Top 50+ Best Uncensored Anime 2022

Best Uncensored Anime 2022: Uncensored Anime where the mc doesn’t run away from girls when the word edgy comes to mind all of a sudden we have female anime characters just rampaging all over the place.


Making it hard to see what time of day it is and you know what happens when you put a thirsty naughty boy in a setting like that.


You get a show that’s at times so not normal that it makes you reconsider why you picked it up in the first place.


I mean you can’t blame them since they’re male anime characters and not everyone is the hot shot sasuke from naruto.


Not giving a flying hoot about who just fainted because he took a little too many breaths the last minute.

You might have seen some soy boys running away from these bouncy anime girls but there are some characters who just don’t pay any heed to it and take the bull by the horns making sure they face the girls head-on without giving in.

These are anime where the protagonist just doesn’t run away from girls even when their thirst crosses all the limits and deliver a plot that’s both entertaining and hilarious to no end.

With that being said let’s have a look at some naughty boys.

What’s up guys welcome to the channel in today’s video we’ll show you ten uncensored ecchi anime that you should watch.

Best Uncensored Anime 2022

51. Sin: Nanatsu Taizai

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Lucifer an archangel and former head of the seven heavenly virtues is banished from heaven after revolting against the Lord’s will.

While plummeting from the sky she’s halted halfway between heaven and hell after crashing through the roof of a high school Church.

Though she is witnessed by Maria Totsuka a soft-spoken student at the academy.

Lucifer swiftly continues her descent into the depths of Hell. soon after her arrival Lucifer is found by aspiring Demon Lord and fangirl Leviathan.

The two decide to overthrow the $0.07 the authorities of Hell under the leadership of Bali Allah.

But with their combined powers the seven since are able to repel Lucifer and contain her divine powers by placing a garbageman over her body.

Transforming Lucifer into a demon lord. longing for a revenge and accompanied by Leviathan Lucifer makes her way back to earth where she forces Maria to become her immortal slave.

Together with her new accomplices Lucifer sets out on a mission to subdue the seven sins so that she may be free of the curse brought upon by her garb.

50. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Naive 16 year old memoria takanome a is accustomed to being teased at school for having an unfortunate surname.

That can also be read as a virgin.

However young memoria will soon have to get used to being teased in other ways.

Kidnapped during gym class Mori wakes up only to find herself stranded and under attack on the exotic island of mermaid.

Luckily enigmatic fellow castaway Mira a shaky Shima knows exactly how to take the lead through a passionate kiss.

Me a unleashes memores extra transformation abilities turning the innocent redhead into a battle ready Cutlass through the power of arousal.

The duel will need to tap into that power his mermaid island is full of potentia friends and foes.

Charlotte the sadistic liberator of Xterra harem the gluttonous and crafty may fond the mysterious but charismatic Akira hiiragi and the erotic biker duo lady lady.

Memoria Mia days powerful and intimate embrace is the only way for the pair to ensure their survival on this scandalous island.

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49. Hajimete No Gal

Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Spring the season of love has arrived and it seems that finding himself a girlfriend was harder than jeanine she believed.

To break the status quo Janee cheese friends have forced him into confessing to the gaol llame you Cana.

However things don’t go quite as he expected thus a series of first began.

This is the creators of this anime attempt to make a rom-com haramy hentaish anime and thanks to that they failed miserably in all aspects when it comes to plot and story.

However this anime’s sole purpose of existence is to grab the attention of those horny teens.

In that case this anime fits right into this list if you ask me.

With spring right around the corner all the students hormones and go into overdrive mode with couples left and right.

The desperate virgin mc which is also half the watchers of this anime is trying to do all that is in his power to find a girlfriend after being teased and ridiculed by his friends.

Only to confess to the busty yukanayame a student in his school.

That well let’s just say she’s definitely energetic the anime offers a lot of scenes locked in the mc fantasy of having with his harem entourage in weird places and circumstances to say the least.

Speaking of which one redeeming factor about the bland entourage harem characters is their freaking massive watermelon size oppai.

Other than that they’re as bland as they come and of course no need to forget about all the harem cliches since apparently the directors didn’t forget and added a plethora of them.

48. Makenki-KI!

Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Maken-ki based on the manga series by Hiromi tzu-yu Takeda the romantic comedy is about Takara oh hi Yama.

A typical perverted teenage boy. His new school doesn’t require entrance exams and it just turned co-head. unfortunately his dreams of a happy high school life are dashed when he finds out that school is much more than it seems.

