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Then you have come to the right place; in this article, I will show you the Top 10 Best Bad Boy Anime 2022 That You Must Watch.


what’s the best way to calm sundress you bring in the bad boy. yep this means if you act like one of these guys in real life you’ll have a chance to get arrested.


Anyways here are animes where the main character is way too bad for his own good.


Top 30 Best Bad Boy Anime 2022

30. Kakuriyo: Bed And Breakfast

anime bad guy
Bad boy anime

We love spirits, so how about spirits disguised as bad boys?

Oh wait, this all happens in and in, and the girl gets dragged into all of this because she cannot pay her debts.

Hmm, this doesn’t look similar to anything at all. Jokes aside, that’s the premise of cacurio.

One girl with debt needs to settle it with the spirit, so instead of marrying the guy wearing the weird mask, she decides to earn the cash herself.

Many people will believe this to be a love story but focus more on food.

Yes, you heard that right, and no, this isn’t something to be disappointed about because the show excitingly handles this.

This doesn’t mean that the show doesn’t have romance because plenty of moments are dedicated to it.

It’s just that the show likes to speak about food more than love.

Romance Anime Where Friends Become Lovers

29. Engaged To The Unidentified

bad boy falls for good girl shows
Bad boy falls for good girl shows

I like how this starts as a fun romantic comedy anime and then hits you with a bat with its plot twists.

This starts off pretty fun and lighthearted when a girl simultaneously gets a fiancee and a sister-in-law.

Yup, you heard that right. This is one of those forced-to-marry, the guy who landed on my doorstep anime everyone likes to watch once in a while.

This show isn’t anything special if you look from the outside but what’s great about it is how it executes the story well.

All of those anime cliches are handled excitingly, and this anime knows how to make even the most minor details very special.

As the story moves along, and we get the sister, that’s pretty cool too.

Romance Anime With Happy Endings 

28. The Severing Crime Edge

anime bad boy
Anime bad boy

We all have strange obsessions over things, so don’t think this guy’s some weirdo when I say he has the desire to cut long hair.

That’s right, and this guy should find a girl with long hair or start a salon.

Luckily he gets to choose the first option because when he finds a beautiful girl with long flowing hair named Aiwa musha no koji, that’s the more straightforward part.

The more complex part is when we realize that cutting this girl’s hair will let anyone grant their wish.

Now our guy has this ability instead of cutting her hair to make his wish come true. He decides to cut her hair and set her free.

If you didn’t understand a word, I said that’s perfectly fine because this is one of those anime you should watch for yourself to understand the story. You’ll like the romance here as well.

Magic Academy Anime With OP MC

27. Library Wars

Bad Boy Anime 2022
Bad Boy Anime 2022

Let’s say that there’s a future where the government, for some reason, decides to burn down books.

The book overs form the military to defend their favorite libraries, and the world is at war to protect people from burning books.

Yup, that’s the premise of library wars iku kashahara joins the defense force inspired by its members but soon learns that her skills aren’t enough.

Here she meets Atsushi dojo, who makes her work harder than other recruits since she’s the show’s main character; at first, iku tries to contain her anger.

But the flames of love soon blow the library away as the two begin to have their conflicts.

Two teenagers are lost in love while the books around them get burned. Isn’t that romantic? I don’t know.

You can be the judge, but another good thing about this show is its focus on both the action and romance genres.

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26. Diabolik Lovers

hot anime bad boy
Hot anime bad boy

Here comes twilight and the vampires; this time, we got one girl and six boys.

It will win her heart, and why doesn’t this anime look like it was made in 2008 when it was created in 2013?

But who cares because instead of one lousy boy, we get six bad boys, and each guy is more sadistic than the previous one.

Now the problem with this anime might not be for everyone since it has many controversial reviews.

Some say this terrible boy trope was taken too far, and the others say to shut up and watch it if you searched for it.

I’m in the middle of all this, but the bad boy trope aside, they show us some great art and a group of brothers who act as if they’ve never seen a girl in their life.

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25. Shugo Chara

Bad Boy Anime 2022
Bad Boy Anime 2022

Here come the fairy tales. Okay, just kidding, this is way better than fairy tales, to be honest.

You got this shy girl who’s forced to don a fake cheerful personality before she can reveal her true nature to her friends.

Three guardians meet her. Now, these three guardians would help her be forward and enthusiastic, but she’s got this one major obstacle in front of her.

Yeah, you guessed it right. It’s the bad boy.

The guy has personal issues and likes bullying the girl just because he feels like it.

