Top 10 Best Anime Entrances Of All Time

In this article we will be going to cover Top 10 Best Anime Entrances Of All Time, that you must see.


How’s it going anime fans let me start by asking you a question what types of moments are your favorite moments in anime.


Is it the confession scene, the finisher sequences and fights.


Personally i love few things more than epic entrances. those entrances do a lot in giving your viewers a strong first impression in the case of a new character or giving them their much awaited and glorious return if they’re a powerful mentor character gone missing.


Even our protagonists benefit from this as the best entrances come with surefire signs of successful character development.

So for today’s list i’ll be going through 10 of the best entrances in action anime in my opinion.

Top 10 Best Anime Entrances Of All Time
Top 10 Best Anime Entrances Of All Time

Top 10 Most Epic Entrances in Anime | Best Anime Entrances Of All Time

10. Levi Entrance – Best Anime Entrances

The great anime entrance for a new character should serve as an establishing moment of how badass he is.

Coming in with glorious music and a down titan for the save levi surely made an impact when he entered the scene. this scene has it all and as far as attack on titan’s concerned i couldn’t have asked for a better dynamic entry.

It establishes what a strong character levi is shows us what his role is in the chain of command and gives us a glimpse of his analytical personality.

The titan slaying that follows is just the cherry on top seeing humanity’s strongest soldier in action like that is a sight to behold. no wonder you got fangirls getting wet over him almost a decade later.

9. Alucard’s Entrance- Best Anime Entrances

Helsing has a whole array of badass moments the fight scenes and the showcase of alucard’s broken powers probably deserve a video of their own but it has its fair share of epic entrances as well.

In terms of entrances this one gets extra points for the build-up you see alucard immediately but he’s surrounded by relative silence.

You just see the guy from afar but the way it’s presented you know something big is gonna go down.

Then the music hits and he makes an adrenaline pumping jump into the burning city right in the middle of the tension field stare down between two forces on a collision course not everyone but the most badass of characters could do that and alukar did it with style.

You can see the whole thing on youtube so seriously just check it out.

8. Hideyoshi’s Entrance- Best Anime Entrances

Need a way to show how godly a character is let hideo she teach you.

This scene here encapsulates the things that we can see from sengoku basada and just how powerful hideyoshi is.

How about punching an entire mountain into existence by parting the sea, make water evaporate with sheer force yep you got that right.

It’s really amazing how sengoku basara made hideyoshi look like a god among mortals. i mean how can you even compare you’ve got to admit though i was caught off guard a bit here, i know that this is anime and that we’ll be seeing such feats like these. however to see something as wild as this in sengoku basara was a real treat.

The most amazing fact about this is that hideyoshi’s not even someone who uses weapons. imagine doing all of that with just your fists.

7. Black Bulls Save Finral- Best Anime Entrances

Wow at seven we have the black balls coming in to save finral finra has been through one hell of a fight and was about to be finished off.

The whole emotional roller coaster that is his fight ultimately sets up the next entry on our list the moment where the black balls come out of nowhere and surround language.

Truly a very tense moment in black clover as the black balls collectively threaten language before he makes a mistake that he’s gonna end up regretting. i really like how the entire squad comes in to show that they have their guys back.

The black balls may have been quite the dysfunctional squad at times but when it comes to their bonds and how they look out for each other few can compare. this moment is also one of the best among anime saves for me.

6. Skull Knight In the Eclipse- Best Anime Entrances

The eclipse is by far one of berserk’s darkest moments, we have the good guys in one hell of a bind.

Godzing would have suffered a fate worse than death had skull knight not intervened after what felt like forever skull knight had finally fought his way through zord and makes his big entrance.

Seeing guts and kaska in the state that they’re in made the wait much longer but the payoff of seeing skull knight finally make his appearance became a lot greater as a result.

I know many of you aren’t fans of cgi however it doesn’t make this moment any less awesome. skull knight comes in and pretty much powers his way through the demonic hordes just to rescue guts and kaska.

It’s a glorious and desperate charge and i really got caught in the moment seeing it for the first time.