All of the students wield a special item a maken to unleash their magical abilities in duels.

Can Takeru find a maken that works for him even while trying to fit in at a new school and dealing with all kinds of girl problems.

47. Nande Koko Ni Sense Ga

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Since a guy 70 year old Ichiro Sato is an average teenage boy who always happens to find himself in perverted situations with his teacher Kanna Kojima.

Follow this erotic love comedy about their mishaps throughout their daily lives and how Ichiro and kana choose to handle them.

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46. Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

With its gorgeous landscape and prosperous people great japan is the envy of all other nations.

But a serious threat hovers over the country the serious guardians known as master samurai are great japan’s only defense.

Mooney akira yahoo arrives at blow academy school run by the Tokugawa Shogunate.

Here are children of warriors are given aristocratic education required to run the country.

The school is led by student council president Yoshihiko Tokugawa and his sister said.

12 sevens to be moon a Akira’s childhood friend upon arriving at the academy moon a akira finds himself in the midst of a terrible fight.

During the chaos the sky fills with a peculiar white light and a mysterious girl named Jubei Yagyu appears and suddenly kisses moon a akira.

With this kiss she awakens an unknown power that protects them just who is this girl and where did she come from.

Wouldn’t carry finds himself entangled in the fate of the country and a threat that will shake great Japan to his core.

He must learn the secret behind the master Samurai and the kiss that awakened Joo Bey’s power in order to protect his country.

45. Freezing

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Decades into the future humanity is under siege by an alien race known as the Nova’s. These in human beings leave devastation in their wake whenever they appear.

With the efforts to stave them off becoming known as Nova clashes.

Young woman known as Pandora’s and young menknown as limiters are implanted with stigmata to give them superhuman powers and are trained in military academies.

There they must learn to work together if humanity has a chance of surviving.

Freezing tells the story of kazuya aoi as he sets out for his first day at the West genetics military academy.

Right when a battle royale is being undertaken by the pandora’s. It is here that he mistakes satellizer Ella Bridget a powerful Pandora known as the untouchable queen as a deceased sister and embraces her.

Dohee cost her the match she finds that his touch doesn’t drive her away and decides to take him in as her limiter.

The only question is whether or not their partnership can survive the MA Commission’s of their upperclassmen and the impending bat tles with the Nova’s.

44. Yuragi-Sou No Yuuna-San

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Once the hot springs in it’s now a boarding house with extraordinarily cheap rent you Draghi so is it virtually uninhabited safer a few peculiar residents.

As rumor has it it is haunted by a vile ghost which scares away all potential tenants.

Therefore it is the perfect refuge for a few Zora kogarashi a broke homeless psychic seeking an affordable roof toSander and goes to exercise.

Kogarashi prepares for a face-off against the ghosts only to find out that it is not as malicious as the rumors made out to be.

Instead it is the ghost of a beautiful silver haired girl whose only regulation of her life before death is her nameYoona.

Even more baffling is that other tenants of you Taraki so not only are able to see Yuna as well but each has their own supernatural ability.

43. Sekirei

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

A struggling yet brilliant teenager monotonous aha she has failed as collagen inches exams for the second time resulting in him being regarded as worthless by those around him.

However the course of his seemingly bleak future is altered dramatically when a beautiful supernatural woman falls from the sky and into his life.

That woman was sue B is a unique being you notice sec array. a humanoid extraterrestrial with extraordinary abilities.

These aliens know for kissing humans carrying the Ashikaga gene in order to awaken additional latent powers deep within.

Recognizing the potential within the seemingly insignificant youth musubi kisses the bewildered Minato initiating a bond between the two of them.

This drags him into the high-stakes world of second ray where he and his new partner must compete against others in a battle for survival called the Sakura a plan.

However unbeknownst to the contestants there’s far more at risk than what the competition initially entailed.

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42. Ishuzoku Reviewers

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

In our world the human race constantly debates about several important issues such as which girl is the best girl, how good is something is fapping material, which fetish is the s*xiest.

Accompany these great warriors is they present us with different girls different opinions different boners and show us that the fantasy world may not be all that different from our own.

41. Ikkitousen

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Based on a chinese novel romance of the three kingdoms this anime will focus on seven high schools having more tight situations with each other.

In the kanto region of japan what complicates things is that there are rare items that help students power up.

These items are known as magatama now is the main limelight of the show.

Hakufu sensaku a complete idiot but kind spirited high school student who recently transferred to nanio academy.

Upon arriving she is met with immediate tension from other students.

While the writer took inspiration from goku so you can expect the most idiotic moments of her.