One thing I want about sugochara is how it combines fantasy romance and the magical girl genre altogether.

Compared to other anime, that’s a pretty simple story—no need to hurt your brain while figuring out who loves who.

Best Underrated Anime With OP Mc

24. Dance With The Devils

bad boy anime characters
Bad boy anime characters

No, this anime isn’t about dancing, and we don’t have any devils here.

Oh, wait, we have devils, and guess what?

We got vampires, too, because why the hell not?

Dance with the devils may look like a teen romance show, but apart from the romance, there’s a good mystery running in the background.

The show also has some lovely fantasy aspects, like how these groups search for the grimoire.

The tool that will allow them to control the world.

I know big concepts for a romance anime but each of them is executed neatly by developing the mystery and giving it a good payoff.

This is also one of those shows where the harem helps advance the plot without looking cheesy.

So if you want mystery and romance, here’s the show.

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23. Wolf Girl And Black Prince

anime bad boy characters
Anime bad boy characters 

This guy might look like another generic male protagonist who has nothing better to do than look incredible, but when you have a private conversation with this guy.

You realize he’s another one of those nut jobs who have a secret fetish.

Okay, let’s move to the story. We have erica Shinohara who has friends who have boyfriends and is afraid that her clique will ignore her.

she takes a random photo with a stranger. She claims that she has a boyfriend as well.

But as it turns out, this random stranger is the most popular boy in the school and not a person with a very kind heart, so what’s the deal?

He’ll protect erica’s secret, but she’ll have to do anything he says.

Yes, you know where this is heading but compared to other anime, this executed the whole lousy boy concept well by establishing good chemistry between our main couple.

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22. Yamada Kun And The Seven Witches

bad boy anime boy with black hair
Bad boy anime boy with black hair

Yeah, I know this tends to go a bit to the harm route, but the ending shows Yamada choosing the best girl and sticking to one.

So this can be called a romance anime .yamada Kun in the seven witches is about Ryu Yamada.

The delinquent in the class barely gets good grades in his studies.

One day, while walking the staircase, he accidentally trips and falls on the school student, yurara Shiraishi.

The two swap bodies and soon learn kissing swaps their bodies back.

Now they join the supernatural research club that researches witches’ magic and all the occult stuff.

But who cares about that stuff, right it’s all about the body swapping and the romantic tension too.

Isekai Anime With Op Mc

21. Maid Sama

Bad Boy Anime 2022
Bad Boy Anime 2022

And we end the list with the maid.

That’s right, we all know how good maid sama is because it’s not about the maid but the couple.

So what’s matesama about?

Let’s recap the premise a hot-headed girl begins a feminist movement inside a school but works as a mate to earn a family income.

She meets the most badass guy in school who likes to learn on corridors, tease girls and act as the biggest stalker of the 21st century.

And the high-headed girl slowly cools down and shows that sundres can warm up towards bad boys if the approach them the right way.

What many people, including myself, love about maid sama is how their relationship is developed and how both of them are fascinating characters.

We won’t be getting a season 2 so let’s enjoy season 1 because it’s a masterpiece.

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20. Sing “Yesterday” For Me

bad boy anime boy with black hair
Bad boy anime boy with black hair

Get ready to meet the bad boy and pessimist Riku ozumi. A guy works at a convenience store but is still depressed about his future.

The only ray of sunshine in his life is a girl named Haru Monika, who frequently drops by his workplace to befriend him.

But things get even more severe when rikyo’s old friend and crush, shiniko, moves back into town.

So now we have one pessimistic boy and two girls with different feelings.

Our main character might not be the badass boy in the city, but he doesn’t seem to care about other people’s feelings.

Sing yesterday, for me, has a lot of slice-of-life elements mixed in with some morally grey characters, even though you sometimes feel like punching all of them in the face.

They all get their moments to shine if you want that love triangle with a bad emotionless boy in the middle of it, then this is the show for you.

19. Black Cats

Bad Boy Anime 2022
Bad Boy Anime 2022

No, we’re not talking about the spider-man villain or an actual black cat.

This time, it’s about an assassin.

Yeah, I know you’re going to sign another assassin anime, but trust me, this one is good.

As you guessed, the killer is the big bad boy here, but when he meets saya Mitsuki, a gunman, and bounty hunter, he decides to quit his job and becomes a bounty hunter.

So all good, nope, is underlying creed now wants to know why he switched sides. So he chases after him.

Even though the show’s whole premise might seem gloomy, it has a lot of comedy in it, even though romance isn’t the main focus here.

