more than having a half decent sharing gun and lightning based jutsu kakashi went through a major upgrade during the fight with kaguya.

After robito lent him his power he got himself two perfect mangakyo shotgun along with a small dose of six path goodness.

The result of that was one of the strongest susano to ever exist.

A much improved kamui as well as the ability to use the sharingan’s deadliest abilities on repeat without fear of going blind.

For a brief moment the teacher once again outshone his students.

8. Obito Uchiha

You have to hand it to obito he’s one determined bastard.

After all half his body got crushed by a boulder and he managed to find the will to live just for the sake of his would-be waifu.

Unfortunately after she was murdered in front of his eye he began a crusade of revenge.

Along the way not only did he gain the ocular power of the rinigun to add to his own manga sharingan but also had free access to hashirama’s would release the kamui control of the nine tailed fox.

And he also briefly became the jinchuriki for the ten tales.

Goes to show what you can accomplish with the right motivation.

7. Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki

major characters

Good god this clan is almost as bad as the uchiha.

Every time you think you’ve dealt with the worst one there’s another around the corner to replace them.

Even feared by kaguya though probably before she ate the chakra fruit this demonic jutsu user served as boruto’s first primary antagonist.

With a hatred of efforts and a god complex that makes orochimaru look like a saint.

Mamoshiki can not only manipulate all five elemental chakra natures simultaneously but just like his other family members has the power of the pyaku gun rinigan and sharingan in abundance.

The fact it could take on sasuke and naruto in their uber forms at once speaks volumes.

6. Sasuke Uchiha

His life choices may have had some glaring issues but there’s no denying that this once vengeance driven warrior was pretty damn powerful come journey’s end.

His sharingan mastery not only allows him to create all manner of illusions but has perfected his lightning chakra to the point where he can infuse it with anything including his already titanic susanno.

Oh yeah and then he got himself a nice little rinigun from the sage of the six paths.

He may not be in the revenge business these days but you’d still be wise not to cross him.

5. Madara Uchiha

naruto series-major characters

The first thing this guy did after rising from the grave was take out an entire army single-handedly.

That’s how much of a beast he is. even before he managed to become the new sage of the six paths.

Madara was able to turn the tide of the war in his favor thanks to the handy dandy ability to tin the sharing gun into rinigan.

The results of which allowed him to construct multiple susano as well as summon a freaking Madara onto the battlefield.

This guy certainly made the most of his time as the resident big bad.

4. Isshiki Ōtsutsuki

naruto series- major characters

It was tempting to give an entry to jigen but he and ishiki are essentially the same person.

Or at least ishiki is the one possessing jigen’s body and giving him all his powers at any rate and what powers they are.

In addition to all too frequent otsuki powers like travel between dimensions and the pyakugan. ishiki has the unique ability to shrink both himself and other objects at will.

This doesn’t sound very powerful on paper but in practice it lets him dominate opponents like sasuke and naruto simultaneously.

3. Sage Of The Six Paths

naruto series- major characters

The one guy that actually lived up to the mantle of being a sage.

His want of peace still doesn’t dispute how strong this guy really was also known as hagaromo otsutsuki this son of kaguya had pretty much all the power in the world at his fingertips.

Every kind of ocular ability sage power elemental jutsu, not to mention a talent for sealing away abominations like the nine tailed fox.

Of course his greatest contribution to the series was when he decided to grant his powers to both naruto and sasuke.

Kind of the divine equivalent of your grandpa buying you a ferrari.

2. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

naruto series- major characters

Kaguya’s last minute appearance as the final boss was pretty brief.

But holy shiburan did she not waste a moment showing off just how overpowered she really was.

As the first wielder of chakra not only does she have every kind of jutsu under her command the original sharingan rinigan and biagugan but also the ability to summon giant fists capable of turning any ninja into paste.

And that’s not including the time she transformed into a mutated version of the ten tails.

It’s fair to say that the rabbit goddess cemented herself as a being that was so powerful that it took a cheat code there we mean last minute ceiling in order to finally bring her down.

1. Naruto Uzumaki- Naruto shippuden

naruto series- major characters

Naruto is the main character of course he’s the strongest.

He was a powerhouse as a kid and he’s only gotten stronger as an adult.

From the resengan to sage mode to the ninetails to his six-path abilities, naruto has no shortage of broken

Abilities that make him the strongest shinobi in history. but his latest power up may leave all of them in the dust.

Baryon mode sees naruto consume the nine cells chagra to produce an outrageous amount of power. it enhances his physical abilities to absurd levels of strength and speed.

Touching his enemy even drains their life force.

However this amount of power risks death but naruto is willing to risk it because that’s who he is.

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