However it does have a strong spirit pressure around her those who can sense are scared of her.

It’s an old 90s theme anime so many newbies haven’t heard about this. however if you love the 90s anime action fight scenes you’re gonna love this.

40. Yuuna And The Haunted Hot Springs

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Those stories are everywhere but for rmc fuzora kagarashi ghosts are a common part of his everyday life. throughout his life he’s been possessed by countless ghosts.

Some of them have given him nightmares while some of them teach him many great things.

ith his ability to knock any ghost at one punch rmc became one punch man of monster hunt. Due to his line of workums he has a hard time finding any place to stay just then he discovered a cheap place to rent.

Uragi manor is a place with a haunted reputation but for rmc it seems like a normal place to stay.

While everything seems fine until he meets his new roommate yoona a clumsy ghost girl who will be staying along with rmc.

It’s a fairly predictable story because the show is not there to tell you any supernatural romance still for the sake of yuna you have to watch this.

39. No Game No Life

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

It has been made to question the true colors of life. Two siblings sora and shiro created their own identity called blank.

It’s a group of undefeated gamers one of the most often played games they play as chess.

One day they defeat the god of another world in return they got the invitation to the world ruled by games.

Each win can result in saving lives and crossing national borders. As the undefeated duo shiro and sora plan to conquer this new world.

They must unite all the races of this world to play against all odds. So that they become the new god of games becoming a true ruler of it.

The plot is intriguing as viewers want to see how the duo achieve their goals. The visuals are quite eye-pleasing which is understandable given by the plot.

The characters are also well-written considering how smart the main duo is.

Consider watching this anime.

38. Queen’s Blade

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

The violent queen’s blade tournament takes place every four years and it is a place where the strength and beauty of women are tested.

By victory they decide the land’s next queen to make it into this tournament. The woman has to be a top-notch player when it comes to fighting what else did you expect for.

Which renee tommel and risdy are three participants who seek to win the tournament but the path is quite dangerous.

The anime has a style of showing art especially when it comes towards bouncy things. Even though the main point is women empowerment queens blade is one of the few anime shows that manages to maintain its originality.

If you’re in for some jiggles then my friend you are in heaven this anime will take you to the journey you never went before.

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37. Highschool Of The Dead

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Have you heard about oppai science if you have watched high school of the dead i’m sure you do.

It is an erotic zombie apocalypse anime with lots of fan service. A pandemic has struck turning people into flesh-eating zombies.

Only a few high school students and a nurse managed to survive the attack. Now they’ll learn they can’t trust anyone but each other to escape this nightmare.

The harsh reality is the outside economy has collapsed completely. The only thing left is together they set on a journey.

To find their family members well-being and uncover what causes this overwhelming pandemic. This is a zombie action series to its absolute best.

I have watched tons of zombie themed shows from western world zombie land to the recent korean hit. all of us are dead all of them have their own perks but like i said one thing that differentiates high school of the dead is all by science believe it or not it does exist.

36. Kiss X Sis

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

When life gives us two similar options to pick why not choose both.

RMC to sumino’s father remarries after the death of his mother. This led to him having two twins stepsisters akko and rico. Both are the school’s top idols a strong bond between brother and sister.

Once you get a look at their day-to-day life you will notice they are far from ordinary.

Rmc who is a middle schooler slowly started to have affection towards them flirty lustful and everything else that follows.

Both sisters are on the hunt for a banana cake but rmc is not yet ready for an intercourse i mean inner communication.

It’ll take an extra mile for his misunderstood feelings evolve into a full-blown sisterly complex.

If you want to watch an a key anime just for the sake of family you can bet on this one.

35. Dokyuu Hentai HxEros

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

You know power rangers the colorful heroes of justice that gang up on one hopeless villain and kick his ass yeah those guys.

Well it comes without question that we love them and like watching them but you know what could be much better hot s*xy half naked power ranger don’t you think oh and they’re all girls.

This anime isn’t made to be deep or be meaningful hell some episodes make absolutely no sense but that’s okay.

Why you might ask well it’s because we got bObs of course. who needs to plot anyway if you have uncensored boob transformations.

34. Peter Grill to Kenja

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Peter i swear this guy never learns he joined a tournament and became the strongest man in the world and thought well now i go marry the girl

I like with no side effects whatsoever to what i did.

His plan had one problem though every freaking monster girl now wants him to freaking impregnate her to carry his potent seed.

That’s not a problem you might think he can only ignore them and be loyal that’s where i cut in and ruin your vanilla dreams with one of the most ntr and cheating animes hindish out there.