When the romance kicks in, it will be sweet and wholesome.

18. Code Breaker

hot anime bad boy
Hot anime bad boy 

You know the guy is a bad boy when he straight up goes and kills a person’s aura.

On her way home, Sakura koji sees people being burnt alive by a guy with blue flames.

Being the intelligent girl she is, she calls the police and heads back home, but surprised, our mysterious killer becomes the new transfer student in school.

Sakura is cautious about being with him. Still, she soon finds that the killer Rey is a sympathetic character.

He’s cheerful and charming and is the last in the class to kill a person. Come on, how can this guy kill a person so quickly?

Then what did Rey see that day?

As you can see, the code breaker starts with a huge mystery, and the story gets more complex as we move along.

Similar to the black cat, even though the story begins with a dark premise, there’stons of comedy in between.

There isn’t much romance compared to the other shows on this list. But this anime knows how to explore the bad boy and good girl tropes well.

17. Paradise Kiss

bad boys anime
Bad boys anime

The moment you watch this anime, you’re going to think, what’s with this weird art style?

But if you are a long-term anime fan, you know that bizarre anime can give you the most enjoyable once you are hooked on them.

Paradise kiss is that kind of show. Paradise kiss starts when Yukari Hayasaka runs away from a stalker and fades along the way but shortly, she wakes up in a room full of fashion designers.

Now all those fashion designers want Yukari to be their official model, but Yukari has other ideas.

She escapes, but they track her down and force her to accept their requests. one thing paradise kiss excels at is drama.

It doesn’t give you any new or unique drama. Still, the characters and the setting make the drama more exciting.

This might not have romance under the cherry blossom tree, but it knows how to keep you engaged with the story with some interesting characters and drama.

16. Kakurio

bad boy anime
Bad boy anime

Anime always combines various genres with romance but have you seen an anime that combines fantasy and food?

If you haven’t, it’s time you watched Kakurio. one girl with debt needs to settle it with the spirits.

So instead of marrying the guy wearing the mask, she decides to earn the cash herself.

Many people believe this to be a love story, but this focuses more on food.

This has a premise similar to kami-sama kiss, but the episodes are heavily dipper because of how much cooking is involved in the anime.

Initially, cooking is only a hobby, but wait until you see how they integrate the whole cooking concept into the story so that it impacts the rest of the characters.

Oh, and did you know this has ten ending themes .damn that’s a lot. This will be a musical food anime if we involve a bit more music.

15. Kobata

Bad Boy Anime 2022
Bad Boy Anime 2022

Kobata is one of those shows with a fairytale premise.

This girl has a candy bottle, and the bottle fills up every time she helps a person.

What happens when the whole bottle is filled up?

Good question. When the bottle is filled up, she gets to fulfill any wish he has.

Think of this like the holy grail but with no masters and servants.

Bardo also has a great art style for a romance anime, even though the romance comes in a bit later.

It has some tremendous slice-of-life elements in it.

If you want a tension-filled romance show, then Kabato is not the show for you, but if you want a slow-paced slice of life drama with family issues, romance troubles, and all of that, then kabato is

14. Vanitas No Karte

anime bad boy
Anime bad boy

With some vampires, our girl is the vampire, and our guy is the type of person to flirt with the girl and then ask her to drink his blood.

The story is centralized around one archivist.

A guy searching for the legendary vanitas book soon finds it in possession of a human named vanitas, and this guy keeps calling for trouble.

The main girl arrives in the second episode, and if you’ve seen a girl like Janae alter going around the internet, then that’s her Janae.

She starts as the world’s most muscular bodyguard and then gets addicted to the blood of vanitas.

Romance isn’t the primary genre of bonitas, but the relationship between vanitas and jean is heavily explored in the first few arcs of the series.

This is one of the unique relationships I’ve seen in anime.

13. Gakuen Alice

Bad Boy Anime 2022
Bad Boy Anime 2022

The love polygon tag was the first thing I noticed when I checked out this anime.

Until then, I didn’t even know that there was a tag like that. in the good old days, we called that harem, but Goku and Alice were better than I expected.

You’ve got a friendly supernatural magic system To have an exciting set of characters plus a main character who isn’t very dull, and instead of high schoolers, we have little kids running the show this time.

The show’s first few episodes are about two best friends reuniting and deciding to spend time in a weird academy, and the romance kicks in later on.

The whole premise might be a bit too far-fetched, but if you love those bad boys, good girl dramas, don’t forget to add this to your watch list.

12. Koikimo

Once again, this is one of those controversial anime.

