Top 10 School Manga Where MC Gets Bullied 2022

School Manga Where MC Gets Bullied; Have you noticed lately how a lot of manga start off pretty weak andnon-threatening .It’s not until later that they become op.


There’s a lot of school manuals where the main character gets bullied and later becomes strong. I thought it would be cool to collect a little list of some of the best manuals that start off with the mc getting bullied and then they get strong from some training or something.


Let me know if you guys want me to do more of these in the comment section.


School Manga Where MC Gets Bullied 2022

School Manhwa Where MC Gets Bullied 2022
School Manga Where MC Gets Bullied 2022

Save Me

Save Me manual is very very good unlike majority of other bullied manual characters.This is original and unique in its own way.


In that it follows an mc that doesn’t exactly gain insane op powers.

The first place student at school is disabled and has a knack for getting ridiculed by the school bullies.

With no help and no way out he findshimself in a despairing situation until someone appears to stand by his side.

This manwa was very very surprising that ending was something no one expected but those people who did well they got exactly what they deserved and I’m glad they all suffered for what they did to hyongo.

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School Manhwa Where MC Gets Bullied 2022
School Manga Where MC Gets Bullied 2022

Ultimate Outcast

Shioon whom is the protagonist a victim of consistent bullying pushing him to the limits of his rationality and is on the verge of committing suicide.

Oh wait this is han will we’re talking about and the ultimate outcast which should have the old title of the greatest outcast instead of breaker.

Well to start off the same but instead of getting some miracle drug weight that happens here too.

well he surely must not heal fast and progress in his fighting abilities fast.

The art and color are nice most outcasts are ostracized because they look different, talk different or live different but not everyone and not every and not every previous outcast turns into a revenge machine after seeing his friends suffer a horrific incident.

The once outcast kang henwool decides to exact revenge with the help of an ability. He never knew existed.

School Manhwa Where MC Gets Bullied 2022
School Manga Where MC Gets Bullied 2022

The Boy Of Death

The boy of death’s story is pretty good. Lee kung ho’s mind was engulfed with ending his life due to the bullying and the loss of his mother.

He attempts to but is saved.

His determination to commit suicide somehow entices sierra a grim reaper who later offers him a contract.

His contract blesses him with the ability to borrow the powers of the dead in their previous life in return of sacrificing years from his lifespan for the sake of attaining what he wishes for.

He eventually agrees to it.

It has a nice art style as well and a very very good story.

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School Manhwa Where MC Gets Bullied 2022
School Manga Where MC Gets Bullied 2022


Trigger is just so interesting and entertaining to read so far so good.

Nam jiel rolled into the high school that is famous as the royal kingdom of the delinquents.

On the first day of school he becomes a well-known bread shuttle boy in the entire school while suffering from chronic heart diseases.

His weak body also has to suffer from assault any other kind of bullying. however caused by an unexpected event his life reaches its turning point this manual has like 40 plus chapters so give it a read.

School Manhwa Where MC Gets Bullied 2022
School Manga Where MC Gets Bullied 2022

Dice: The Cube That Change Everything

Imagine you could change your life without any bigger effort.

You have to do what a man on your phone orders you and then you earn almost anything. You wish a young boy dante has a horrible life.

He’s not handsome or clever has no friends. He is bullied at school and his mother is an alcoholic.

The only light in his life is his soulmate unju because she is always nice to him even though she is very beautiful and popular in school. Truth is he is in secret love with her.

The truth is he is secretly in love with her.

One day the new boy comes to dante’s class his name is tybin and he looks like some kind of model and he is pretty clever and perfect on all sides and what more he starts dating with in june.

The first dogtay wonders why the life is so unfair to him.

But then he finds that dice he starts playing strange games with the mysterious mr x where he has to complete easy tasks then he earns more dice and then he can have his life become better in all aspects.

He becomes more clever strong fast and some popular and everything seems good. But then the dice spreads among the schoolmates and the fight begins.

Mr x gives more and more weird tasks and people are more and more greedy and they’re even able to kill someone only for the dice.

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School Manhwa Where MC Gets Bullied 2022
School Manga Where MC Gets Bullied 2022

Devil’s Boy

In The devil’s boy I wholeheartedly enjoy the concept that this manual dove into the idea of getting revenge is a strong one and it is really easy to screw up when you’re trying to write about it.

The story handled it properly but because of that it had to sacrifice other points of the plot. Jungle is bullied to the point of self-harm until one day his prayers are answered by mephistopheles.

Yes mephisto the devil mephisto offers jungkook magical powers that would allow him to take revenge on his bullies and in return ask for his soul.

It’s an easy choice for jungu who thinks nothing can be worse than the living hell that is his life.

But what he doesn’t know is that there are greater forces at work and that he is nothing but a pawn in a much larger game played by demons and exorcists.

School Manhwa Where MC Gets Bullied
School Manga Where MC Gets Bullied 2022


The supernova manga is average but i like it and the story is about a high schooler who lives in a modern world where the strong and rich.

The ones who decides everything and the poor and the weak gets bullied and our mc is neither strong nor weak.

He is just average and that’s how helives until his friend who is poor and weak gets sick of getting bullied and killed himself and then our mc meets a black cat that can talk and the cat is some powerful past hero or something and so the cat helps him to get stronger which doesn’t sound fun to read at first.

But it gets really interesting as the story goes on and i do recommend you guys to read this one it’s got like a hundred chapters number.

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School Manhwa Where MC Gets Bullied
School Manga Where MC Gets Bullied 2022

The Boxer

This is my favorite sports fighting manga ever.

It starts off showing a talented then a weak courageous young man and then our mc a monster who has an extraordinary talent for boxing the problem.

Here is that he doesn’t see the point in doing it he looks dead inside then some boxing coach recruits him and the fun begins.

This manga is really thrilling you’ve got raw talent or you’re the underdog but do you have the heart do you have the empathy or do you have what it takes.

let’s see what you’re made of the real fight starts now this manual is good give.

School Manhwa Where MC Gets Bullied
School Manga Where MC Gets Bullied 2022


“John” remember this name, you’ll learn to loathe it.

At the beginning you feel sympathy for him because he’s a victim of constant bullying he gets beaten up left and right and is so weak that he can’t do anything about it.

We find out that jon is actually really powerful he got expelled for beating about half his class. He wanted a change but because of some events he reverts back to his old self.

This is where the reviewers get angry the mc becomes a villain while the antagonist starts becoming the good guy.

Everyone is triggered that jon is being stupid and should wake up but he can’t he clearly has some mental issues that need professional help so he cannot see reasons like we can’t this is extremely realistic not to mention he is traumatized personally the story gets even more interesting this way so give it a try okay.

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School Manhwa Where MC Gets Bullied
School Manga Where MC Gets Bullied 2022

Viral Hit

We have viral hit it’s a really good one and at the beginning it can be boring but since you get into it it’s really making you addicted.

It showed up a lot of problems you can get across in life similar to lookism character development is insane.

Our style is not really my cup of tea but you can get used to it.

The art is nice and i like the expressions some of the characters are really funny and some of them can be a little bit stupid as i would say or dumb but everyone is like that sometimes scrawny high school student.

Hogan you is probably the last guy you’d expect to star in the youtube channel that revolves around fighting.

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