He made his fiancee the biggest cuck in the kingdom because he’s too weak willed to well keep it in his freaking pants.

He just can’t do it not even if his life depended on it the horny is so strong in this one it makes [ __ ] blush.

33. Haganai

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Wait what he has blonde hair and an intimidating expression oh crap he’s a violent delinquent stay away from him.

That’s what happened to the newly transferred kodaka hasigawa in his new school.

And just like that he became the most shunned out student there is.

A month passes and he meets another loner by the name of yozora together create a club for outcasts like them to learn how to form friendships and such.

One thing they miss though the arrogate cena and how she will flip their lives upside down.

This is an uncensored anime with a lot of panties naked girls either on beach or bathtubs and a lot of boobs like hell a lot.

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32. Mayo Chiki!

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

So your mom and sister love wrestling moves huh, guess that’s fine not like it’ll give you lots of scars and traumatize you for life when you’re around girls right.

This poor guy thanks to his sibling and mother has now a sturdy body but at the cost of him fearing women and girls.

He literally bleeds fountains from his nose just because a girl touched him.

And by accident that is this guy is so hopeless and hilarious you can almost feel bad to all that he’s put through. or maybe not who cares anyway horny time is boobs time.

31. Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Jokes on you this time fbi ozaki-chan might seem like a lowly when it comes to size but her actual age is 19.

So i guess we’re safe from the wanted list for now.

However watching this anime is still dangerous as it is for me there’s literally two reasons for me to watch this series.

And only two the right plot and the left plot the creator of the character is such a genius to give her out of this world proportions.

That only work in anime logic, making her the biggest selling point of the series.

It was a smart move and it bear fruit thanks to all the nasty horny teens watching the show.

30. Princess Lover!

  Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

We’ll be like but anime sensei.

This anime is censored how is it on this list.

This is where you’re mistaken my dear friends this anime has both versions released with the uncensored one being more elusive than the censored one the bit harder to find.

Doesn’t negate the fact that it is there though with all the edgy scenes and chances to see the princess nude i guess.

This is more than enough motivation for you guys to try finding the uncensored edition.

And if that wasn’t enough for some of you tell you a secret an adult rated version of ova exists and its literal hentai is nothing filtered or hidden at all so you can check that too.

29. High School DxD

  Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

A list about uncensored hot s*xy boobs and girls wouldn’t be a list without this anime.

Even if you were born under an avalanche you still have to have heard of high school dxd at least once in your life.

This anime is like the holy grail of uncensored edgy anime and what’s funny is that it actually has a plot.

Well more or less that is i mean what can you expect from a guy that gets stronger the hornier he is.

Issei got the best life he could hope for with a lot of babes swarming him and wanting him to have. with them too bad though he had to die to finally achieve all his fantasies.

But well he’s still lucky and i’m ready to die and take his place any day anytime.

28. Cross Ange

  Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

God talk about poetic justice xd.

In this anime a power called mana exists and with its wielders able to use it and some not so much called the norma.

These norma are shunned hated persecuted and treated as outcasts with the cruel princess being the most one encouraging.

That policy however on her 16th birthday there was no celebration or balloons she was sent off to the military and stripped of her royal title for one reason.

The one persecuting norma’s all this time went out to be one of them as well xd.

She’s shipped off to the military where she is ra*ed and taught to ride the gundams to fight.

The dragons well the enemies in this world are called dragons but they’re not actually dragons.

They are dragons quote unquote.

This anime has a lot of yuri scenes enough to satisfy the horniest guy alive and with the nature of the show being an uncensored ecchi.

Everyone is guaranteed to have a nice time watching it just do me in yourself a favor watch it alone.

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27. Seikon no Qwaser

  Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

A show renowned for its violence and fan service.

You can rest assured knowing you’re in for an incredible experience.

The main setting is saint mikhailov academy where a series of serial murders have taken place with the victims being predominantly young women.

By then the culprit is still unknown.

The plot then focuses on two adopted sisters mafuyu oribe and tomo yamanobe that come across a wounded young man sasha and decide to bring him back to their place for him to recover.

Rhat night mafuyu finally witnesses the infamous serial killer in front of her.

Luckily sasha comes to the rescue just in time saving mafuyu.

Sasha then reveals that he is a quasar a person capable of controlling periodic elements by partaking in soma.

A substance found within the breasts of women.

He then joins the academy and from here begins his peculiar yet interesting school year.

As you can tell the plot mainly revolves around soma as all the interesting scenes are based around that.