We have a businessman falling in love with a high school girl, and the businessman being another Bruce Wayne doesn’t help to reduce that controversy.

At first, I thought the anime would use the debate to push the story forward, but the plot gets more depth as we move along.

For example, it starts with a girl and a boy and then develops into a love triangle rather than a love rectangle.

The show also does a good job portraying the businessman as an actual person and not another one of those rich playboys.

When you first watch this anime, you’ll see this blonde dude and say, dear god, what a creep.

But as you move along, you’re going to say, dear god, what a romantic jerk.

There’s not much difference, but there’s still good romance.

11. The Ryou’s work is never done

Bad Boy Anime 2022
Bad Boy Anime 2022

Here comes the crazy game of hungry lollies.

This time our story revolves around a group of people who play shogi. a Japanese game similar to jess.

Our protagonist, yaichi yuzu, is one of the youngest players to win an international tournament, and as soon as he comes home, a girl is waiting for him.

What is this little girl? She wants to be his disciple. as you guessed, she isn’t the only girl who’s going to join.

Soon some other girls join it as well, and soon his house turns into a nursery of Shoghi, and it turns out that this isn’t the only problem.

The rest of the shogi community seems to hate yaichi for winning, and now he has to prove to the rest of the world he is a good shogi player and not a cheater.

And having a bunch of lollies in your house isn’t help.

10. Kodocha

Bad Boy Anime 2022
Bad Boy Anime 2022

Bring back your time travel machines because we are about to check out an old anime.

Oh, ancient one, why come on? Sometimes we need to appreciate some old stuff.

Unlike the rest of the anime girls, we don’t need the high school setting every time.

Our girl Santa in this show, is living a happy life. She’s got a lovely family everyone in the school loves her, and everything is fine.

But that’s until the lousy boy and aikido Hayama comes into class. Soon the course turns upside down, and aikido becomes the official bully of the school.

Now Santa needs to discover the mystery behind this bad boy and hopefully turn him into a good one.

So she can continue her peaceful life. You know what happens during the conversation, love.

9. Devil’s Line

hot anime bad boy
Hot anime bad boy

Come on; we cannot make a sound bad boy good girl anime list without including at least one anime that copies twilight.

Here we follow the 22-year-old university student Tsukasa terra, who learns the existence of vampires when her friend turns out to be a vampire.

While trying to discover more about it, she finds Yuzuki and nazai and soon finds herself attracted to the boy.

Yuki, on the other hand, is an open book, always revealing his feelings and making Tsukasa embarrassed.

The couple soon developed a forbidden romance, with Yuki desperately trying not to do what vampires usually do.

Drink blood; you could call this the combination of twilight and Tokyo ghoul, but instead of ghouls, we have vampires.

The romance can be a bit too cheesy at times, but apart from that, you get a nice forbidden romance along with vampires.

8. Hanasakeru Seishounen

bad boys in anime
Bad boys in anime 

Am I the only one who thinks the main character of this show looks like Shiki from the garden of sinners?

Whatever, just back to the story; this is the reverse harem story and before you shoot the screen with a pistol, let me say that this one is one of the good ones.

Honestly, this is one of the best ones. Because we finally have a female character who doesn’t act like a damsel in distress.

She finally has the boss kick her father’s balls and say now, the old guy I’m marrying who I want, not the guy you want.

The show may start as a who should I watch anime but by the third episode, it turns into a political game where everyone wants to backstab each other.

This has excellent pacing and great plot twists you never see coming. If you wish to do some written romance anime, don’t forget to add this to your watchlist.

7. Sounds Of Life

hot anime bad boy
Hot anime bad boy

Sounds of life are more about sounds of instruments rather than romance, but along the way, we get a perfect couple of all time.

Come on, a lousy boy plus a girl who looks like the high school version of revvy from black k lagoon.

That’s like the best combo ever. Are you tired of the good innocent boys whose music geniuses?

Then here’s a change instead of the good guy, we’ve got the school delinquent whose only skill is music.

But when he tries to join the school music club, the club president refuses, considering the guy’s background.

But considering how our main character has a history in music with his grandfather being a famous koto maker, the president gives him a chance.

And then we meet this sweet innocent-looking girl who is bloodthirsty. So that’s a whole other level of fun.

6. Love You Baby

bad girl falls for good boy anime
Bad Boy Anime 2022

This time our high school bully is the main character. That’s a nice change.

Half the time, the girl is always the main character. Our boy Kippy is everyone’s least favorite playboy when the anime starts.