5. Sinbad’s Entrance- Best Anime Entrances

At number five we’ll be taking a look at sinbad’s entrance.

Saying simbad’s entrance can be quite confusing when it comes to magi, after all he’s had his fair share of dynamic entries and goosebump inducing appearances.

Among all of them i’d give top recognition to the one in the magnostat arc.

In a long drawn-out fight that’s seen pretty much all of the name characters of relevance popping a united effort against the medium it’s simbad’s appearance that turns the tides of the battle.

Still remember seeing his grand entrance as he strikes the boss monster with his jinn’s lightning attacks.

And he doesn’t come alone along with him are the strongest fighters of numerous countries under the seven seas alliance as well as morgiana and yunnan. it’s such an epic moment with the episode being capped off by his epic speech about defeating a god.

4. Naruto’s Entrance- Best Anime Entrances

Number four is naruto’s heroic entrance in the pain arc. destruction and despair lay in front of payne’s gonohi invasion.

We knew that the guy was capable of something after his victory over jiraiya but the arc really drove on the sheer destructive power that payne has in him.

The pain invasion arc saw a lot of fallen heroes and a lot of hopelessness for every ray of hope that the hero see paine does something to easily snuff it out.

It seems that all is lost until he comes back.

Coming in with toads and doing a gynax pose we see naruto in his new form having mastered the secrets of sage mode he makes his long-awaited return as the proud figure that looks to put pain in his place.

It’s a complete contrast to the kid that we grew up loving the underdog and the outcast has finally become konoha’s long-awaited savior.

It’s the culmination of the underdog story that we’ve been seeing from the very beginning.

3. Ichigo’s Entrance- Best Anime Entrances

As we start off our top three we begin with ichigo’s entrance in karakura town.

It’s been a long time coming for the fated battle between ichigo and aizen and nothing less than a spectacular entrance would have sufficed.

Good thing the bleach anime got it down right, one of the most awesome moments in the fake karagura town arc just became 10 times more awesome when seen in anime form.

Coming in with a metal remix of his theme the now long head ichigo prepares to battle aizen. from the onset you can tell there’s a lot that’s happened ever since the last time we saw our protagonist.

Gone was the hesitant teen who showed signs of wavering resolve instead we have the eyes of a man who’s grown to surpass his limits in such a short space of time. amazing entrance to precede the ass-kicking that follows.

2. Dragon Dive- Best Anime Entrances

We have the dragon dive scene from hunter hunter.

I’ve already sung praises for the chimera antarctic several times but for all the high praises that i’ve ever given it never have i once mentioned one of the epic moments early on in the ark until now.

The palace invasion begins with a bang and that’s an understatement the setup and the build up for the scene is just amazing and we’re greeted by the sight of thousands of aura shards reigning into the palace to open the chain of events.

It’s the confusion and the sheer destructive capabilities of the shards, that help facilitate the mission and the locating of the ant king. while one could wonder why they went with such a dynamic entry in what was supposedly a stealth mission i’d say that dragon dive served its purpose well.

The confusion made locating merum easier and i assumed that it was designed to brush all the weak and suicide with its.

1. Shanks Save Coby & Stop The War

Power for anyone who’s watched one piece you all know that shanks is due for one of the classic moments like this one.

It helps that kobe set everything up with his epic speech having enough of the fighting the cowardly kobe finally steps up and puts himself in the line of fight in order to put an end to it all.

Unfortunately the forces at work wouldn’t have it and he would have found himself yet another casualty if not for this grand entrance.

Stopping an attack with his sword is cool enough but doing it against akainu epic stuff but that’s expected from someone with the stature of the likes of shanks.

This is a moment that sent chills down my spine and i’m sure that a lot of one piece fans felt exactly the same way.

To think that this is one of the most pivotal moments as well because if it wasn’t for this epic entrance luffy probably wouldn’t have made it out alive, thanks a lot shanks.

Not for only saving the main character but for giving us one of the best moments in one piece’s storied history.

And with that we end this list how about you guys what’s your personal top 10 list of epic anime entrances looking like.

Please share it down in the comment section below and let’s see what you’ve got.

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