With decent animation but no engaging plot whatsoever if you’re just looking for some fun time then this is an option you should consider.

26. The Testament of Sister New Devil

  Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

This show is bound to remind you of your normal sessions when you’re isolated why may you ask well the intimacy in this show is shared between depth sibling.

And if that wasn’t enough one is a hero and the others apparently demons yes.

Even supposedly being sworn enemy isn’t quite enough to stop some people from partaking in sinful deeds.

So how can someone end up in a bizarre situation such as this well the two supposed stepsisters mio and maria try to deceive our main protagonist.

Basara tujo instead they only managed to deceive themselves by thinking they could trick our op main protagonist.

Basara first tried to shun them but later started caring for them you’ll understand if you watch the show for yourself.

To make sure one of his stepsisters mio can always be located so that basara can offer protection.

A master servant pact is made the deed that basara and mio get involved in is because of a consequence of this spell.

An interesting plot with many more interesting scenes be sure to give it a try.

25. Masou Gakuen HxH

  Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

One of the more well-known edgy anime out there it would be a disservice to all of you if i didn’t add this.

The main protagonist is hida kizuna situated in a supernatural world hita possesses the heart hybrid gear ability.

But it’s not quite potent to make him noticeable among his peers.

To get out of this predicament his older sister suggests that he transfer to a strategic defense school to improve his abilities.

So far so good where does the etchy part fit in all of this you may ask, well edgy authors seem to have the talent to include ecchi in situations where you’d least expect them to.

Considering many of the students in that academy are large breasted girls you get the idea of where you’ll get most of the material from.

Furthermore he does power doesn’t measure up to other students.

Therefore his sister gets another idea by having erotic experiences with hida the other students get their energy replenished somehow. what do you know hida isn’t useless after all.

24. Shimoneta

  Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Shimoneta with all the hentai edgy anime and popular cat girls that japan has to offer.

There needs to be a way to control society to fall not too out of balance for this reason.

A strict morality law is imposed so that certain immoral deeds could be minimized.

This law is so strictly imposed that citizens have to wear devices on their neck so that they could be monitored.

In this world of sexual suppression tanukichi akuma son of an infamous terrorist who opposed the chastity laws comes across.

A yamekachu a masked criminal dedicated to spreading lewd material among the sheltered public.

Soon tanukichi gets involved with ayame to help her goal of opposing this law.

Quite a dedicated movement for an interesting objective.

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23. Boku no Kanojo 

  Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Thank goodness the ecchi isn’t based around something unusual this time around.

Based on a school love life this is how the story progresses. our main protagonist haruka shinozaki has the hots for the class representative akiho kusaka for quite some while now.

Having supermodel looks and doing well in sports she fulfills the criteria of what you’d want in a dream girl.

As time passes aruka decides to confess his feelings to aikiho and to his surprise she agrees to be his partner.

However her quirkiness unravels as haruka spends more time with her. an inexperienced girl she had quite strangely never been in a relationship.

Though this isn’t a hurdle by any means being an edgy genre you can guess how they’d spend most of their time together.

22. Ladies versus Butlers!

  Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Our main protagonist is akiha rohino not having the happiest of childhoods.

Aki haru lost his parents at a young age after that his uncle’s family decided to care for and raise him.

Later on feeling as though he was a burden to his relative akiharu decides to enter a boarding school.

Hakureiro academy to alleviate this unpleasant feeling.

Akihara then proceeds to take the exam and passes.

After succeeding in passing his exam he decides to become a butler after managing to secure a place in the house management department.

However due to his somewhat unusual appearance he can’t seem to get along with his classmates.

The majority of which are girls talk about brutality and if that wasn’t enough torture to begin with akiharu meets his childhood friend tomomi sakyo a girl or a snake for a better description.

Who traumatized him countless times as children fortunately.

For our main protagonist his relationship with girls starts getting better and so does his relationship.

21. TO Love Ru

  Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

A story most of the folks watching can relate to.

Ritu yuki an introverted and shy student has trouble confessing to the love of his life haruna syringey.

Of course being an etchy anime something has to be included that makes no sense whatsoever.

But adds to the edgy genre.

One day when mourning over a situation in a bathtub a devil-tailed girl appears out of nowhere.

And yes she’s naked something that wouldn’t have been necessary if it weren’t for the influence of this genre.

This girl is lala satalin de viluke of planet devi luke a troubled daughter whose father wants her to return home to marry one of her marriage candidates against her wishes.