He flirts with every girl, acts all funny and high, and then one day, he realizes that he needs to look after his sister .no not part-time, full-time.

This changes his life, and now he realizes he cannot be that playboy anymore.

This also makes him notice a girl named Kokoro, and directly, with that playboy nature drained out of him, he will finally decide to stick to one girl and continue his life.

Even though this is a bit old, this executes the drama way better than much of other romance anime. So make sure to give it a watch.

5. Say I Love You

anime bad boy and good girl romance
Anime bad boy and good girl romance 

Say I love you is about a girl struggling to say she loves him.

When she was in grade school, our girl was wrongfully blamed for the death of their class pet, and ever since then, she has tried to stay away from people.

Along comes bad boy Yamato who takes a liking to me but may have no interest in him.

He punches him and gives him the good old nobody; you have no chance with my look.

But after a certain misunderstanding, things begin to change. Say I love you is on the very top because I felt like this has the perfect bad boy and girl.

And this time, the girl is the one with the issues, and the bad boy only tries to understand her better.

So if you love the bad boy falls for girl niche, don’t forget to watch this one.

4. The World Is Still Beautiful

anime bad boy romance
Anime bad boy romance

No, the world isn’t beautiful as long as we have covered the pandemic screw the pan table guy hate.

But the world of the rain kingdom is gorgeous as long as it has rained. Well, the queen of the country can control the rain, so as long as she’s happy, the guys in the kingdom are so glad.

Am I right .yes but the thing is, this short dude wants the queen as his wife, so no more rain for the kingdom.

What’s also ironic is that this fast bastard is the prince of the sun kingdom.

So that kingdom only has the sun. Yes, so to get the rain, they need the princess of the rain kingdom, so you know where this is heading.

The world is still beautiful. It’s not so fantasylike, even though it has a fantasy tag.

But I love how it focuses on the characters without focusing on the big dark demon lord who plans to green the world because everyone does that.

In the end, this anime is a good character drama so watch it. You’re welcome.

3. We Were There

anime with bad boy and good girl romance
Anime with bad boy and good girl romance

This anime is perfect—an emotionally wild ride regarding the lousy boy-good girl niche.

It’s about the first year of high school anonymity Takahashi, whose ambition is to make many friends during high school years, d that’s so great good for her.

Her attention goes to muraharoyano, a popular and laid-back boy.

Jano’s previous girlfriend has died in a car crash, so he is suffering from both emotional shock and depression.

I hope she was a lovely person, maybe.

Anonymous soon falls in love with him, but the couple gets relationship issues as Jano still needs to get over his previous relationship.

Yeah, you might want to figure that out when you have a new girlfriend, yup, did you hear?

What I said finally, we get a couple with somewhat realistic romantic issues rather than something that is used to build up the tension.

We were there and know how to make you laugh and cry simultaneously, so what could I say? Don’t miss out on this one.

2. My Sweet Tyrant

Bad Boy Anime 2022

Wait a minute, did japan have a romance anime where the couple starts dating from the first episode?

My gosh, this is a Guinness world record. Seriously put it down, folks.

Wait wait, did I forget to mention that these two have the weirdest relationship issues ever?

This guy stalks his girlfriend, and his girlfriend thinks it’s cute.

That’s not all because this boy has a fetish for insulting his girlfriend in every possible way, and guess what? She still thinks it’s cute.

This was like when I was like, I don’t know like Paz loves dogs, like psychological scenarios like this aren’t comforting.

Japan has a strange obsession with making things so damn cute that they forget a show should also have a plot.

But all jokes aside, the kawaii factor is what forces you to binge the show.

You got a mail to sunderer and a girl who is numb to insults and, of course, the worst trash talk and anime history.

If you can survive that creepy yet cute relationship, watch this. It won’t harm your mental health in any way, probably not.

1. My Little Monster

Bad Boy Anime 2022

Imagine if Yagami was a female to sundered who started dating a high school version of naruto.

The wait is that weird. I hope not because that’s the best way, to sum up these two characters’ personalities.

One is a boy who doesn’t want to study, and the other is a girl who looks too much.

Both are the opposite extremes, but once they, as men said, opposites attract at least an anime.

Probably life too, but what I loved about this anime is how the story got more profound as it moved on.

More social issues make in until you see that these two have different social traits, and the clash between these traits is what helps build the romance.

To make it simple ink of this as far lovely, I wish there was much more character growth than what they presented, but apart from that, this is one of those cute anime you can watch on Netflix, oh chilling on a cold.

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