When devil looking commander zestin enters the scene to bring her home the hot devil girl declares her intentions of marrying rito.

Presenting a reason to stay on earth as you’d expect from an introvert who’s head over heels for another girl that he can barely communicate with.

He declines lala’s offer in a complicated procedure lala instead falls in love with him.

And zasten the commander who tried to attack rito now also supports their supposed relationship.

Now stuck in this predicament rito reluctantly helps lala adjust her life on earth.

While simultaneously tries to interact with his dream girl. unlike some of you introverts out there who are stuck in their mother’s basement.

A little low on the erotic seams however with a relatively funny setting and an enjoyable plot you’re in for a ride.

20. Monster Musume

  Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Now from this point onward things are going to get far too etchy for your good.

If you’re still here after that warning you’re either a very lonely man or someone who just wants to finish watching this video because you have nothing better to do.

For a long time mythical creatures such as centaurs, mermaid, harpies etc, were thought to be well mythical.

However the government had finally revealed their existence.

After passing the inter-species cultural exchange act. humans and these mythical creatures known as liminals live together.

However they have certain restrictions that include causing no harm to the other species as well as refraining from procreating.

In this strange setting our main protagonist kimihito kurusu gets involved with the lamia mia.

This lamia somehow attracts other female liminals of other breeds building into a dream here.

These girls seek to have sexual encounters with kimihito though since the deed is not permitted by interspecies cultural exchange act.

Kimihito finds himself in odd but satisfying situations.

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19. Prison School

  Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Hachimitsu private academy is a prestigious all girls boarding school.

Famous for its high quality education and disciplined students.

however after a new policy the atmosphere is about to change quite abruptly males are now accepted into this school.

With the majority of the students being girls you’d expect most young teenagers to be eager to join this academy.

However only a measly five boys are accepted kyoshi gakuto shingo andrei and joe.

As with any empire in history it’s always the minority that suffers persecution.

Unfortunately our five boys here are no exception.

After attempting to make a plan of peeping into the girl’s bath they get caught with the ratio of girls to guys being 201.

You know there’s no escaping this mess.

From here on our boys find themselves being punished and persecuted daily bythe female students.

Of course having so many girls included in a showcan also expect some edgy scenes alongwith getting a good laugh.

Or you can pity the guy’s situation in which case it just shows that you can’t enjoy a good show.

18. Juggling Physics

  Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Juggle physics anime has to offer in a show where your own sister becomes the perfect wing woman you’ll ever have.

Kizuna isn’t the luckiest soul out there with an hhg that does nothing to make him stand out from the crowd but that might prove to be the blessing in disguise.

He thought never came his way since with his getting transferred to a totally different school.

All these girls are enough to make a man hot to the core in a heartbeat as they make the whole world seem like it’s bouncing the entire time.

But it doesn’t end at just that no sir with kuzuna having a new purpose to assisting the girls to achieve that level up or power spike that he alone can be the trigger for.

Just how lucky can a boy get even when it comes to anime a whole lot of unexpected experiences and encounters are coming your way and with the show as underrated as it gets.

Show us some love.

17. Kiss×sis

  Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Now when it comes to an anime about girls displaying the best lust has to offer then one does look forward to a protagonist that’s the biggest chad anime has seen to date.

But keita would change her perception of reality from the get-go because in a show like kiss x-sis the standards that we have here in the real world don’t matter at all.

With the remarriage and the stepsisters already making the show a big no for most of the audience out there.

Kiss×sis make sure it stands out compared to the rest of the ecchi anime.

We have since intimacy and feelings ticking over one’s body just doesn’t end at the stepsisters introduced into keita’s life.

Fighting with his own emotions and feelings while being the trophy that the two hotties are fighting for just what is stored in for the hard-working boy who just happens to be one of the biggest chick magnets anime has ever seen.

16. Oridaki Hareru Kakushi Dungeon

  Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

An op ability with a cool down replenished by some of the best smooches animation has to offer is enough to have a lot of fans be head over heels for the show that features it.

But oridaki hareru kakushi dungeon adds that rpg magic and heroic elements into a plot that seems to be nothing but a zero to hero story.

The Story was written in the most hurried way possible entering that hidden dungeon might be the only thing noir stalgia did right in his life.

Since meeting the maiden granted him an ability that would make every other edgy protagonist jealous in a couple of seconds at most.

Witness the journey of the boy as he displays what might be the most op ability there is followed by him enrolling into the hero academy.

And using a rather unique way of replenishing what he lost because of the usage of that godly power.

One thing’s for sure they went all out now didn’t they.

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15. Kannagi

  Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

I’m pretty sure that despite all these plantation campaigns going on all around the world this show’s going to be enough to turn around the whole thing.

Since we’d sure like to try out all that anime has to offer neither gin nor any of us could have expected how things played out in the anime.

Since a girl coming out of a tree all of a sudden isn’t a setting any of us are super familiar with.

The show doesn’t just stop at that with nagi making sure he pays for what he did in addition to the show.

Introducing all these other girls ready to have their way with the poor boy jin.

Kanagi would make sure you get to see a different side to the ecchi genre.

Since the show adds a lot to the og setting we all read this article for with comedy being the perfect cherry on top of the romance edgy setting that makes these kind of shows a great time.

kanagi isn’t something any of you can miss out on.

14. Amagami SS

  Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Getting dumped on christmas eve might be a nightmare all of us would wake up from in an instant.

But when it’s the reality that the nightmare plays out in junichi is at a loss of words as to what exactly life and fate has done to him.

After an experience like that you just close your heart and don’t open your book to anyone else.

At least until time heals you to the person you were before that fateful day.

But lady luck is here to show the boy some love.

Since with a bunch of girls suddenly breaking into the dark life that junichi has ever since that christmas.

Amagami ss is the perfect anime for any dating sim fans and in case you want a lot more than the show offers then the visual novel and the game is all armed and ready to keep you comfy.

Since fans of the show are all but more welcomed by the very title in question no see through the boy’s love life as assuming the role of a cupid might be the best thing ever in this case.

13. Conception

  Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Hearing your cousin tell you that she’s pregnant on your graduation day.

Makes you rather confused as to how you should be reacting to this unexpected news.

But conception has a totally different concept planned out for viewers.

Since getting transported into a totally different world was the least of itsuki’s expectations.

When he signed up for the show declared to be someone similar to the god in a place like this.

Itsuki must be the savior of this god forsaken land and in order to do so he must use a trick in the book.

Not many characters are brazen enough to even have a glimpse of.

Star children and impurities making you question what’s right and what’s wrong in an anime where nothing normal is happening anywhere.

Conception might be a title whose rating speaks for itself and in case you’re wondering.

If you’re another one of those male worshipers then go ahead and see for yourself what this unique piece of art has to offer.

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12. Kuzu No Honkai

 Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

If friends for benefits was an anime then it’d be kuzu no honkai no doubt about that.

Seeing hanabi and mugi seem to everyone as the happiest disney couple there is.

Sure makes the heart flitter.

At least once no matter how much of a sherlock you are.

But the moment the show reveals it to you how things really are between the two of them it truly seems like the anime had us in the first half.

Not gonna lie seeing time and fate take a turn for the two of them.

As they get potential chances with their own true love interest makes us root for the two of them.

While cheering for their story at the same time but anime characters and humans are a little too similar at times.

And this show perfectly depicts how loneliness and insufficiency can lead you down a road that you might regret later on in life.

11. Grisaia No Kajitsu

 Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

In a school where the staff comprises only of the principal and the student body as nothing but five girls other than you.

A post-apocalyptic setting where mecca monsters fight each other to death is the only scene any anime fan would have in mind.

But reality is totally different both for us and yuji kazami.

As now being a part of that institution he learns more and more about the girls and with every step teaching them that there’s a lot more to them than what meets the eye.

The show makes the mysterious approach hit us in full swing while the romance makes melts our heart more than just a couple of times throughout the entirety of its run time.

Seeing yuji and the five girls have their own story is a delightful experience.

And by the end of the series you feel connected to the characters in a way that makes binging all that series has to offer the easiest thing in the entire universe.

10. Danchigai

Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Being all alone at home with your sister sure sounds a hassle and something not a lot of people want to deal with.

But when your mom’s an overseas girl who just isn’t made for looking after the house. then you’re the one who has to look after everything.

Haruki’s adventures with his sisters and a bunch of other characters are fun to watch.

And with every character bringing her own set of problems to the table it’s just a different story every time with the laughs never getting bland or repetitive by any means.

Sure the episodes are like 3 minutes long making you write it off as a series that just isn’t for anyone older than 10.

But trust me give it a chance and you’ll see for yourself while the four coma manga adaptations end up a big hit soon after their debut.

9. Senai Heroine No Sodatekata

Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Lots of responsibilities thrown on the mc’s back as he tries to find a way to make it to the deadline of his game release with the help of everyone in blessing software.

Dmc is the main point of the show and all the lights are shed on him as well as all the girls as this is a typical harem show.

However this series doesn’t fall into the generic trope and instead carves its own path into being an iconic fun and cliche-free harem.

Albeit had some of the usual cliche tropes but it wasn’t anything too major to the point you cringe at it which was fine too.

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8. Rokujouma No Shinryakusha

Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Finding cheap rooms to rent is a struggle students all over the world face and have trouble with.

However when the mc found such a room he was taken aback by the fact that there are four other tenants claiming that they own the room as well including the lowly ghost girl.

The magical girl that crashes through the window of the room on her broom the arara alien prince says hadi and of course a harem isn’t one without the tsundere daughter of the earth.

His life would be flipped upside down fighting over the ownership of the room and just attempting to try and get along with the girls.

7. Kawaikereba Hentai Demo

Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

This anime has a very interesting and thought-provoking title hensuki.

Are you willing to fall in love with a pervert as long as she’s a cutie are you?

The main character kkkiryu is a normal boy in the sense that he wants a girlfriend but this wish of his sort of comes true a lot sooner than he thought it would.

One day he receives an anonymous love letter but what’s interesting about this letter is that it comes with a pair of white panties.

Seeing this send keiki’s brain in a loop he then decides to play detective.

So that he can find the true identity of the person who sent this letter because why not he knows it could be anyone.

So he starts investigating and slowly but surely he comes face to face with the weirdness of all the girls around him.

6. IS: Infinite Stratos

Best Uncensored Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

The anime isquite similar to joe moojin no fafnir being that ichika orimura is the only male in the all-female school.

The sci-fi anime features a lot of mecha action and there’s also lots of funny dialogue and scenes to keep you smiling at all times.

Japan has created a very powerful weapon that can only be piloted by females. The weapon is so powerful that it got banned.

Ichika Orimura is enrolled in the academy to continue his training as an is pilot.

However danger strikes the academy and he the girls and the teachers must get ready to defend themselves.

The echi and harem troop in this anime might get annoying at some point however it helps to reduce the fast pace of the anime.

5. Girls Bravo

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Bullied by girls for his petite and weak physique for almost all his life.

The mc developed a condition that makes them unable to be around women or talk to them.

But since that’s a harem the creators of the show won’t have it and they decide to send the guy with issues with the female sex to world dominated by well females.

Watching him struggle with all those girls around him is fun but it gets kind of boring later on.

Again not like you can expect a plot from a harem anime so can’t blame them on that part anime is always about the fanservice and the m girls.

This anime has a lot of nudity in it and even some heavy language and bloody scenes so be prepared for anything.

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4. Shomin Sample

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

This anime somehow gives you every guy’s dream ever and manages somehow to turn it into a freaking nightmare.

The MC of this series gets sent off to an all-girls school with the idea in mind that he’s gay and has it bad for guys muscles.

As he arrives there he finds that the circumstances he’s in aren’t hospitable even a bit with the threat of cutting off his manhood in the back of his mind.

If he’s discovered to be straight and not actually into guy’s muscles.

He has no choice but to keep up the facade and hope for his manhood to remain in its meant to be placed.

3. Kimi To Boku No Saigo

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

He is a decorated and powerful apostle of the empire said to be a prodigy had attained the highest rank given at his young age and she is a witch that many apostles tried to detain but failed miserably.

The ice calamity and the talented prodigy isca form an unprecedented deadly alliance that will mark the birth of a new era and a new age where mages and apostles can learn to co-exist.

2. Hitsugi No Chaika

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

This anime has an abundance of flawless battle sequences that will keep you guys interested in having fun for a really long time.

I mean this show doesn’t give the main characters a break it’s just one battle after another for them.

The trio are a powerful one together knowing how to fight as one organism like the fight against the sniper.

It took all three of them to finally blindside her and neutralize her abilities.

The main character having been a former saboteur that fought on the war that ended the reign of the evil emperor is someone who is quite skilled in using dual knives and is agile.

Thanks to his crimson mode and lean body.

His sister however is more of a brute force using her hammer to smash her way through her opposition she’s quite powerful and strong in her own right even scarier sometimes.

1. Mayo Chiki

Best Uncensored  Anime
Best Uncensored Anime

Having a harem anime about a guy that fears woman sounds weird right.

However that’s the life of kinjuro sakamachi after developing a trauma and a resilient body because of his mother and sister that are wrestling fans.

The poor guy can’t handle being around women to the point that a single touch can have him fainting on the floor with a nosebleed.

However some events take place in the school’s restroom that could mark a new beginning for the guy.

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